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Found 4 results

  1. I have a gamepad, in the menu there is an option for gamepad usage, but I can't play with my gamepad, it looks like it doesn't detect its there or something. Any help?, pls
  2. Anyone have a good button layout for a 360 controller? I can't seem to understand how the joysticks work, the right one seems to fire in whatever direction I push it, but if I set an Attack button, he just fires at the mouse cursor (which I can't disable) Is there a way to disable the mouse and use the right stick to aim, while using a trigger or other binding to fire? Thanks!
  3. I played this game a few times with mouse and keyboard and a few times with a gamepad(PS4). I really love the aiming and shooting control the mouse provides, but dodging the bullet barrage is much easier with gamepad stick. The movement is smoother and more natural with the game stick than using WASD. But the shooting control on the gamepad is 8-directional, not 360 like with the mouse. The gamepad is also not fully implemented (I need the mouse to use the shops, accept quests, etc), are there plans to fully implement a gamepad for the game? Games like RIVE have full 360 shooting with a gamepad, I think adding this will make the game more enjoyable for people that prefer to use a gamepad. Do you prefer gamepad or mouse and keyboard?
  4. Is anyone else trying to use a controller. im currently using a Logitech F310. i havent gotten past tutorials yet because i cant even scroll through my inventory.
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