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  1. I agree with nearly everything said in this post and i have a lot to add to this thread of behind the scene issues which i will refrain from posting publicly. Best bet is to hope HH is listening and starts to try and fix as many things as possible before the NY and then get on a steady system to provide new content frequently! PostCard
  2. expliots made please contact privatley so i can share how and a fix!
  3. ive also seen bots already in game trying to promote fake websites
  4. 2018-12-14 21-45-40.mp4
  5. Stefan panton, IGN "Gods" 2018-12-11 02-15-31.mp4
  6. Yes my hand is first.... it was an honor giving my energy! ❤️
  7. Yeah spoke to a dev and this means it is getting removed
  8. Upon the tree from boardlands, it is now Bright red, I'm assuming this is a bug? Unless it is sometype of warning saying im 2 low of level
  9. @Pingwinian do you have an invite link for that discord i cant seem to join from the offical links
  10. @hh_katherine is this a hot patch or will there be a client update?
  11. So i have only played the game for about 5 hours now, Ive lived and Ive died so far i am enjoying the game and cant wait to get further! How ever here are my thoughts on inprovments which could be made! Limited Skins/ More customisation option on characters Leaderboard for characters Who die- Example like in ROTMG another popular Bullet hell MMO, when you die there is a fame system, the longer you live and the more stuff you do before you die increases your fame, People who die with the most fame get a place on this leaderboard. This would be a nice feature in Survived By like a "Legends Leaderboard" Guilds/Clans- Another way for players to team up, Maybe even have guild exclusive raids/ Event raids Pets- ive seen this mentioned alot, i think having a Pet/ally system would add another good element to the game Fast travelling shouldn't cost money seems a little steep to have to pay to skip 1-10mins of running, this is just my opinion The electrum system is a little confusing, ive seen alot of people questioning what do they get to keep when they die, Wings, skins etc should maybe have a tag/ discription explaining that these are permanently unlocked These are some of my suggestions, check out my recent video if you have some time
  12. This is my first attempt at producing content for/on survivied By, was having connection problems during my game play time so i decided to make a quick edit on just the couple of hours i played before disconnected every attempt. The video is quite long but i plan to make shorter and snappy videos in the future along with, Commentaries, Hard Raids and Tutorials Check out the video, below, if you enjoy leave a like! Id appreciate any feed back on what i can do to improve my content to make it more enjoyable! Thanks in advance!
  13. At first i didnt understand what legacies where but ive played the game a bit and i got the understanding, So i went over to Bard and i equipped 4 Legacies which i had gotten from dieing in the tutorial, i paid the 3 bloodstone to equp the legacies, they were equiped for a while, then my connection times out, i signed back in and it unequipped the legacies. I lost the 3 bloodstone it had cost me and to re-add them i now have to spend 6 bloodstone. Im not sure how this bug has occure, but i think maybe when i Disconnected the game has think i died and removed the legacies out of my hand.
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