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  1. In the "buy legacies" window it shows the cost for "Elite Ancestral Legacy" to be 1400 valr, but it is actually 14000. What type of bug is it? : UI (probably wrong max-length for text field) What should happen? : Text should show 14000 What actually happens? : Text shows 1400 Screenshots :
  2. Same bug here. Description of the Bug from @TimeMaster exactly fits what happened to me.
  3. @weapontinkerer Well it only showed that I had Electrum for the 1-2 Minutes until I restarted the game and it was gone. I already posted to the Customer Support, as described in this post. Apparently a lot of people have Problems with purchasing and using Electrum. I just hope they fix it soon, otherwise people will probably stop spending money.
  4. The same thing happened to me. Just bought $10 worth of electrum, than it showed that I had 1370 electrum. After I restarted the game I was back to 0 electrum. Would be nice if someone would respond, because it is real money people are losing here.
  5. Same thing happened to me and a friend of mine, we leveled from 10/11 to 20 yesterday. Started the game today and now we are back at level 10/11 and all of our items and everything we farmed is gone as well. We play on EU servers and they seem to be really buggy in general, so maybe only that server is effected? Would also be nice to know if this is still an ongoing issue, because it is not really fun to play and than lose your progress.
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