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  1. yeah thats what i think happens. they occur under similar circumstances but theyre different cases. both of which are nasty
  2. hmm i can only speak for what i have examined but the 2 bugs looked to be similar, but not enitrely. they are similar in cause but different on severity (thats assuming what i looked at is correct but im not QA or anything, just a guy playing a game) the expired debuffs sticking were still in effect and able to do damage, well beyond their time, until the game communicated with the server to see if the debuff is still there or to tell it about new debuffs. looks to me like a communication issue where the client fails to recieve a debuff refresh from the server so it just keeps stuff going. the health stuff seems to me like a miscommunication too, but in its' case the server knows you arent injured and does the regeneration part on the server side. but the client doesnt know it so what youre seeing is lower health on your client than on the server-side. im not 100% sure on if its just a visual glitch but its entirely possible this can kill you, now that i think about it. if damage is calculated on client side you'd be able to be stuck on 200 hp in fights where hits cause 500 damage, theoretically. BUT if damage is calculated on server side (which is what it looked like to me so its why i said visual glitch) your client might say 200 but server side you have 800 so no biggy if what hes saying is true tho, this bug becomes about as severe as the debuff stuff.
  3. i think this one is more of a visual glitch than anything. where your health regenerates but the healthbar isnt going up
  4. just bumping this cause i dont know if it got attention it deserves... ive lost 3 characters already to t7 dot debuffs that should have expired but just ate through my health potion supply and made me give up on wanting to make a new character any time soon
  5. umm... question - have you reached level 25 yet?
  6. true. i was trying to expand on their problems but i ended up repeating what you said D: tbh i think we'll have to wait and see whats coming with ancestry changes
  7. thats the thing though. its not that hes amazing on his own its that with a proper build he is amazing. other classes simply dont have a fully fleshed out special ability geo does little to no damage and can be destroyed alchemist can throw bottles over cover lets him do damage over time, and is actually good damage but useless on anything that moves. infiltrator gains increased dodge chance and throws a dagger thingy which should do good damage if the shot blasts an enemy from inside, but again thats not likely with moving targets. druid does the bear transformation which i like so far but dont really know how to put to good use then there are harb who simply crits a lot and auto-aims, and sentinel who can wipe bullets
  8. most of the chat in this game is handled in "map im currently at" and pms. going into a dungeon does not effectively turn off heartland chat, but it does keep it from updating most of the time. i would like to suggest making it so overworld (heartland) chat is always on and updating, for people to converse while clearing different dungeons or for people trying to recruit for specific dungeons to be able to reach people currently in a dungeon (or in the world tree for that matter). but i think peoples opinions should be given on this as chat is also a distraction when clearing dungeons and whatnot opinions? fors? against?
  9. considering most bosses fire off a whole bunch of bullets at once, its likely theyll wipe a sentinels full energy bar in 1-2 shots depending on if he procs the "no energy consumed" and has a legacy that allows energy recovery. still doesnt quite break boss mechanics but requires a massive time investment to actually achieve a situation where you lock down a boss
  10. thats pretty weird, too edit: also i'd note that whenever claiming early the crafting window thingy where i click claim shows 1/99 no matter how many are completed
  11. small QOL change i wanna suggest is a "return to character select screen" button. i believe this would see use a lot for people who keep a mule- alt, or are going for a character that should be long lasting while still dropping other characters in the well. or if you just want to change characters on a whim. unless im completely derping out here, whenever i wanna change characters i need to re-login, which is a little silly
  12. im crafting mats. tier 1, 3 and 5 the high numbers (4-5 item) were mostly tested with tier 1 and 3 (a lot of resin and metal) i just check the challenge menu every time i claimed an item.
  13. so i gave this another look about how it counts towards the crafting challenge. what i found was: when i craft in a queue and claim singular items (wait for first item to finish->claim):counts as 1 when i craft in a queue and claim multiple items: counts as 2 (tested by taking 2,3,4) when i craft in a queue and wait for entire queue to finish: counts as 1 seems theres something pretty weird going on there
  14. well your early chars get a lot of cards because of the "achievement" challenges which are one time rewards still doesnt explain why you only get 2 cards tho; assuming you cleared atleast 3 "ii" challenges (kill furies, use dangerous chests, activate altars) you should get 3 or more cards
  15. ill try and look when i play later
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