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  1. -=-Alpha Squad-=- Join the Squad ^click to join^ Okay so, the NDA is lifted. But as requested by the discord community the chat is staying closed. Please follow the steps below to join. ( Once you join please wait for me to verify you. Details on how to get verified are below. ) Update: We have over 160+ verified users! If you're looking for people to play the game with, this is the place! -=-Why Join?-=- We have cookies! But more importantly, this will be a gathering for all of the alpha players to hang out. There are private chats for people who want to do duos, trios or quads. Help chats for anyone new to the game. Get live support from players who have experience and are willing to help. We also have Katherine in here. They listen to our feedback and help us out if we have questions. For bots, we currently have Tatsumaki and Dyno. Though Dyno is just for letting us know who joins. -=-Get Verified-=- Of course, the NDA is lifted but people still want this to remain closed. To get in follow the steps below. When you first get in you will only see three chats, #rules, #get-access and #waiting-room To get accepted leave a reply to this topic and put down your discord name & four digit tag number. I will go to the forum post every other day ( Myself. I have mods as well ) or so and give the rank to people who request it. If you do not have Alpha Tester under your forum name. You will not get the rank. Example Discord: Png#2825 If you have any questions don't hesitate to pm me in either discord, in the game or on the forums. 2017-12-14: There really isn't any reason to put down your ign since your name isn't always your account name... So for now just put down your discord name and tag. "Let's make this an awesome community that lasts even after the full release See you there!" - Ogmur
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