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  1. Hitting esc while in the select skin menu while creating a new character leaves a the character skin back ground menu lingering:
  2. Already submitted a ticket and I had checked my mail box multiple times before.
  3. Hey so the next of kin pack I got from purchasing electrum in beta or alpha isn't giving me all the content it says it should. I'm not sure if I'm noting it all but I definitely didn't get the following: 500 bloodstone, Bloodthorn Persona attachment, and possibly some electrum and drop rate consumable. I definitely got some electrum, the emoji set, and a character slot.
  4. Why is my name bold and underlined in your guide? Oh yeah, and extra large text?
  5. If you type "tition" in chat or a word with "tition" in it, it *'s it out when you go to send it.
  6. Sort of, they're a little hard to share, I wrote a guide in the TOP discord server, if you can get into there then you would be able to see it
  7. This happened after I main menued at low HP while poisoned and logged back in
  8. Yeah, I made an auto hotkey script to craft for me while I sleep like a craft order because sitting in-front of NPCs for hours sucks
  9. yeah, but not really since it's hosted client side
  10. Made this quality doodle with a dying pen that didn't wanna write at all on some parts of the paper and some quality oily printer paper, enjoy ? My craftsman is currently broken and I literally can't craft anything so I just presumed he was on strike/angry because the devs haven't given the blacksmiths forges yet
  11. That sounds like fun, however, if you're lagging or they are lagging it will often show you that some one else has died even if they haven't really. So I could also see that being problematic if it was lighting. But then again that would be pretty cool lol.
  12. This bug is actually pretty common and exists on almost every class actually. On Infiltrator it lets you be cloaked and shoot at the same time as long as you maintain energy, which is nice because you will then also have an 80% dodge chance constantly. On most of the other classes though it just drains your energy with no effect.
  13. I can't craft anything because of this crafting bug and also a t9 ring I leveled to 8 before the update that this all broke after has glitchy textures and seems to replicate other items, ish. Not shown in this video but sometimes it will take form of an item called "Ice Axe of the North": These all broke after that hotfix on sunday night (PST) made to fix electrum purchasing a few weeks ago. I also haven't seen anyone with any of these bugs besides me.
  14. I've had this happen to me multiple times, from what I hear this has a fairly high priority on the fix list though so expect to see it fixed some time soon I would assume.
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