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Found 3 results

  1. shidukii

    Craftsman Bug

    Hello, I managed to farm some logs to craft wood. The timer is already finished but the Wood won't show up and I can't claim it. It says "Crafting is in Progress". Please help, I can't dismantle or craft items. Thanks
  2. Made this quality doodle with a dying pen that didn't wanna write at all on some parts of the paper and some quality oily printer paper, enjoy ? My craftsman is currently broken and I literally can't craft anything so I just presumed he was on strike/angry because the devs haven't given the blacksmiths forges yet
  3. Hello, While I'm enjoying this awesome game, fantastic pixelart I missed since many years, it's nice to have this quality of MMO back (I know it's alpha, looking forward to the release :D) But, reading the forums and the reddit, I have come to the conclusion the Craftsman would need some improvement, while I know there are other anvils to purchase more crafting capability, I see no problem in raising the craftsman queue from 1 item to 3, not too many, not too little. This way there would be 3 slots to craft anything, with their corresponding timers (not shared). The reason behind my suggestion is, there are alot of things to do in the game, and one of them is getting better gear, if not from dungeons, then from this NPC, but the need to wait more than 10 minutes (with t3 relics) for a weapon or 4+ minutes for a single material needed for that weapon is a bit.. boring? I don't know which word may apply here, but definitely not exciting to wait for a single material to craft, needing 2 more of the same to start the weapon craft wait. I hope this can be supported, or discussed.