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  1. I know the first three bullets are a little vague. I'll see about getting more information out there soon.
  2. Gameplay Players can now form parties of up to 6 players Several new achievements, and their corresponding titles, have been added Bounty scrolls now point players towards a spawning location where they then spawn the target of the bounty Reduced the requirements for completing the T2 daily quest Fixed a bug where the client could freeze up temporarily (there may be others, but at least one was cleared out) Fixed an environment collision bug near a Teleport Shrine fort in the Weeping Fissures Fixed a bug where Kraken tentacles could disappear Fixed a bug where resurgence catapults were not always waking up properly Visuals Fixed a number of typos Clarified the requirements of the T7 daily quest The corrupted firesand resource node for the T6 daily quest is no longer covered in smoke Technical Several optimizations to performance, bandwidth and stability
  3. Was this an Aura Stone that you used? Those only last 3 hours and they decay even after you log out.
  4. Fixed a bug where mail attachment could be lost when attempting to claim Fixed a bug where Tempering Oil could not be used Fixed a bug where Imprints could not be dismantled Fixed a bug where Daily quests were not resetting properly after 24 hours Fixed a bug where quest chain stages that required object interaction were not completing properly Fixed a bug where the Daily Challenge Boards could display incorrect text
  5. This is now fixed as well.
  6. Known issue: If you attempt to change which backend server you connect to you will likely see an exception error. You can bypass the error by returning to the last region server you could connect to, exit the game, then change your server on the log in screen before logging in. We will have a fix for this issue ready to deploy in a couple of hours.
  7. Fixed an item duplication bug
  8. The next build will have T1 materials dropping from dungeon nodes and T3 materials dropping from Conduit of Fire nodes.
  9. Thanks for the report. The fix for this will go out with the next build.
  10. At this point I'm not ready to fully walk back the changes made to drop rates during the last update. The goal of making later game materials more valuable still stands. But we do have some incoming changes that should reduce the frustration related to material gathering. In particular, this is what I expect to go live during our update next week... T3 material drop rates from T9 monsters increased by 50% Crafting queue will now support current craftsman level + 5 T1 material crafting time reduced by 80% T3 material crafting time reduced by 75% T5 material crafting time reduced by 66% These changes should make converting lower level materials into higher level materials far less tedious while giving a modest boost back to those reduced drop rates.
  11. Looks like the listed price for crafting stations was not correct. We have a fix that will correct that list price.
  12. We'll be deploying this hotfix shortly. The craft time for Offerings has been reduced to 10 seconds Fixed a bug where the fissures in the Tier 6 quest chain had a damage over time effect that was inappropriate for the level Fixed a bug where the Influence buff from the Kraken was not providing a benefit Fixed a bug where Dangerous Chests could be opened multiple times Fixed a bug where when first launching the client the Store was not functional Fixed a bug where characters could purchase Health and Energy Potions from the Store in excess of their intended limit Fixed a bug where characters that tried to purchase items from the Store in excess of their storage capacity would lose those items but still be charged Electrum
  13. It is a little odd, isn't it... Everything drops T0 raw materials until suddenly we're giving you T5. We skip dropping T1 and T3 entirely. Thinking this sounds reasonable: T9 enemies will drop T1 materials at an increase of the current rate, with a chance for T3 T10 enemies will drop T3 materials at the current rate, with a chance for T5 It will take me a few days to carve out enough time to make these updates, so let's say anyone that wants to weight in and offer their thoughts has 48 hours to do so. Too far? Not far enough? I'll do what I think is best for the game, but I'm curious what people think (even though I'm not sharing specific numbers). And I am not an unreasonable person that cannot be swayed by good arguments (usually; sometimes I'm just a stubborn jerk).
  14. Fixed a bug where Ancestral Legacies were not awarded for completing the Tutorial for the first time Fixed a bug where the Captain of the Guard needed to be interacted with twice to start his quest Fixed a bug where an error would occur in the Settings menu that would cause Settings changes to no longer work properly Fixed a bug where closing the client rather than exiting it properly would not save your progress Key bindings are undergoing a lot of work right now, so please log your feedback on the forums (we're definitely not done updating these) Of particular note, O now accesses Settings rather than ESC Adjustments continue to be made to the language filter as well (we're not done here either) Fixed a bug where mailed Silver was not stacking properly with existing Silver (and, more importantly, this could cause both silver amounts to disappear) We are still working on the best option for recovering Silver for those that lost it as a result of this last bug. Please bear with us as we try to make everyone whole again.
  15. This was a test message that was never supposed to reach the live game.
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