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Found 1 result

  1. The above title might be the nerdiest thing I have ever typed... I apologize. I wanted to discuss some issues with the Verdant Ooze in T7. @Twilight053 had two good posts highlighting the mob, but I wanted to start a new thread since those were a bit old. Verdant Ooze is an often mentioned mob as being overtuned. Upon close inspection, he is actually unique in many regards, and I think quite a few are likely unintended. He is a great case study in several issues with mob mechanics. Below is gif which highlights many of the issues (The site wont let me post the gif directly, so the quality may end up being poor. If anyone knows a better hosting site, please let me know!): 1. When you step on the trail of goo laid by the ooze (puddles), it does not dissipate on impact. You can step on it multiple times, or worse stand on it, and take damage several times. I believe this behavior is different than the "ice puddles" from Anima? in T4 and the "splatter" from the orange ball creatures in T5. 2. When the mob is killed, the name plate remains in the death position of the original mob for the duration of 3 death explosion ooze. A bit distracting, but if you look closely, this nameplate also changes to "GREATER Verdant Ooze". This could be the culprit for 3. 3. The three puddles dropped by the mob on death do not disappear on contact and allow several damage events per impact, like the previous puddles. However, they do SIGNIFICANTLY more damage than anything else in the zone. My hypothesis is the death "Greater Verdant Ooze" is actually the wrong mob and should be using a normal "Verdant Ooze". 4. These puddles can easily blend in with the background. They should either have some highlighting or a color change (or both). Not shown, they can also be completely hidden if they land in the foreground "canopy" areas in T7. 5. All of these puddle effects do DOT damage. Dot damage is the Verdant Ooze true tool of death. There should probably be a separate thread about dot damage AND endurance in general, but I'll highlight Dot damage here. The interaction with any dot damage and endurance is a bit wonky. The current calculation of DOT damage takes each individual tick and compares it against the players endurance damage reduction. If the players is above that threshold, they will take no damage OR 1 damage each tick for the duration (That seems to be another issue, some poison animation from the same source seem to be completely nullified like a ground effect, while others are reduced to 1 damage). Even not taking damage, this is still a somewhat effective mechanic as it stops any regeneration from taking place. The devastation happens if a player doesn't meet that threshold. If they don't meet the cutoff, they will take the damage they were under that threshold by EVERY tick. This is brutally punishing. It amplifies that damage taken by whatever the duration of the poison is. I ended up losing this character testing the poison mechanic (And no one was around to pay respects ). I tested the poison damage of the snakes in T8. With my three endurance pieces on, I took no additional dot damage. When I removed it, I took an approximate 200? damage initial hit, THEN, an additional 93 each tick until I died. Because I was 93 under the endurance threshold, I took 93 additional damage EACH time. Lets pretend that it was 5 ticks. That's 465 unavoidable damage on top of the 200 damage of the initial hit for a total of 665 damage, when all other damage sources in the area will be in line with 200 (The initial damage is pretty important for comparison, but I can't remember it. It was not in the 400's). The penalty for being below a certain amount of endurance in particular areas of the game is insanely harsh. I believe a possible solution would be the poison damage is be compared against the endurance ONCE, then that damage remaining should be divided by duration and that is what the tick value should be. However, there are many other shortcomings with the static endurance damage reduction that I will likely highlight in other posts.
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