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  1. Wow, I spend hours grinding in game just to have it all reset. Thanks, I think I’m done for a little while. I get back on after a long time of not playing just to be reset, it’s a little frustrating
  2. I have looked all over for a bridge but cant find one, is there another way that I need to get over there?
  3. Thx, im probably just going to avoid that area from now on
  4. The green tree thing(The bounty version, not the normal version that just shoots multiple projectiles) in the grass area killed me in one shot without shooting anything. I will first loose a third of my health, then i kill it and it continues by taking the next third and then kills me even though it is dead and I was not hit by anything. I was also lvl 9 with good armor on so it cant be that i was just too weak. This is super frustrating and has been an unsolved issue for a long time now. Please fix this it makes it impossible to play.
  5. I bought an additional character slot a week or 2 ago and I logged in today and saw that I no longer had that additional character spot. Along with that, my gold amount remained the same. Is there a reason for this.
  6. IDK what they are called but the giant tree things, if they hit you once you are dead. I had decent armor on and i was level 11 and i got 1 shot by those things. That is super frustrating. there is no way to combat them other than trying to kill them before they can hit you.
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