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  1. Heya ! I'm a big fan of this game but I do have a main concern who may or may not be justified so here it goes: I'm just worried that this game simply end up being shut down before it sees the light of day... the Steam player count are pretty low "less than 200 players even during the week-end" due to the game kinda failing to retain player's attention for a long time, I love this game... A LOT, but I do know that the devs and publisher need to make money, and if a game deemed to not be successful enough and actually cost too much to keep alive, it's only natural to move on and shut it down to avoid bankruptcies... and that's what scares me the most... I don't want this game to fail or getting shut down, but I don't know if these 200 players will be enough for HH and DE to actually keep the game up and release more content
  2. I'm making this post mainly because I want to get some kind of answer regarding the way that Human Head is planning on addressing the recent negative backlash that the game has been getting... the steam review aren't looking good, and it will get worst if nothing is done to appease the new community, so please... at least communicate with us regarding this, because right now the game is getting beaten to death by the Steam reviews. I'm personally fine with how the business model work but most people aren't and it's killing the game
  3. Retromastery

    Crafting Queues are coming, and we need your help!

    I'd say that all of these mock-ups are pretty much a straight up upgrade compared to the current Crafting UI, I like the Tier list being listed on top horizontally and the queue system was MUCH needed, and from what I've seen, you guys seems to have plans to charge for more queue slots, which I'm fine with as long as we get at least enough slots per blacksmith, other than that, it looks good and promising !
  4. Retromastery

    Gear upgrading made me quit.

    just reduce rerolling time drastically, and keep crafting time as it is but add some kind of queue system with limited items per batch "something like 10 items per batch" and let us come back later to claim it all
  5. I think it could be nice to have our house names displayed on our Auction House's and Exchange's offers, that way we can avoid people who are trying to "scam" people who don't know any better and encourage those who are making fair offers
  6. If I remember correctly the game was reacting quite badly for some people when they used the same name for multiple characters, that might be why they removed the ability to use the same name, I'm pretty sure they'll add it back once it will be fixed. but these are only speculations... nothing official
  7. Retromastery

    A rip off?

    just imagining id Software suing EVERY studios that make FPS game ever makes me laugh, "we fear that [insert game name here] is trying to recreate the experience that DOOM is know for."
  8. Retromastery

    A rip off?

    ugh not this argument again... why do people always call something that is similar a friggin' "Rip Off..." look dude, I don't know why you would make a post like that but hear me out... a rip off is something that uses asset flips, which means that it use assets and mechanics that are straight up taken from another game with absolutely NO variation whatsoever, Survived By uses its own assets and its own takes on similar mechanics to Rotmg, it doesn't literally "rip off" things out of Rotmg, but takes inspiration from it. Plus it's funny that you call Survived By a rip off because Rotmg uses pre-made bought assets from a store online, the studio didn't make its own assets they simply bought it, so by your definition Rotmg is a rip-off too hope you learn something out of this... next time try to look for a proper definition before making uniformed posts like these anyway have a great day, cheers !
  9. I assume the main reason being the fact that potions were dropping so often that it made the game quite trivial because your stock of potions never was depleted and you could just spam them, right now the only viable way to get potions is at a vendor in town that sell those for 1 bloodstone each. I personally think it is a good change because now you can't spam your potion indefinitely, you need to use them wisely because you won't loot any during your dungeon runs and it accentuate the feeling of danger that the game base his marketing on
  10. Retromastery


    I'm pretty sure it will be very similar to Realm of the Mad God, melee classes will most likely be very short range with ranged projectile but with no pure melee class damage. but still ! it could be cool to see pure melee class if they manage to make it work
  11. Retromastery

    Important: Upcoming Rollback

    I mean... this is what we signed up for, we agreed to test a very buggy and unfinished version of a game so of course these kind of thing will happen, we appreciate the transparency tho ^^
  12. Retromastery

    Important: Upcoming Rollback

    that's all good man, I just wanted to be sure that you at least knew what an alpha was... I've dealt with too many people that thought alpha meant "Play the full polished game early with no bugs and problems" and trust me... these are the kind of people that are detrimental to the game's development. plus... let's say that AAA developers are kinda the one who butchered the definition of both Alpha and Beta with their pre-release demo... that's why we're kinda stuck with missinformed people like these
  13. Retromastery

    Important: Upcoming Rollback

    maybe you should work on your patience there buddy... you should know that these kind of things will happen A LOT during the Alpha so expect your patience to be tested quite a bit more
  14. Retromastery

    What are your favorite affixes?

    Prefix: Rapid Fire all the way Suffix: I don't know much about these but I think Defense would be my favorite because... tanky as all hell
  15. Retromastery


    that's all good man, at least you reacted in a good way and you're conscious enough to see your mistake, and I respect that ?