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  1. Bugged in the limbo. The next hotfix should fix that.
  2. Haven't tried this yet, but will do if I get the time.
  3. These are some bugs I have encountered while playing. These are not that game breaking, but a bug fixed is a day less to the beta. Rerolling T2 Suffix charges 3 Silver, not 1 as displayed Rerolling T3 prefix charges 18 silver, not 12 as displayed Rerolling T3 suffix charges 18 silver, not 6 as displayed If another player kills your quest monster, it count towards your task (at least challenge, was far away from the mob/player when it happened) Pickup log amount of silver is displayed as x1 every time, even though you obtain more occasionally Some plant enemies when their attack use roots, they damage even when they didn't emerge yet After pressing R to get back to the tower, if you attack while casting, you cannot recast it later 「07-07-2018 EDIT」 While in the craftsman menu, if you scroll down or up to search for recipes, the minimap will still zoom out or in. It seems to happen in every interfase where you can scroll. Rerolling T4 suffix charges 45 silver, not 15 as displayed. If I encounter more bugs, I will be updating the list.
  4. Would be awesome indeed, and may take advantaje of steam workshop for that in the future.
  5. Well, the fact you have to reach that shrine first explains that reason better, putting silver between them is just a sink.
  6. Ah, thank you for the fast response. Well, currently for me started last wednesday but I can live with that.
  7. Recently I have been dying alot and I don't know why (with Alchemist btw) but that's not the case. My question is, what does this "mark for kin" does? Some players said it's the item you get back when creating a new character.. but that is not the case for me. Anyone that knows what that option stands for please tell me Thank you in advance
  8. I don't think this game will be P2W. I hate comparing, but if DE is publishing this game (don't know if they are actually developing this one) there is a high chance the game will follow the Warframe monetary model, and I doubt HH will go otherwise, so stay calm.
  9. Hello, While I'm enjoying this awesome game, fantastic pixelart I missed since many years, it's nice to have this quality of MMO back (I know it's alpha, looking forward to the release :D) But, reading the forums and the reddit, I have come to the conclusion the Craftsman would need some improvement, while I know there are other anvils to purchase more crafting capability, I see no problem in raising the craftsman queue from 1 item to 3, not too many, not too little. This way there would be 3 slots to craft anything, with their corresponding timers (not shared). The reason behind my suggestion is, there are alot of things to do in the game, and one of them is getting better gear, if not from dungeons, then from this NPC, but the need to wait more than 10 minutes (with t3 relics) for a weapon or 4+ minutes for a single material needed for that weapon is a bit.. boring? I don't know which word may apply here, but definitely not exciting to wait for a single material to craft, needing 2 more of the same to start the weapon craft wait. I hope this can be supported, or discussed.
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