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Found 25 results

  1. If I have imprints in my inventory, how do I put them on the gear that they should go on? What is a Wayfare's(?) Stone for? i just upgraded to T4 and it says it gave me something(showed a picture of it), "it is either in your inventory or vault",but I can't find it anywhere in either one when you complete a challenge you get 2-? things, I put the ? because I don't know if it goes higher than 4. I know that the multi-color T is for upgrading after you die, but I don't know what the shield things is, I do see the symbol and a number next to it when reviving, I know what the artifact recovery is, what is the green egg/rock/gem looking thing? Great game, by the way. I'm into he retro thing, since I grew up in it, and this game has a really good feel to it. It's a little confusing, see questions above, but it might also be me and my comprehension skills, it's probably something simple that I am just overlooking. Game on Brothers and Sisters Valyant out...
  2. While crafting 300+ of each raw material... I was thinking, Why not add a "Craft All" button that would craft the max amount of materials your crafting station would allow instead of just mass clicking to the max you can do.
  3. Since now cost of every items crafted has increased 5 times, we should need some space to hold it. 99 items stacks are not enough, maybe just slightly boost it 10 times (+9) to make it 999 for basic materials?
  4. For two hours now I've been looking for things to improve instead of actually playing and not paying attention to the decor and other stuff. Some aren't a major problem but still are something so I put them in here too. I might continue to update this list the more I find things and cross the fixed ones when needed. 1. Crafting : -"Claim Item" when claiming multiple items instead of "Claim Items" -Jet Visage(T3) needs Enriched Metal(T5) to be crafted 2. Graphism : -Sometimes characters get stuck in their walking animation when standing still. -The shelter at the north of "Sagila Survivor" has some weird proportions compared to other things around it. -You can't walk next to the Vault because of it's shadow. -Some things are too "Squary", I know it's a game with tiles, but some elements of decor could be made even prettier by modifiying the arrangement. Example : The grass surrounding a well in the Borderlands ; Up north-west of the tower in the town where the "Goat" is kept. -When at some parts of the borders of the areas you can see a bit of the other area, which in my eyes breaks the whole "The world is divided" thing, since you can see things besides the area you are in. -In the Borderlands, in a destroyed camp there is a broken fence at the right side which looks like you could go over it since there is the same thing just at the north of the camp and you can go over it. 3. Other : -When on the borders of some areas, mobs from Higher/Lesser areas can attack you. -Before logging players out for AFK, you should open a popup with a 15-30 seconds timer asking to click a button to cancel AFK. -Showing the name of the items in the daily rewards when hovering the mouse over it. -Instead of "Exit" putting "Close" or "Back" in the Daily Rewards tab would be less confusing.
  5. Hello everyone, I was really excited when I first got my private access key for this game, great experience, a kind of game I was waiting for. But at the time, the major draw back was the crafting times, gosh they are long for nothing, but I thought that they may get rid of it after. Today I came accross the trailer for early access and started playing again with joy. Oh, but my deception was there when I saw that crafting is still the same it used to be and I wanted to raise some points here: - Why not making materials crafting instantaneous? - Why not enabling crafting stack? We have to select a material to craft, claim, reopen the crafting window in order to craft the same thing an other time, it's absurd and anti-ergonomic. - Why the crafting times? For the last point, I can get it, you use electron, electron is a paid money, blah blah blah, but think of it like this : What is the best between disgusting the players of all the crafting aspect and furthermore, digust the player of the game itself because this is supposed to be one of the main mechanics of the game, and removing or at least, please I beg you, reducing those crafting times and make people even more appreciate the game? It's really an experience ruiner. Or make electron a money gatherable in high level game, I don't know... Except this, I really enjoy playing this game, and seeing it evolving brings me joy, this is really the only thing currently ruinning my experience as a player. I'm not here to make a rant or anything, I really just want to understand why this choice... P.S: Sorry if my english is bad, i'm not a native english speaker :)
  6. Greetings all! I went to craft a Claymore (T5 sentinel sword) and noticed that the components had 2 separate instances of 1 timber, instead of a mercurial catalyst (like it says on the wiki). I didn't realize this was problematic until after I had begun the crafting process and noticed that it took all the materials and 200 silver but the process didn't show any progress bar, and I was able to craft something else instead, even though I had spent the materials and silver already to start the build.
  7. Hi people I saw this when adding affixes for first time and I don't know his meaning;; Is a chance to get that affix added? That means it's better to keep adding affixes of the same type until reach 100%? Someone with this knowledge please help >_<
  8. It`s pretty annoying to build every single item manually. If I need 25 metal, I need to put 25 times by hand each craft and wait 20seconds for each one. It would be awesome to have an item queue to build then all at once in 25*20 seconds, as long as the necessary material can be found inside the vault. In this meanwhile, the player could spend his time in other tasks rather than in front of crafting. It can be worth since me and other players could spend some money to get that feature. It's profitable to the game developers if they decide to monetize it.
