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  1. 9R_RyanJ

    Can't buy anything at electrum store

    Looks like the listed price for crafting stations was not correct. We have a fix that will correct that list price.
  2. 9R_RyanJ

    Week 7 Hotfix 1

    We'll be deploying this hotfix shortly. The craft time for Offerings has been reduced to 10 seconds Fixed a bug where the fissures in the Tier 6 quest chain had a damage over time effect that was inappropriate for the level Fixed a bug where the Influence buff from the Kraken was not providing a benefit Fixed a bug where Dangerous Chests could be opened multiple times Fixed a bug where when first launching the client the Store was not functional Fixed a bug where characters could purchase Health and Energy Potions from the Store in excess of their intended limit Fixed a bug where characters that tried to purchase items from the Store in excess of their storage capacity would lose those items but still be charged Electrum
  3. 9R_RyanJ

    T5 material drops

    It is a little odd, isn't it... Everything drops T0 raw materials until suddenly we're giving you T5. We skip dropping T1 and T3 entirely. Thinking this sounds reasonable: T9 enemies will drop T1 materials at an increase of the current rate, with a chance for T3 T10 enemies will drop T3 materials at the current rate, with a chance for T5 It will take me a few days to carve out enough time to make these updates, so let's say anyone that wants to weight in and offer their thoughts has 48 hours to do so. Too far? Not far enough? I'll do what I think is best for the game, but I'm curious what people think (even though I'm not sharing specific numbers). And I am not an unreasonable person that cannot be swayed by good arguments (usually; sometimes I'm just a stubborn jerk).
  4. 9R_RyanJ

    EA Week 5 Hotfix 1

    Fixed a bug where Ancestral Legacies were not awarded for completing the Tutorial for the first time Fixed a bug where the Captain of the Guard needed to be interacted with twice to start his quest Fixed a bug where an error would occur in the Settings menu that would cause Settings changes to no longer work properly Fixed a bug where closing the client rather than exiting it properly would not save your progress Key bindings are undergoing a lot of work right now, so please log your feedback on the forums (we're definitely not done updating these) Of particular note, O now accesses Settings rather than ESC Adjustments continue to be made to the language filter as well (we're not done here either) Fixed a bug where mailed Silver was not stacking properly with existing Silver (and, more importantly, this could cause both silver amounts to disappear) We are still working on the best option for recovering Silver for those that lost it as a result of this last bug. Please bear with us as we try to make everyone whole again.
  5. 9R_RyanJ

    i got 2 time a mail with"test" and 10000 silver

    This was a test message that was never supposed to reach the live game.
  6. 9R_RyanJ

    NPC "Crafting Vendor" - Scam!

    Did you receive a message with compensation for the rollback from a few days back?
  7. 9R_RyanJ

    silver going from x to 2

    Compensation for the rollback will be resent once we resolve why the silver component is creating problems. For anyone that lost silver, that will be restored to you once the issue is resolved.
  8. 9R_RyanJ

    Rollback Rewards Missing

    Compensation for the rollback will be resent once we resolve why the silver component is creating problems.
  9. 9R_RyanJ

    EA Week 3 - Hotfix 3

    Sorry for the delay on this one... Fixed an issue where server stability could be affected by rapidly hitting the Claim button in the mailbox Expanded the profanity filter Added a timer to the P.I.N.E. Tree indicating when the cooldown on use would expire Fixed the bug where the crafting queue was not taking into account the craftsman the work was initiated on And the holiday attachment were finally delivered!
  10. 9R_RyanJ

    EA Week 3 - Hotfix 2

    At the last minute we had to back off of sending out the holiday attachments. We were, however, able to send out a bit of compensation for those that got burned by the crafting queue bug.
  11. 9R_RyanJ

    EA Week 3 - Hotfix 2

    Interactions with the Auction House will no longer place an item directly in a character's inventory; they will be delivered to the mailbox instead. Updated the account creation message Fixed a bug where the crafting queue was compressing multiple items into one Holiday attachments are also being sent out to mailboxes! Note: There is still some oddness with the crafting queue. If you queue the same item at multiple crafting stations you will have to use the claim action at both before you will get those items. Basically, if I start crafting 6 resin with craftsman 1 and 3 resin with craftsman 2, when they are done and I talk to craftsman 1 I will get no resin and when I talk to craftsman 2 I will get 9 resin. Since there is no loss of items we are going to let the weirdness slide so we can get the greater fix out sooner.
  12. 9R_RyanJ

    Craft Queue Results in 1 Output Item

    This is a priority that we are working to address as soon as possible.
  13. 9R_RyanJ

    EA Week 3 - Hotfix 1

    Removed the old free potion purchases from the Treasure Hunter Updated text in the Store, on the P.I.N.E. Tree and for the projectile replacement consumables Fixed a bug where the Kraken was not spawning at the end of Straits of the Deep Fixed a bug where a player could attempt to craft a holiday skin they already owned Fixed additional instances where items could be duplicated through the Auction Houses
  14. So, what happened... Thursday night, December 6th, the news that Survived By was entering Early Access was announced alongside the release of our new trailer. The response was extraordinary and, unfortunately, more than our servers could handle. Our database was overwhelmed by the amount of new user registrations we were receiving and those that were able to register were not being properly sorted into game servers. During the scramble Thursday evening we tripled our server capacity and pushed an update to our signposting to spread the players out more. The effort was moderately successful and the game became accessible. Unfortunately, long term stability was still an issue. Friday, December 7th, saw the release of a hotfix that reorganized our servers into 6 per region. This was, and still is, the short term sweet spot between database connections and backend connections. But the underlying network code was still struggling under the number of new players that were attempting to join us. This caused connections to be lost between the database and the game servers, which lead to crashes, performance issues and lost progress. Since then the tech team has been chipping away at the problems. And while clear progress was hard to come by during that first weekend, slowly but surely the time between server outages started to increase. And with the changes launched Monday afternoon, December 10th, we were finally seeing meaningful progress in stability. The game was not yet 100%, but a fun experience was finally emerging from all of the technical issues that had given us so much trouble. This improved stability gave the tech team the room they needed to start really digging into the underlying problems affecting the code. A number of short term and long term efforts were plotted out... and then summarily delayed as the currency and item duping exploit reports started to come in. This caused an immediate shift in priority, which has delayed the timetable on server stability. And that brings us to today's build. We wanted to have a rock solid game for all of you for the start of the Winter Event, but it just didn't come together. We're still going to give out the holiday attachments as promised, but we're asking for a little more patience as we pin up the last of the duping exploits and shift back to server stability and performance.
  15. Hotfix resolving this issue is now live. Please let us know if there are any other elements of Ancestral Legacies that are not working properly.