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  1. I've already made my complaint on the hotfix mentioning the rollback, but I still can't help but feel rather ripped off since I logged in diligently every single day since the day I found out about SurvivedBy... only for the last reward I was actually interested in to be taken away mere days away from obtaining it. I'm referring to the wings, which I'm assuming are called the Guardian wings. I had the exact amount of days in the month to get them left as there were spaces to get it, but in rolling the progress back a day... you made it that everyone had missed a day on it and at least, particularly for me, made it impossible for me to get the wings without outright asking a dev or something for them now. I personally only fully focus on daily rewards if there's a cosmetic I'm even semi-interested in or if there's some kind of worthwhile reward inside it, and since daily rewards currently only issue stuff you can quite easily get in-game with a little effort... I'm of course going for the cosmetics. I can't be the only one in this position, where the wings were literally taken away from you due to this hotfix... either way, I re-collected yesterdays reward and decided to screenshot it to show that I have two days left (Aussie times), and three spaces to get the cosmetic wings.
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