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Found 117 results

  1. LoriLaeger


    Problem with NPC upload.When you log on to the server!only NPC in the zone of visibility of the screen if you run out of them they would disappear.I do not know how to fix this bug.It began to happen from the moment I flew out of the game, during the passage of the dungeon.
  2. The game worked perfectly fine during the tutorial, but when i made a new "ancestor" i tried selecting it and my game crashed
  3. Texto em PT-Br TL; DR Today a full vault, almost crowded, with 100 spaces. It just disappeared! 5kk + Silver has dropped / 3+ 100% Drop Rate and Exp / T10 Items and other items with imprint / Various T8 + materials / and many of my charms N5 and 6. In addition to other items I can not remember. What I spent more than 150h + to get. Maybe 200h. My game is almost 400h currently in steam. Simply, everything there was. It's gone! All! "Okay, I'll go to sleep after that." - Title I thought nothing in this game would make me give it up. No matter the bug. I went with full understanding that it was in Early Access. However, no matter how slow I am, this bug for me was the worst I've ever heard. Okay. I'll tell you my story. Play since the game came out of closed beta. I focused on studying all the mechanics of the game and stayed connected in everything that was possible to stay strong. What turned out to be my sin. I arrived at the end of the game fast. Soon I had my sets of T10 items and at this stage I had already spent real money to support the game and get some improvements to my account. I played while there was still the auction. And I've done enough business to unlock as many things as possible for my account. I release all inventory spaces and all vault spaces. So I started to pool resources and after realizing that there was a bug, which disappeared with the most expensive 100% drop rate potions or experience that only came in the support packages, I started to buy the same ones that were sold cheaper at the auction. I gathered 10 of each more or less. And recurrently they disappear after I leave the server or even switch characters. All they told me about the ticket is that they were aware and would return it. But do they really know how many potions I've lost in this joke? 7+ Exp Potions and 5+ Drop Potions. Or rather, I doubt they will give me the exact amount of how much I lost ... I imagined that and so I made a point of buying more at the time of the auction. BUT... That was nothing. After continuing playing, I managed to stay strong and soon had practically all the legendary cards I wanted. And in an attempt to finish the cards I wanted. After completing a successful well and creating a character. When trying to enter the new character to make The Well again. An "Error" appeared when trying to enter it. I've tried 3 times. So I went in with another character and I tried again. I got it! But when I went to store my items in the vault, I realized that there were only the new items I had placed there. My vault counts with 100 slots released And there were all my imprints. All my silver. Several of my main charms. T10 Items I keep for when auction back and Many T8 + Matters .. EVERYTHING WAS MISSING. More than 150h in the trash. My "100%" pots left over and many more things I can not even remember now. Today I was creating a guide with everything I know about the game for the steam community. I would post the guide in EN and PT-Br. I had projects to make videos like Kelphaz for my language and already had a discord with more members and with much more noise than the own created initially here in the forum of survived by for our country. A group that started small for only the people who played with me and who took epic proportions in my head. My sense of frustration has no description. This time, after suffering with several bugs of the game, nothing compared to this. Sincerely for the team of the game. I do not know what's going on inside the team. But every update of the game, no one has seen practically nothing of corrections and I can say on behalf of many people who have played with me from the beginning. That the complaints are many. But that you have a precious game at hand, with enormous potential and are sincerely wasting everything. Nickname on Game: Zenboy Link Discord quoted: https://discord.gg/djKSUTW
  4. FugitiveDrago

