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  1. I signed up in september 2017 in hopes of a very quality game (also got to aquire a og name <3) I still have yet to touch this game but its sad to see that it will be going away 💔 . orginally for whatever reason i was never sent a beta code till i brought up to the staff that i had been signed up for a year and no key had been sent to me and had a small issue where my name was changed which was very upsetting but all said and done it was fixed ❤️ . i will see you guys back on rotmg
  2. star

    Game chat

    i had a friend who had the same issue thank you for the fix <3
  3. hello everyone, im a little upset about logging in to check my account today. roughly a year ago i saw this game being advertised and wanted to take advantage of this new game by aquiring a og name while i could. so i got the name star ? (always my first choice of a og name) so i logged in today to see that my name is now star2. i was very upset about it knowing that i had the name star first and its a bit unfair to me as a player. i do understand that the survived by team can do as they please but its pretty much impossible for me to get a og name now. this very much deters me from playing this game. what are your guys thoughts and oppinions about this? ( i know there are a ton of grammar and spelling mistakes dont mention it) i would also like to mention i was ever notified about it
  4. I signed up for this game half a year ago and managed to never get a key despite others who sign up months after and still got the key. what kind of sorcery is this
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    i play rotmg and i had to look up your name to know what it is i have been off and on realm for the past 2 years. i think this game will get to stand up n cum tho
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    hey guys I'm mike recently the survived by website was not letting me sign up and I thought I wouldn't get this name but since this game is rather new finding a og name is not very difficult at all did any of you guys take advantage of the new game open for og names?
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