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  1. Maddark

    EA Hotfix Week 1

    If people bought it would they be refunded then?
  2. Maddark

    Closed Beta Week 6 - Hotfix 4

    Will people who lost their crafting station unlocks have them unlocked after the fix, or do we have to re-unlock them?
  3. So I got on this morning to find two potential bugs; 1st: Crafting Bench Tier Reset I had unlocked all four crafting stations, with the main one having all but T10 crafting unlocked. The other three each had T1-T5 unlocked to help craft reagents faster. I had a hard key crafting in the one and after claiming it I noticed that they all had been reset to only having T1 unlocked. I really don't want to have to go through the pain of unlocking these again as it took alot of silver and time to get the ingredients so if these could be unlocked again that would be extremely helpful. I have attached two images from when I logged on today, the first showing a sale for bloodstone at the expected 25 buyout and the other at 11 silver. 2nd: Market board Sale Bug I had various gear pieces listed on the market board overnight and came back to a few being sold as expected (For bloodstone at the buyout value), and one having sold for silver instead of bloodstone. It seemed that the one that sold for silver had not been bought out but instead was bid on as the starting price was set to 10 blood stone and the buyout was 25 and it sold for 11 (silver). If i had to guess id assume that if an item sells due to a bid and then the listing expires it is still set to sell for silver instead of bloodstone from when the market board was first around. I have attached a short "video" of when I went to claim my hard mode key and noticed that I was unable to queue another up as my crafters had reset. .Crafting Tier Reset.mp4