    Lost thorns items after death

    I have already submitted an in game report a few days ago but haven't heard any feedback or see my post on the forums, so i am submitting it here as well. What type of bug is it? :Loss of gear/claimed rewards dissapear/marked for kin loss items What should happen? :All marked for kin gear (especially thorns gear) should be in one of my characters inventory (the LVL1 sentinel is who i claimed with, but its also not in my other three LVL25 harbingers). What actually happens? :´╗┐I was playing a LVL25 geomancer and died in T6 dungeon, created a new sentinel and claimed all items (two mais one for the marked after death which was a frost pick the other was for my three thorns gear), then immediately logged out. Jump on a few days later to play with friends and all my thorns gear had disappeared, however I do still have the quad frost pick in my inventory that I had marked for kin after death on my sentinel (I paid for the birthright package which gave me the ring and necklace, and had gotten a drop for the chest of thorns). Can you replicate it ? :Not unless i buy more thorns gear and take a chance at losing them as well. (if you can) How can you replicate it? : Other information :This happened around january 4th and i have not wanted to play again fearing another rollback/having no equipment to throw away on new characters ( I love my three harbingers and don't want them dying lol) Screenshots :
  5. Sometimes when playing on my geomancer my health will get stuck after being hit and will refuse to regenerate until I am hit AND take damage a second time, this becomes an issue in higher keys especially. While a character can survive a single hit usually, taking the second hit to be able to "update" your current health value drops you to below 0 and kills the character outright regardless of what SHOULD happen.
  6. ZenoBell

    black floor and map

    i don't know if it is my crap pc, but when i try to play the game, the floor and map are completely black , and only the characters and some things are showing up, the strange thing here is that the tutorial area is OK.. any idea what is happening? in-game : Tutorial area : my pc specs: Os : windows 10 pro 32 bits Processor : intel celeron dual core 1.50Ghz graphics card : integrated intel HD family (yeah its a notebook) RAM: 2GB it is a really old pc but it can easily run the game and other games that requires more power,so what is my problem?
  7. So I was about to start leveling my Infiltrator and decided to move some T5 gear from my item mule - Alchemist. I unequipped T5 Energetic Boots, Ring and Amulet from it and moved them to the Vault then immediately exited to the main menu, logged in and joined in with my Infiltrator. First thing I have noticed was my own Alchemist standing next to me near the Vault and then it disappeared (managed to take a screenshot before that). Then I open the vault and to my surprise the Boots, Ring and Amulet I just have putted in with my Alchemist are not there. I quickly switched to my Alchemist and items are not there either T_T. It's not the first time this happens to me and once items even got duped (although I lost other items I was moving in the process). I know it's not much but I hope this will help to fix or at least identify the black hole in the Vault that sucks out items from this dimension lol. P.S. Stalladir is on my 2nd char slot and Acidice is on 3th if that's any help.
  8. Minutoz

    Dungeon T2 Bug

    okey, look at this. bug in T2 Dungeon
  9. igormyotis

    Stucked after death

    I got stucked after have died on T7 dungeon and didn't gained access to valr/legacies screen, so I tried everything and yet nothing happened... Then I clicked on return(R) and my char teleported back to Tower ALIVE! (this I can complain ­čśÂ), but this don't seems right to me and I am here reporting.
  10. Coldcoder

    Vault and inventory bug!

    Hey! It's been 2 days since i started playing this game and I found bugs! Thanks a lot for this list of questions. Alright, let's get to bug No. 1. What type of bug is it? : Text bug, it doesn't show up the right amount of silver in your inventory after putting it into your vault. What should happen? : It should show up the right amount of silver you currently have in your inventory. For example: you have 250 silver in your inventory, you put all of it into your vault and you have 0 silver after this. What actually happens? : It shows the same amount of silver after depositing it. when you put 250 silver into your vault, it shows you the same amount even when you put it into your vault Can you replicate it ? : Yes. (if you can) How can you replica´╗┐te it? : By opening the vault, setting an amount of silver, clicking deposit and trying to use shrine to teleport to different location. Pop-up shows up saying you have insufficent funds. Other information : None Screenshots : And now bug No. 2! What type of bug is it? : It's related to Inventory. After equiping a gear, it doesn't free up space in your inventory by 1-6 unit/s (depending on what are you equiping at the moment). What should happen? : It should free up space in your inventory by 1-6 unit/s after equiping a gear. What actually happens? : It doesn't free up space in your inventory by 1-6 unit/s after equiping your gear. Can you replicate it ? : Yes. (if you can) How can you replica´╗┐te it? : Selecting your gear and clicking Equip button. Other information : None Screenshots : PS. Is there any way to edit your topic? I don't want to delete it again.
  11. Dooopy

