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Found 9 results

  1. During the Locus boss fight, after defeating the legs the main body is still invincible
  2. Apperently it is possible for thorns gear to drop from bosses. I don't like this idea, especially since I bought four thorns pieces for leveling characters. It is supposed to be a good electrum sink, why have it as a drop from bosses? It will be particularly annoying if I ever drop a thorns piece myself, knowing I spent 750 electrum on it before. Even if the drop rate is extremely low, I can't support this decision, and you should put other items in the loot table, if you want people to have a super rare chance of getting something cool from a boss.
  3. the T6 kraken wont spawn in the breach
  4. Maquia

    Locus Bug

    We killed its arms or whatever those things are and the boos was still invincible. I don't know why though.
  5. Does anyone know if the final boss gives anything worth it? Took me some time to gather all the key fragments to craft the final key and all i got was a "protective imprint". I just wanna know if it's worth it to keep on trying to farm that boss.
  6. I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I would love this in the game where you go into a dungeon and kill some small bosses then come up to a huge boss that would take like 5-10 mins to kill. Those kinds of bosses make the game so much more fun and interesting also its even better when its high reward. Right now I'm loving the game but I feel like the raid boss would be a cool thing to have also it can get a bit tiring picking up quests on the road as it feels so repetitive.
  7. First of all it would be nice if someone could write me if this following report is intended or not! I think the boss reset mechanic still needs to see some improvement. The boss of Forge of corruption is an example. Basically if you leave a boss room to cheese out the mechanics or dodge some shots the boss resets his HP. This is fine for me. However, in Forge of Corruption the Boss resets all the time even while you are in the Boss room. You can reproduce this by standing on the right side of the right pillar. I stood there so I can avoid his shots and attack him from there. Suddenly he reseted his whole HP and his minions despawned. Sometimes I could bring him down to 2/3 but even then it just reseted again. I think it has something to do with how the Boss moves and how the reset mechanism is implemented. Why should there even be the pillars if you aren't allowed to go near them then? This way I couldn't defeat the boss on my own.
  8. What type of bug is it? : A despawn Bug on the boss Boreal Shaman Can you replicate it ? : No Other information : 3 players were righting the boss, just as it died one player also died and all 4 torches remained lit. £ of 4 of the torches were blue from the rage phase but one was orange. The tornados also stayed in the room and an exit door didn't appear. 1 sentinel 1 Alchemist 1 Infiltrator Screenshots : I did have a print screen of this but, being the idiot that I am, I copied these bug reporting questions over my clipboard. *Facepalm*.
  9. What type of bug is it? : Gameplay Can you replicate it ? : Yes: I seems rly simple, when he tries to ignite on of those pole's just hit him with some attacks to give him some slight knockback and he might gets stuck. Other information : That bug makes the boss super easy, but he will brake free when he enters the "second stage". i tried out that bug in "week 10"(first screenshot) and "Week 9" (second screenshot) Patch.
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