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  1. I have to question how much of my comment you actually read, or if you were just reading what you wanted to read. Not all games are temporary. I loved Dungeon Siege from back when I was a kid, and as an adult am still able to return to said game. It's not a live service tied to a central server, I'm always going to be able to go back to it. I enjoyed my time with Survived By and its development process, and now that experience has come and gone, but it would be foolish to think that all things are this way.
  2. Well, we're talking about live service games here. Traditional games aren't really temporary unless the physical medium is damaged or the digital files are corrupted/ lost.
  3. Which is being refunded to me, and I got a fair deal of enjoyment in the process. Got to make multiple new friends and enjoyed using the discord emotes from the server.
  4. @hh_katherine (I'd also ping Ryan, but obviously, I'm not able) It was a good ride while it lasted, and it really does sting to see things pan out this way. I know I'm more or less just another player, but if you want to remain in-touch for any reason, I can PM you my discord and email. I'll leave my twitch publicly available though. ( twitch.tv/rehtaelle ). If I hear from you, that would be amazing, if not, don't worry, I'm by no means offended. Keep on, keepin' on, guys.
  5. Keeping a low profile is good right now. SB is going through such big changes that it's best to harbor a close set of players who will stick through the good times and the bad, so that once we reach a good point in the game's lifespan, then it can expand to reach a bigger audience. Right now, it's early access and in my personal opinion, it's still closed-beta quality. It's just a bad idea to try and hype/ promote a publicly available game that is in such an unfinished state. It's good to be made available to those who are curious, but now's not the spotlight time.
  6. Don't cling to a system that's busted just because people like parts of it. Let it go. Tear it up, build it anew, with new perspectives to adapt to the new landscape. People liked Followup on Harbinger because it was OP. But it doesn't mean it's good for the game. People get upset when change happens, but that's fine. Anyone who can't cope with change either leaves the game now, or they'd have left the game later when some other change needed to happen. Players shed during this process are not the core audience. That said, these changes must still be to the benefit of the core experience.
  7. Thorns stats are marginally stronger, and I do mean marginally, plus I deliberately didn't get any more thorns gear than boots (The ring and amulet were included in the supporter packs.) And I only got boots so I don't have to move at a snail's pace with new characters. And like I said, it's my first character, so I'm not getting any assistance from legacies, PLUS as demonstrated, a T3 bow. But granted, the bug made that irrelevant. EDIT: Thorns gear also doesn't have any modifiers on it.
  8. I'll hazard a guess that this is a known bug and I just didn't know about it. :oof:
  9. Ricochet, Chain Reaction (I know ALs are changing soon, but you get my point), Harbinger alt fire. and of course some other bullet patterns have tendencies to deal with crowds (RIP Fragmenting BS) To you I say, why have stats or RPG elements at all if you're just going to one-shot the majority of enemies you'll be fighting at-level?
  10. Had a fair bit on my plate over the last few days, but I'll go over some relative basic behavioral patterns which shouldn't be too hard to implement. Whether you use the more excessive Time.deltaTime loop (Which I do because I'm still slightly crap at programming), or WaitForSeconds() with a Mathf(Random.Range) for time delays, adding pauses to enemy attacks is critical. Right now what everything does is fire as soon as you're seen. Look at trends among Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, and Nuclear Throne. Unless you're going for Hotline Miami levels of time to kill, enemies generally exhibit a pause that can be brief or long, similar to how games that have enemies with hitscan weapons always miss the first shot, otherwise you'd be dead VERY fast. The yeti-robots in Nuclear Throne have a VERY long pause to them, but only most of the time. Their sporadic and aggressive behavior lend to some very interesting combat. When they eventually DO attack, the lunge in at VERY high speeds, but take a moment to accelerate (Except when they feel like ending my daily runs a little early e_e) and can be slowed down by taking damage from weapons with some knockback. Which is good because they do a lot of damage and have a fair degree of health. To reference Enter the Gungeon, the Blue Shell-Kin fire in predictable (But still dangerous) patterns, after a brief delay of being in line of sight. And when they die, they have a chance to fire out shots in multiple directions. I fucking HATE the crows in the scrapyard in Nuclear Throne, but they've been well designed for their purpose. I have yet to determine their exact parameters for when they choose to fly to a new position, but I believe that it's have a relatively fixed period of time, they will fly within X distance of the player, regardless of line of sight. Sometimes this means they escape, sometimes it means they ambush. And in Gungeon, it's about two frames long, but the guns of the bullet kin play an about-to-fire animation. Even though it's THE most basic enemy in the game, its attack has a tell. An important part to adding actual fights to Survived By is just going to be making some enemies tankier. Being able to 2-3 shot everything results in fights having absolutely no threat presence, particularly due to the fact that projectiles disappear with their host. So rushing down enemies is ALWAYS the way to go, because if you can kill them before the shots reach you, then you were never in danger in the first place. Things just happen too fast right now. It's hard to build up any RPG elements and actually use them if offense is the only thing that really matters, and you have such a low TTK. Like I said with Hotline Miami. There's zero reason to EVER put in RPG elements because there's really nothing to expand upon besides the singular-trait masks. (Tony and Jake OP) Which ALSO comes down to speeding up the TTK to limit your exposure to enemies. Tony is killing punches and instant finishers, and Jake is killing throws, so even if you don't have ammo, having any weapon in your arms is a "safe" long-range kill. I REALLY TRIED to play Infiltrator before the Open Beta "wipe" but constantly I found myself in a state of frustration because she (All of my characters are female, no one can tell me otherwise) couldn't do even remotely enough damage compared to Harbinger, whom I still main because... Well, she's OP. Why have to get in close to use an ability with limited range on top of its short flight path when I could just stay at a safe distance and pound enemies with an auto-lock shot? This is again due to the enemies we fight. The Harbinger playstyle is simply the most effective given the behavior of enemies and projectiles. Also enemies don't interact with each other NEARLY enough. I have yet to find proof of this theory, but it feels strongly like the basic bandits in Nuclear Throne fire more frequently the more of them are nearby, like a sort-of confidence aspect. (No proof though, it just *feels* like it) and there are enemies in Gungeon which buff each other with damage and/or damage resistance. And enemy targeting priority would be a good plan. Say, some enemies will mainly target the player with the least health or something. That's about all I have to say for now, despite the fact that I could give some more concrete examples of actual designs,but I may do that at a different time.
  11. I was at one point much more active in the game, excited for its future, and while the latter remains true, my activity has diminished greatly, and due to one singular aspect I've been nagging about for a while now. The literally one-dimensional combat. In a one-dimensional plane (the X axis for those whom it makes sense) you can only go in two directions. In this case, I am either using a basic attack, or using an ability. The bullet-hell-lite aspect is so lackluster at the moment that I don't view it as a factor, and enemy behavior is so basic that the approach to every single enemy is the same: Shoot them. Prioritizing targets isn't much of a thing to be totally honest. They all have a similar threat presence and very similar health pools. I ABSOLUTELY understand that changes to AI and enemy design take time, and I have the patience for these changes to take hold. However, the player attack options being so incredibly basic is what's holding it back. I still remain interested in being an active member of the community, but the draw to SB is currently a fair deal lower than other titles right now. I do NOT want to see SB become Trove, which has a combat system entirely centered around three abilities and is a major grind-fest for things which should be more readily accessible in the first place, but that...
  12. You know, just make it better*forehead*. Netcode is complicated, and as the game grows, it takes time to iron these things out. There's a reason it just stepped out of CLOSED beta.
  13. He used to be by the gate, but I'm not sure if he's still there. He should have a banner over his head though, and probably isn't far from the other vendors.
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