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  1. Karkat69

    Treasure Hunter

    Yeah, this happened to me last night, I was super excited to finally purchase with Silver, but the animations and sounds for purchase occurred but the items (save only for the keys) didn't appear in my inventory. Weird (and a bit disappointing) bug.
  2. Karkat69

    Glossary for mobs, bosses, and drops

    Oh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Awesome!!! I'm so glad!! I briefly saw the challenges part but thought the trophy room were about actual trophies lmaooooooooooo Thank you Coldparadox!
  3. So this might be a big request/suggestion, but it would so help in the long run for players who like to keep track on farming items and such: A glossary that can be accessed in town at The Tower by an NPC Has the name, image, classification, and chance drop items of mobs Special section for bosses, even the ones on quests Location can also be shown where the monster can be found Think Pokedex, but with the items that can be dropped as well I know it sounds pretty tedious, but if this could be made it'll be friggin sweet. I'm tempted to make a Wiki or at least help make a wiki to keep a tab on all these monsters because it's important to know where to go and find the items/materials you need ToT I also think this glossary would be great to have in town, plus the monster can only be added by killing it, only the name and image can appear if you've seen it but the rest of the details appear upon killing the monster. This can help with planning where to farm materials with friends or solo (I'm a solo type of guy, aside from having my bestie with me occasionally) I'm kinda getting all nerdy trying to keep track of anything in game, such as the dungeons, monsters, and prefixes and suffixes on items. It would be cool if there was also a book at the blacksmith that keeps track of all the prefixes and suffixes you've obtained so far, so you can look back at the description while you wait your reroll.
  4. Karkat69

    Temporary Speed buff dropped from mobs

    I definitely agree! I forgot the buffs are only temporary in that way if they could last perhaps 5 or 10 seconds it would be great for players!
  5. I think it would be pretty cool to have a speed buff counterpart to the other temporary buffs, like the damage or health regen buff that is sometimes dropped by mobs in a pretty spiral animation. Since speed is the second to none aspect needed to survive in the game, it would be beneficial to the player(s) to be able to also run away after dealing a lot of damage but their health is low or so. The quick spritz of speed could help reposition or get away from mobs. Any other cool buff ideas?
  6. Hello, I bought the 1370 Electrum deal on the 21st of July, for some reason it briefly flashed that I was credited the amount I bought then after I tried to speed up the blacksmith process for rolling prefixes the game froze for a bit then sent me to the starting screen, but kept giving me the error that the server request was timed out despite my friend was able to enter with no problem. It wasn't until I restarted Steam that I was able to get back in but then I noticed my Electrum wasn't credited anymore... I was wondering if anyone else had something similar happen? Or any other Electrum issues? Even the attempt to use Electrum at the blacksmith doesn't work, I'm only able to open the other spots but can't speed up processes the blacksmith is working on.