    In-game chat Broken/Bugged

    My in-game chat is broken as no one is able to see my messages or pings. I've tried looking into the settings too see if it was my own fault but I couldn't find any solutions.
  12. MrFaya

    Legacy bought glitch

    Hello, I bought 5 legendary legacy when i died, and i select 5 times for buy 5 legacys, but i received only one but it used my gold, i did it one more time, it's same, i received only one.. so totally i used more than 1k gold for 2 cards legendary thx for try to do something pls
  13. Magodaspot

    Missing background and crash

    No die, no iten lost, just this background and missing textures. Firts time it happened with me
  14. Zalphyx

    Logged out after death

    When I died in the well with my Alchemist to unlock my Geomancer, after I've deleted cards and upgraded others, I got this screen for the Valr. After that it put a popup on my screen to create a new character but since I didn't do the Valr thing I tried to close the popup. When I did, the game froze and logged me out of my session. I didn't have any stuff on me when dying so I didn't loose anything, but if it happens to someone who died with a lot of stuff to trade it might be problematic.
  15. Hello, I've experienced a new issue today, timing out after/during the legacies page which caused most of my new, and even old legacies to become "In use" while I had no characters alive. I've tried suiciding new characters and reopening multiple times, but can't seem to fix the issue, please try to fix this.
  16. i died in dungeon at boss and saw the u died screed but raged and closed the game immediately after 2 day i login again and saw my char is not dead so i tried another char to is this real died in normal places and it didnt happened. so i think when dungeon erased chars death location also erased and game cant remember where my char dead and assume its not dead i think its huge bug it good for us but against the game
  17. batmor7

    Npcs not appearing

    I need help since two days the npcs don't appear for me. The npcs neer me spawn correctly when i join the game but others are not here and if i move around the npcs that already spawned disappear. I can't play because no mobs spawn please help !
  18. Hi i cant seem top get in the game i start it and once i press login i get a error then it all restarts as if i just opened the game
  19. hola juego desde la versi├│n beta y ahora que el juego ya es p├║blico, cre├ę mi cuenta con mi correo con el que ya estaba registrado en la versi├│n beta, mi nombre anterior era cubito y ahora mi nombre es Box Cha0s, pero el problema es que nadie Puedes leer lo que escribo y es muy extra├▒o porque si puedes ver mi personaje hello I play from the beta version and now that the game is already public, I created my account with my mail with which I was already registered in the beta, my previous name was cubito and now my name is Box Cha0s, but the problem is that nobody . You can read what I write and it's very strange because if you can see my character I need your help because I can not play with comfort. Im from mexico and i use translate google sorry :(
  20. it's been days and nobody has responded to anything i put in chat. even after they speak to me directly they don't seem to be able to read my reply...
  21. Hey, I think I found a bug where if u alt f4 just as the gravestone appears for your character you are able to keep them alive, not sure if I got lucky but I tested it around 4 times and was able to get it consistently. Hopefully you decide to patch it as it is pretty game breaking
  22. ERSK


    I have a problem and it is that I died being level 4 (I do not know if that influences) and would not let me do anything literally close session and the game to open it in the morning the next day, I find that it does not let me in trar appearing a message "The session has expired" so I do not know if the game is so and since you can not use that mail or it is a mistake because it does not let me reconnect it keeps coming back again and again. They could help me, if someone happens the same can tell me how it is solved or if they already said something about it
  23. Monkedas

    Stuck on Reach Level 4 Quest

    I have levelled up to level 4, and went to talk to "Captain of the Guard", but i can't hand in the quest or go onto the next quest.
  24. What type of bug is it? : the map is broken What should happen? : you shouldnt be able to go through walls What actually happens? : you can go through walls and see through them Can you replicate it ? : yes (if you can) How can you replicate it? : walk through walls in southern expanse near a chimera totem Other information : in southern expanse near a chimera totem Screenshots :
  25. Melluria

    Same account bug?

    So, i created an account to see the game, but as i was typing my house name in game, i didn't notice that was 12 character limit, and made a name that i don't like, then i went into the site, and made another account, so i could make a new one with another name, but they log into the same account, both e-mails log into the same account. Pls help!