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Found 10 results

  1. I was doing tier 9 dungeons with friends and my game crashed while I was moving. My game crashed and auto walked into the tar and I then died. I was hoping to get a revival of my character if possible by one of the devs
  2. No die, no iten lost, just this background and missing textures. Firts time it happened with me
  3. So this post has had multiple versions but no response from devs mostly just alpha testers but basically to dumb down the issue I completed the tutorial without any issue I created my character and the game spends about half a second trying to load before crashing I even made a quick video showing this issue and everything I tried to fix it but to no avail hopefully this post will attract the attention of a developer
  4. Observed results: The title crashes upon character selection after ending the tutorial Expected results: The title doesn't crash upon creating and starting a new character after tutorial Repro steps: 1. Boot the title on Beta Build 3820 2. Complete the tutorial and let yourself be killed by enemies 3. Create a new character (In the same House as the starting character in tutorials) 4. Start the new game and observe the loading screen freeze 5. Click inside the game and observe the "Don't send" error from Windows followed by the termination of the title. I don't know if this issue is caused by the firewall at my office desk, I will investigate more using my home PC and come back with the results. Edit: Even if it's because of the firewall, this issue has to be resolved with high priority, because end to end users may have restricted internet access (assuming that they don't know that) blocking them to play
  5. So, my Alchemist character (Danny Iscariot I) died at 10:20 PM (EST) at level 20. I had earned just short of 2,000 Valr and chose to keep my T8 chestpiece upon death. However, the server disconnected while I was in the menu, and interrupted me while on the Legacies page. When I attempted to load back in, thinking it'd pick right back up where I was before, it was reading I died at level 1, instead of 20. And, I lost all of my Valr points because it considered it the death of a new character or something? Something happened on the server's end to screw up the information that was needed upon my death. So, I've lost all of that content due to the server crashing/timing out. Now, it's reading as though I have no character at all, and is asking me to start a new one. Is there a way to go back and start that death menu from the start, from where I first died so I can get all of the Valr and Legacies back? Is there any chance I could be compensated for this, seeing as it was an issue with the servers?
  6. Guys, are you all having suck a terrible experience with the game because of connection issues? Game designers, when are we finally playing the game with no stress because of stupid deaths caused by lag, or loosing items because the connection timed out and when we reenter the game, you're like 5 to 10 minutes back, losing a lot of progress?
  7. not responding after pressing "Play" button what I tried? - disable antivirus & firewall - change the resolution - change servers - running with dx9 or dx 11 (launch options) - fullscreen
  8. When I choose a character and go into the game, it flies to the desktop
  9. What type of bug is it? : Crash What should happen? : Player appeared in the server. What actually happens? : Loading hang out and crush Can you replicate it ? : It is happening everytime.
  10. I apologize if I've missed it anywhere but I just got into this today and don't actually see anywhere to report bugs.
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