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  1. DISCLAIMER: The title contains the word feels so its not going to be 100% objective. I downloaded the game because I love top down shooters and I love meta progression and though that progress through dying was fascinating. I ended up loving this game and purchased the supporter packs because I have the money to do it and I want the game to succeed. I did the normal grind and died loads of times, I got the gear to run the old well and get enough valr to farm legacies. It was fun I farmed probably over and over for a two months to get all those sweet legacies. Also fun. I crafted the t10 equipment and used it to stockpile t9 relics while waiting for the relic patch so I could boost my main. Also fun. I lost hundreds of relics by using them when they were still bugged on the day that patch released. Not fun but hey I understand early access means bugs and it didn't bother me. I farmed t9 hundreds and hundreds more times to build back up those relics. It was fun. I started farming t10 without using bugs or strats to be invincible. It was very fun. I felt like I was "getting good". I knew it was coming but after about 6 weeks I died. It wasn't because of server issues I just didn't play well enough. It felt bad and I haven't really played since. I'm back to where I was a month ago with nothing to show for it. I spent some time thinking about why I don't feel like playing the game anymore and what would make me want to play again and I think I figured it out. There is no more meta progression for me that won't eventually be erased and it doesn't feel good and makes the game not fun for me. I have reached the point in the game where death is 100% bad. I got 30k valr from that death (mostly from the well leaderboard reward bug) and just clicked through the legacy card screen because 30k is a chance to get 2 more legacies that I don't need. What would make me play again would be a way to increase my death reset baseline. The concept is already in the game as we can preserve certain pieces of gear by crafting those item conservation things. The legacies are permanent. How about this as a solution - put an item in the game that we can craft that will let us save our relic progression every 10 or 20 levels worth of relics up to lvl 60 or something. I am not proposing that 100% of relic progression has to be saved or that we should be able to lock in when we hit max relic level. TLDR: I've no lifed this game enough that I cannot meaningfully progress without being reset to the same place every time I die. Prz fix
  2. I had the same error as you had. I'll post the link to it if you want to see with what happened to me
  3. I went back to the « you died » screen each time I had to restart
  4. Edit again for the fix: if you banish the bugged character your game will go back to normal. Support cannot yet restore vaults so the best way to avoid this bug would be to empty your vault onto a mule before doing well runs. Also if you gain a significant amount of valr you should buy as many legacies as possible before revealing them and avoid having to wait for the valr screen to load for every single legacy you buy I got the same vault wipe as Lind in this post but I'll what happened before my vault got yeeted. Well run gave ~800k valr. It takes 25 seconds to open the screen to purchase legacies each time I buy a new one. I get timed out 6 times trying to spend the valr. Alt-f4 the game every time it happens and restart. I'm not sure if timed out is the message that pops up. It happens so frequently (about every 200k valr spent or every 5-8 min) that I automatically alt-f4 and restart the game without paying attention to it. Create a new Harbinger, pick legacies, an error message pops up again when finalizing the legacies and it doesn't show that the character is saved to a slot (1st slot in this case). This bug always happens when I create a new character so I close (I think I alt-f4d) the game and reopen it. Log into the harb that now shows up in the list. Get an error that says "error" and get booted back to main menu. Log into the mule and find out that my vault is empty. Create a new character and the vault is still empty. I submitted an in-game report and another through zen-desk about this. If anyone has further questions about this I'd be happy to answer Edit: anything you put in your vault gets deleted as well even if you don't try to log into the affected character
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I think its kind of odd but hey
  6. LVL 5 Legendary Vital Damage gives 4.2 crit damage LVL 1 Rare Vital Damage gives 4.08 crit damage
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