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  1. First point: People will buys Micro transactions and not Macro transactions; the prices seem to be better but you need a whole step cheaper if you want people to actually use it often and not just when they really want something. Accessibility and quantity is the primary factor for micro transactions, i will personally buy electrum for cool little things i want but with prices like this it's way more likley I'll be patient and grind for electrum while i play with friends and have fun.... As you stated people would just use the exchange auction house to buy electrum because prices are to high....we will play but we won't spend that much on fake currencies...since playing will give the same benefits even if it takes a long grind...we will wait and we will grind it. That is a fact you just proved ! IF PRICES WON'T DROP PEOPLE WILL GRIND FOR WHAT THEY WANT AND THAT'S IT. Second point: I am most certain the currencie exchange rates are not right. Why do i get the same amount of gold for 10 USD or 10 EURO ?? This is unfair to the world wide community ! I will defenetly NEVER buy from the electrum shop if the exchange rates are made up by you. THIS IS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE AND ECONOMIC TRANSPARENCY THAT MUST BE ADRESSED. by adressing this issue by territory you will have a better idea of how much 10 USD are worth for different people around the globe that wish to spend on your "market" This leads back to accessibilty and quantity that is not fair to the community as a whole. I mean if you account that in italy avrage income is 1000 Euro when you ask 10 euro you're asking for a 3 course dinner with drinks included... you could make more money by adjusting prices to territory...( I bet amazon does it or they wouldn't sell nothing abroad) Seem's common sense to me if you want to sell digital upgrades that are nothing but a copy paste of code onto your account...people know this and know that when 1000 people buy your skin the expenes of making it are WELL covered. So don't treat your players like dumb people. Instaed show us you got what it takes to raise the freaking bar for the sake of everyone.
  2. Now I'm currently stuck in the described loop of upgrading legacy interface that goes straight to black screen when i press next. And can do nothing but exit game and loop starts over. I'm about to banish this char and see if i can start over because I'm completley stuck in the loop. ( 4 hours of play with this House name)
  3. Update. I died again XD and the YOU DIED screen did not appera once more... So I exit to menu and see my char dead so i click on him i get the screen where you can upgrade your legacies and press next. at this point i get a black screen can't do anything but go back to menu and a strange loop starts where what i just described happens continuiously. I decide to exit game completley. I reopen the game and I select my character and got this pop up.
  4. I exited to the menu and this is the current situation. I time traveled to the past as you can see from chat time ( 2 lvl lost ) ☹️
  5. same here. happened to me just now. I lagged and ended up dead. this is the current situation
  6. I tried opening the game while listening to music from youtube and all sound disappears. I managed to narrow it down to my Bluetooth device that was having problems when game opens. I should be hearing sound thru my UE MEGABOOM When I open the game with my UE MEGABOOM connected directly thru bluetooth to my pc ALL SOUND disappears. Any time you try to open the game with a device directly connected to your PC's bluetooth ALL sound disappears until you close the game, Tried veryfing file integrity and it was all ok. I have audio with my headphones ( logitech H800, they conncet trhu the USB bluetooth thing), but they do not connect directly as the UE MEGABOOM does. Good luck with this one
  7. *Hacker voice* : "I'm in". I 'm not suree exactly how but I got one by mail like 2 days after signing up on the forum
  8. Was about to report this just now. I NEED THAT LORE posted the screen to show current build of this overlapping error
  9. I'm Wondering if I'm too late to join the alpha, Scrolling the forum it was not clear if i can still get acces or if I'll have to wait. would like to bring a few pals and have some testing fun .
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