  9. Ez fix to crafting for every extra material you want to make eg: 2 metal just add the total time plus 10% time Discuss
  10. Ok so my first idea is helping with crafting. No one likes the single item crafting into higher tiers. So: 1. Bosses need to drop higher tiered mats. They should drop mats based on the tier of the dungeon itself -1 To -3.(t5 boss drops t4-t2 mats) with -3 being common -2 uncommon and-1 rare. This will help cut out a lot of microcrafting that everyone's complaining about. 2. Using silver to be able to craft more than one item at a time on a single craft station. Super simple idea would be a great addition. 3. Crafting dungeon keys. Since the key seller is too pricey, let's remove the middle man. Questing mini Bosses for keys feels about 15% drop rate. It's not bad at all but why leave it to chance? Crating a key thing should be at -1 or -2 from the craft teir your using. T5 gives u t3 or t4 key. This means u gotta unlock higher stations for higher keys and make people want to craft. ===== Adding required levels to gear and more levels I know its not a wanted mechanic but is a great mechanic to force ppl into dungeons and clearing(for xp). Now with dungeons being ez and crafting/gear being easily available we should make it so u need a certain level foe certain tiered gear. This will stop easy early leveling of characters making rebuilding harder and dying less worth it. I've lost about 6 or 7 characters and every time I'm even further ahead and it seems too ez to rebuild. ***Increase the level cap to 50, but don't gain any stats after 25*** I haven't done anything past t8 dungeon so this is my current suggestion: Gear Lvl T1. Lvl1 on T2. Lvl3. I doesn't take but 5 minutes to get. to lvl3 T3. Lvl5 good average for this whole list. Not. to op for the level and can't rush. into t4 because of your currency level T4. Lvl12 but ur not rushing into t4 until. about lvl.16 honestly T5. lvl 15 good luck for the area T6. Lvl20 farming t5 enough should already have u lvl 25 T7 lvl25 idk just cuz T8. Lvl35 back to grinding levels a bit for this T9+ lvl 50 then its a free game for your char. All of these would help well round the game and I think make it enjoyable and rewarding for leveling your char and give something to do with all that extra so we get after lvl25 Tldr: none read it lol it took me longer to write this on my phone. Any conversation on my ideas would make me happy good luck and have fun in game
  11. I can't craft anything because of this crafting bug and also a t9 ring I leveled to 8 before the update that this all broke after has glitchy textures and seems to replicate other items, ish. Not shown in this video but sometimes it will take form of an item called "Ice Axe of the North": These all broke after that hotfix on sunday night (PST) made to fix electrum purchasing a few weeks ago. I also haven't seen anyone with any of these bugs besides me.
  12. when claiming item give a choice of the button that claims and starts crafting same item as before. i hope you understand what i think
  13. I'm hoping to god this is a bug. because 12 hours to make 1 hard key seems a bit over the top.
  14. Says the required time to fuse charms from t3 -> t4 (Not sure if it changes for higher) is 2 hours yet only took me about 5 mins to actually craft
  15. I've rerolled the suffixes on weapons about 1000 times now and I have never rolled into greater swiftness on a weapon. I don't know if this is the case for armors though. However I am pretty sure that it's just not possible on weapons
  16. Implement in the crafting system a voucher that can be purchased with bloodstone, and whitch enables crafting materials in certain quantity at a single time. Example: The voucher costs 5 bloodstones to craft 5 materials of the same type. The time used for craft will be the same as that of crating 5 in the conventional way.
