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  1. with 2x buff duration you will get 14 days of buffs from focus, and with 3x buff duration you will get 21 days of buff.
  2. if you go over 10 pots you can buy as many pots as you wish with out limit.
  3. Sense the current patch, for maybe halve a month ago altars stopped giving me the particles effects and for the most part the buffs also. I can physically use altars, or stand near an altar that is being used by a teammate and I get nothing. The only two altars that do work are the energy and xp altar. As a more late game player this bug does not cause too much harm to me, but does make leveling for example harder as altars give powerful buffs to early game characters. I am not sure if I am the only person with this bug, but I I still want to let you know, as I know as a new player the bug would make dungeons less enjoyable for me. However I am fine if these bug is put on backlog because as far as I know it only seems to effect me, and as a more end game player the bug has a smaller impact on my game.
  4. Unless you want to make it really easy for people to spam chat with emotes you should add a cooldown timer of a few seconds after using an hotkey emote. The chat can also have a smaller CD timer, or just stay the same as now. While the game is small chat spam might not be a problem, but it only takes one player to ruin chat for the whole server. That or maybe make hotkey emotes not appear in chat and just show up in the chat bubble.
  5. Even if a penalty would be needed, I it feels rather painful to be locked out of your crafting station, even more so when crafting end game equipment. If for example you craft a bad t10 item from forgetting to add a prefix, now not only do you loss your crafting equipment your are also locked out for a whole day with out the ability to do anything about it. Or add a way to add affixes with in a minute of the craft.
  6. you will get a glitched death, in which you won't get any valor nor will you be able to claim any items. You still get cards but you will loss any items you had in your inventory with no chance to claim and you loss any natural valor. For now you should make sure when you exist the game you do not exit next to any enemies, as if you die you while your logging off you will get a death worse then a regular in game death. Thorns gear is the only gear that can survive such a death.
  7. After trading with IVVexius for a bow I dropped 150k silver and got a bow in return then logged off. Then when I logged back in I lacked the bow, but had the 150k silver back, but Ivvexius also had the 150k silver. Which means not only was my progress weirdly reset, but we also accidentally duped silver.
  8. One thing I would like to see is scaling of of influence buffs. The longer the influence stays in effect weaker it should get (waning) and the influences not in effect should (wax).Like a active influence can get maybe 30% weaker each weak (down to only being 10% at max) and non active influences would grow in power by 5% each week. Maybe keep the limit for max waxing to 2-3 times normal values. That way the same influence is not spammed over and over, of course the values can be changed, but I want a healthy mix of all influences to be seen while playing. These will still let us control what buffs we get each week (which I like about the game) while encouraging to aim for different buffs every now and then.
  9. New account IGN:asdf3011 Discord: Slayer432#6242
  10. I had lag last week, which rubber banded me into death. If lag is a problem we need lag protection so we won't die from it. At least in realm you can insta nexus here you have to wait which may often be to long.
  11. Or the fact that in realm you can stock pile pots for when you die, to get a huge jump start.
  12. Yep they should move the door or the resin. I heard of at least three people effected by the bug, one of them being me. You could be high level too it does not matter if you take long to to load in the resin damage will build up and kill you.
  13. Also we need protection for the times we exist a dungeon. It only takes one troll to drag a lot of enemies on a dungeon entrance as a surprise for the players in the dungeon.
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