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Found 106 results

  1. igormyotis

    Stucked after death

    I got stucked after have died on T7 dungeon and didn't gained access to valr/legacies screen, so I tried everything and yet nothing happened... Then I clicked on return(R) and my char teleported back to Tower ALIVE! (this I can complain šŸ˜¶), but this don't seems right to me and I am here reporting.
  2. Hello, I've experienced a new issue today, timing out after/during the legacies page which caused most of my new, and even old legacies to become "In use" while I had no characters alive. I've tried suiciding new characters and reopening multiple times, but can't seem to fix the issue, please try to fix this.
  3. i died in dungeon at boss and saw the u died screed but raged and closed the game immediately after 2 day i login again and saw my char is not dead so i tried another char to is this real died in normal places and it didnt happened. so i think when dungeon erased chars death location also erased and game cant remember where my char dead and assume its not dead i think its huge bug it good for us but against the game
  4. batmor7

    Npcs not appearing

    I need help since two days the npcs don't appear for me. The npcs neer me spawn correctly when i join the game but others are not here and if i move around the npcs that already spawned disappear. I can't play because no mobs spawn please help !
  5. Hi i cant seem top get in the game i start it and once i press login i get a error then it all restarts as if i just opened the game
  6. hola juego desde la versiĆ³n beta y ahora que el juego ya es pĆŗblico, creĆ© mi cuenta con mi correo con el que ya estaba registrado en la versiĆ³n beta, mi nombre anterior era cubito y ahora mi nombre es Box Cha0s, pero el problema es que nadie Puedes leer lo que escribo y es muy extraƱo porque si puedes ver mi personaje hello I play from the beta version and now that the game is already public, I created my account with my mail with which I was already registered in the beta, my previous name was cubito and now my name is Box Cha0s, but the problem is that nobody . You can read what I write and it's very strange because if you can see my character I need your help because I can not play with comfort. Im from mexico and i use translate google sorry :(
  7. Zalphyx

    Logged out after death

    When I died in the well with my Alchemist to unlock my Geomancer, after I've deleted cards and upgraded others, I got this screen for the Valr. After that it put a popup on my screen to create a new character but since I didn't do the Valr thing I tried to close the popup. When I did, the game froze and logged me out of my session. I didn't have any stuff on me when dying so I didn't loose anything, but if it happens to someone who died with a lot of stuff to trade it might be problematic.
  8. it's been days and nobody has responded to anything i put in chat. even after they speak to me directly they don't seem to be able to read my reply...
  9. Hey, I think I found a bug where if u alt f4 just as the gravestone appears for your character you are able to keep them alive, not sure if I got lucky but I tested it around 4 times and was able to get it consistently. Hopefully you decide to patch it as it is pretty game breaking
  10. ERSK


    I have a problem and it is that I died being level 4 (I do not know if that influences) and would not let me do anything literally close session and the game to open it in the morning the next day, I find that it does not let me in trar appearing a message "The session has expired" so I do not know if the game is so and since you can not use that mail or it is a mistake because it does not let me reconnect it keeps coming back again and again. They could help me, if someone happens the same can tell me how it is solved or if they already said something about it
  11. Monkedas

    Stuck on Reach Level 4 Quest

    I have levelled up to level 4, and went to talk to "Captain of the Guard", but i can't hand in the quest or go onto the next quest.
  12. What type of bug is it? : the map is broken What should happen? : you shouldnt be able to go through walls What actually happens? : you can go through walls and see through them Can you replicate it ? : yes (if you can) How can you replicate it? : walk through walls in southern expanse near a chimera totem Other information : in southern expanse near a chimera totem Screenshots :
  13. Melluria

    Same account bug?

    So, i created an account to see the game, but as i was typing my house name in game, i didn't notice that was 12 character limit, and made a name that i don't like, then i went into the site, and made another account, so i could make a new one with another name, but they log into the same account, both e-mails log into the same account. Pls help!
  14. Orangeluma

    Legacy post-death screen

    My first character died, after hitting continue I'm brought to the legacy screen with a pop up that says I've reached max legacies. After which the "next" button grays out and I can't continue. I've tried relaunching the game several times but to no avail. Any way I can get past this?
  15. Autist1c

    My legacies are not available

    Every time I die, my character's legacies become unavailable for a new one. System says that they are already used by someone, but I have no other characters. I have tried suiciding, banishing, bards, but nothing happens. What should I do?
  16. BrightMoon

    Can't log in/Timed out

    I saw some people with the same problem so I wanted to share mine too. I tried changing server and even the region. Have played for 95 minutes starting today (according to steam), and yes I have logged in once already (not 95 minutes of starting screen). thanks in advance for the help, this is an awesome game and I can't wait to be playing it again Pic related
  17. Zalphyx

    Zones Overlaps

    I've been noticing that in some zones, on the borders you can see the name of the zone next to it and discover them. Which I find annoying in a way because you can spoil yourself before even going there. Not a major issue but still something, it happened in the Beta too, I reported it but it seems it didn't get fixed.
  18. shidukii

    Craftsman Bug

    Hello, I managed to farm some logs to craft wood. The timer is already finished but the Wood won't show up and I can't claim it. It says "Crafting is in Progress". Please help, I can't dismantle or craft items. Thanks
  19. What type of bug is it? cannot use any legacy cards in the character creation, saying used by someone, but i don't have any active characters What should happen? : I should be able to click and choose the cards/legacy for the character creation What actually happens? saying "used by someone" and cannot use the cards Can you replicate it ? : no (if you can) How can you replicate it? : Other information : this is my third ancestral line, happened in 12/6/2018, multiple restarts doesn't work. waiting for hours before logging in again doesn't work, changing servers doesnt work Screenshots :
  20. I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end or the game it self but every time I log in I end up getting the message. "I'm having issues logging in to any server. I'm getting "survived by failed to connect to us.backend.surviedby.com port 443 timed out" Can anyone help me with this and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong? - Caed
  21. In the "buy legacies" window it shows the cost for "Elite Ancestral Legacy" to be 1400 valr, but it is actually 14000. What type of bug is it? : UI (probably wrong max-length for text field) What should happen? : Text should show 14000 What actually happens? : Text shows 1400 Screenshots :
  22. CrysisEvr

    Mirage Hunter Boss Buged

    Entered the Burning sands dungeons several times and the boss glitches out, staying in the same spot while being protected for ever, he cannot take damage and well, wastes a key for the dungeon...
  23. savvasl

    Fonts not displaying, bug?!?

    I just received a key to your pre-release game by a friend to check the game and for some reasons the fonts are not displaying. It propably is an opengl issue but I'm not that sure cause I rarely counter it. I'm using an Intel onboard graphics card with 256 mb/opengl 1.4/directx 10. Ofcourse I've intalled the graphic libraries from directx 9.0c to be sure that this is not the problem. This game looks very promising and I would really like to play it but as soon as I have this problem, it seems i wont be able. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1561320878
  24. Shinku

    Socketing Timer bug

    So this happened. I went to socket an item and got this all three times... 300m for a 30s socket. Rut-roh! (Took the screenshot AFTER the first socketing was done but I assure you, it was before i put it in too and on two other pieces of gear!)
  25. Santiago0902

    Where are the Monsters?

    The hole map is clear. There is no mosnters at all. its super rare to see one