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  1. KilThrall

    Daily rewards bug

    I am pretty sure that I should not get first the third reward and then the second one. I started playing 4 days ago so I should be by the fourth day
  2. KilThrall

    In game help

    You can't party at the moment. What you can do is follow your friends all over the place, the xp and loot is shared if you are near someone so you don't need a party system. Also you can join to all the dungeons with your friends except for the first one, which is solo. To join a friend's dungeon you must be in the door once he enters, and then just press E and u are in.
  3. KilThrall

    Locked dungeons?

    That never happened to me, so I guess you are right. Probably the dungeon was overloaded or something. You should try changing server if that happens again
  4. KilThrall

    Died to nothing

    Okay, I will explain you how that substance works: It does a fixated damage and then scales becoming the double for each tick, but if you have enough "armor"(that's not the name of the stat, but I don't remember the name) then in the first few ticks the damage won't be enough to harm you. Try staying in the yellow substance for a few minutes and you will see. I am pretty sure your death wasn't a bug because a friend of mine also died like that
  5. KilThrall

    I played the Alpha

    Oh okay, then I guess I have no free items :c
  6. KilThrall

    Crafting bug

    About you not being able to claim the lumber, were you sure your inventory wasn't full? If your inventory is full then you can't claim crafted items. About not being able to advance after spending valr, there are two possibilities: you don't understand how that works You experienced a bug I didn't knew about(and I usually read most of the posts in the bug report section)
  7. KilThrall

    Items dissapearing after drop

    Well, I found a bug where if you kill a boss (this happened to me in Locus(T5)) and you go to the bag, but don't take anything, and then drop 2 items(that was the way I did it, I don't know if there is other way to do it) all the items that where supposed to be in the bag in the floor will dissappear except for the last one you dropped. When this happened to me the boss loot had 3 different items.
  8. KilThrall

    EA Week 1 - Hotfix 3

    The servers are still down so you aren't the problem and neither is your computer or connection
  9. KilThrall

    EA Week 1 - Hotfix 3

    Yay! more player inventory! But I think the vault space was a bit more important. Anyway, thanks for that!
  10. KilThrall

    Random Ideas for a lot of stuff

    About the thing of the strands I said above, I just found the moose enemies, so nvm
  11. KilThrall

    Random Ideas for a lot of stuff

    Here some other stuff about the T6 that I think should be updated: There MUST be more enemies that drop strands. Really, it's a must. You need about 50 raw strands in order to unlock the T6 craftsman, but you can't farm them in the T6 because there is almost no enemy that drops strands. I insist that the dungeon can't have a slowness debuff, at least in those "paths" that connect each zone of the dungeon, because when I was exploring the dungeon every second I was thinking "Please tell me it's not a dead end" just because it takes a really long time to move in there. I think the kraken boss should be reworked, because it is really dependant on its tentacles, but they are to weak so you easily destroy them, and once there are no tentacles the boss is really easy. Maybe the kraken should spawn tentacles more often or something.
  12. KilThrall

    Random Ideas for a lot of stuff

    I just tried the T6 dungeon, please change the floor. I usually try to explore the whole dungeon, but I walk so slowly in the water that i just can't explore it completely because it would take a really long time and it's not worth it. And seriously, what have you learnt from Mario? Everyone hates water levels! Maybe just make it so you don't have the slowness debuff in that dungeon, but pls change it
  13. KilThrall

    Random Ideas for a lot of stuff

    I would like some penalty for random shooting so that the players don't just put a stone over the lmb and then move it. I think it would make the game need a lot more of skill and make it less repetitive or boring. I would also like if the well was something really really hard, but beatable. For example you have 150 secs to kill 1k monsters and if you make it then you get a really good reward.
  14. KilThrall

    I played the Alpha

    I created my account a really long time ago to play, but I never received a key, does that count like being in the alpha/beta?