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  1. Hard to say considering I've only gotten 2, even after dying many times.
  2. IGN: GodsGunman Discord: GodsGunman#7470
  3. Would be nice if they fixed dungeon bosses not dropping loot, and legacies not dropping at all. I got two legacies, not a single one since, even with multiple deaths at various levels. I also enjoyed the xp rate last weekend if that's what it will be like on release. It might be a bit slow for the alpha tests to try and test everything though, since we only have 3 days.
  4. The harder difficulty the pve is the better, in my opinion.
  5. There are a myriad of pvp mmorpgs, and the vast majority of implementations are terrible. If I wanted to play pvp I would play a game balanced around small scale pvp, as it's basically impossible to balance pvp in mmorpgs when one side can just bring more people and win through zerging. mmorpgs also typically don't have great server tick rates and are not optimized at all for pvp, making pvp in them even more pointless.
  6. Hope not. Seems the game is trying to use the worst possible payment model, pay to win. I'll reserve complete judgement until later on but I'm really not happy with some of what I've been seeing payment model wise. Using in game money to buy premium currency/tradeable items, thereby tying the two together (everything tradeable in game now becomes purchaseable for cash) Item insurance in a permadeath game, which clearly gives a gameplay advantage Things that are relatively fine to charge for without being labelled as pay to win, as long as they are not tradeable in game: Unlocking more character slots Unlocking more bank space (as long as a reasonable amount is provided for free) Reducing crafting times, as long as the crafting time wait isn't over 24-72 hours at absolute most for end game equipment Cosmetics galore Since this is a permadeath game, XP Boosts, depending heavily on how long it takes to get to max level without them
  7. Don't worry, he thinks literally anybody that says something that contradicts him is just them being rude.
  8. You really think they would implement a way to pay for bypassing crafting times if they were going to keep them at 5 seconds? And I agree, it is worse.
  9. If you take a moment to think about it, you'll realize that they intend to have much longer crafting times than what you currently see in game.
  10. I dunno, were there skulls above them? If so that means your level is too low, it's a warning to stay away.
  11. I actually like that there are no limitations on how far you can drag a mob. Considering there are skulls on mobs that are unsafe to fight due to level differences, people need to learn at one point or another to stay away.
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