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  1. Ivan

    Class buff ideas

    I like the idea. onto how Alchemist needs a buff, Infiltrator's special Ability needs to get his Stealth back, Infiltrator? Yeah his ability is really Invincible but his damage is weak. They are fixing Geomancer's Ability.
  2. Ivan

    Character resetting

    Screenshots would help.
  3. Ivan

    Stuck dead? feature or bug?

    Server lag Issues, and yes I have seen many players die from towers for some reason, I'm not sure how they died in the tower though. If you couldn't find the server try switching servers back and forth. Yes it is a bug.
  4. There is none, that's the highest it can go, any further would lead to really OP Legacy. I also have spent many millions of Valr and can't find any.
  5. That is not what should happen, there's no effects but yet you got instad so yeah report it as a bug :3
  6. Ivan

    Beta test

    Yes. You have to sign up and you'll receive a key on Wednesday check your email.
  7. Ivan

    Equipment Vendor

    The Equipment for sell price is set an image of Bloodstones Shown in Example One. But the real sell out price would be silver shown in Example Two . Example One Example Two Sincerely Ivan
  8. At times where you can get stuck by the vault or Dungeons when objects are close. An Example This rarely or sometimes occurs but just here to inform Sincerely Ivan
  9. Ivan

    Not Dead/Acting like i'm dead

    Dang, gg I haven't gotten this bug yet XD
  10. Ivan

    Attachment System - Incoming!

    Are they Skins?
  11. Ivan


    Hahaha Gg
  12. Ivan

    Added variety of class customization

    This is a great idea
  13. Ivan

    Vault Bug - Known Issue

    Thank You Katherine ❤️