  17. What type of bug is it? : Non disruptive, but annoying. Requires to go fetch enough money in the vault before crafting. What should happen? : Free crafts should launch no matter the amount of silver the player carry. What actually happens? : If the player carry less than a certain amount of silver (It was exactly 170 silver when I tested it), the "You can't afford this." error message appears and prevents you from crafting a free recipe. Can you replicate it ? : Yes (if you can) How can you replicate it? : Just try to craft something that is supposed to be free with less than the required amount of silver (170 for me right now). Other information : The silvers are not actually consumed by the craft. Screenshots :
  18. I am aware that there is a larger UI glitch thread that was started recently. However, this post is really large (many screenshots) so I didn't want to clutter that large thread with this post. On to the bug. I'm encountering a bug with the Craftsman menu UI. When I try to dismantle something, the menu initially looks like this (Open Craftsman UI -> Select Dismantle): Upon selecting an item for the first time on login, I get this: However, after the first time, I get this: Case 1: Hitting Escape once or closing the windows manually will get you back to the main Craftsman menu using Escape or no menus manually, but you will still have the black overlay that accompanies most menus in the game, with either the main Craftsman menu or no menus. This case can be removed by walking away from the Craftsman. Case 2: This case comes with two variants, called 2a. and 2b. from now on. Both cases are triggered by opening the Dismantle menu, selecting an item, then hitting Escape to close windows at least twice. The black overlay will then be "permanently" stuck. This form cannot be removed by walking away from the Craftsman, nor is it removed by using a Waystone. It is not removed by opening or entering a dungeon. I can interact with the chat box using the hotkey to open/close it then click on it to type, as well as other menus with hotkeys, like the Character menu. Opening any menu, excepting the Escape key menu, does work for removing it. I cannot shoot or use my special ability, but I can use potions. Specifics for each variant below: Case 2a.: I get stuck with only the confirmation of Dismantle menu up. This only occurs on the first attempt to Dismantle after a login. Following the usual Dismantle steps, I end up at what I think it supposed to be the normal Dismantle screen post update. After arriving at this menu, the same rules about hitting Escape twice apply (see above), and I end up stuck with the Dismantle confirmation up. I can then confirm the craft from anywhere I'd like to as long as the Dismantle confirmation is still up and I have the resources. It will deduct silver and necessary items and being the craft. See before and after screenshots of me confirming at the Abandoned Storage Cave. Upon return, the Craftsman was working on the Dismantle. Case 2b.: I believe this to be a variant of Case 2a. where the Dismantle confirmation is simply missing visually. By clicking around the area where the confirmation button should be, I can confirm a Dismantle and start it from anywhere I wish to do so. Silver is deducted and the craft begins. This occurs after Case 2a. has occured once, then occurs every time you try to Dismantle something until you log out. This doesn't occur on other menus, including any Vendor menu, the Vault, Auction Houses, the Daily Challenge Board, or the Bloodstone Exchange. Interestingly, it only seems to occur on one of my characters, being my Geomancer. It occurs even if I restart the game completely then log in, log in with a different character first and interact with the Craftsman, go back to the main menu and relog, or anything like that.
  19. I have a Tier 9 pentaspread pick of the antecedent of expertise, levelled to level 8, but the game does not recognize it as a valid crafting material for crafting a tier 10 pickaxe. It says 'you don't have all the ingredients', whether I have it equipped or unequipped.
  20. Varterg


    I unlocked tier 5 with craftsman yesterday, when i login today to game, i dont have that tier, same problem with crafting weapons/accesories, when i click "craft" game takes all items need to craft and i don't have that. Do something with this please !
  21. What type of bug is it?: The Winter Mantle item requires 2 deep rime catalyst to craft, unlike the other armor equipment which require only one. Additionally, when crafted the Winter Mantle only consumes one of the two catalysts that were required. Can you replicate it?: I was able to replicate it. (if you can) How can you replicate it?: It can be replicated by the following steps: Obtain 3 cloth, 6 hide, 2 deep rime catalyst, and 60 silver Talk to the Craftsmen NPC Navigate to TIER 4 > Armor > Winter Mantle Click CRAFT Other information: Screenshots:
  22. Hey there! After an endless grind of the Burning Sand dungeon to gather materials for obsidian I wanted to suggest a little quality of life improvement. It isn't really fun to be overleveled and do low level dungeons only because it is faster to get certain materials in some of them than on the outside world. Crafting is a big part of this game sso I had some thoughts on it. It would be a good idea to -Either increase the materials found on the world map in general -Or implement a new mechanic which allows players to dismantle old items (not crafted but dropped from dungeon bosses for example) back into a few of the crafting components needed to craft this item. It could also cost a small amount of silver or a higher amount depending on the gear piece which is getting destroyed. I think it would be neat if you have some more sources you can get materials from! Just a suggestion tho! Cheers
  23. Hi i wanted to craft some tiems for archer but couldnt do it becouse of wood Does anyone know where can i get it? From trees i get only timber
  24. Collected my blood stones and tomes for upgrading to crafting T2 on the craft bench and the UI let me know I had all the materials but when I clicked on the upgrade button it failed to work. Once I removed the materials from my vault and had them in my inventory it upgraded fine. Not sure if this is reproduce able. Anyone else noticed this?
  25. I had to farm a Level 2 book on a low level character since I outleveled it on my first, I mabage to get the drop, go and unlock the Heartland crafting stuff, and when I switched characters later it re-locked itself for both characters. YMMV but it's something to watch out for.
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