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Found 6 results

  1. I have a gamepad, in the menu there is an option for gamepad usage, but I can't play with my gamepad, it looks like it doesn't detect its there or something. Any help?, pls
  2. For two hours now I've been looking for things to improve instead of actually playing and not paying attention to the decor and other stuff. Some aren't a major problem but still are something so I put them in here too. I might continue to update this list the more I find things and cross the fixed ones when needed. 1. Crafting : -"Claim Item" when claiming multiple items instead of "Claim Items" -Jet Visage(T3) needs Enriched Metal(T5) to be crafted 2. Graphism : -Sometimes characters get stuck in their walking animation when standing still. -The shelter at the north of "Sagila Survivor" has some weird proportions compared to other things around it. -You can't walk next to the Vault because of it's shadow. -Some things are too "Squary", I know it's a game with tiles, but some elements of decor could be made even prettier by modifiying the arrangement. Example : The grass surrounding a well in the Borderlands ; Up north-west of the tower in the town where the "Goat" is kept. -When at some parts of the borders of the areas you can see a bit of the other area, which in my eyes breaks the whole "The world is divided" thing, since you can see things besides the area you are in. -In the Borderlands, in a destroyed camp there is a broken fence at the right side which looks like you could go over it since there is the same thing just at the north of the camp and you can go over it. 3. Other : -When on the borders of some areas, mobs from Higher/Lesser areas can attack you. -Before logging players out for AFK, you should open a popup with a 15-30 seconds timer asking to click a button to cancel AFK. -Showing the name of the items in the daily rewards when hovering the mouse over it. -Instead of "Exit" putting "Close" or "Back" in the Daily Rewards tab would be less confusing.
  3. Hey guys, just received a beta key yesterday, haven't stopped playing the game it is really fun. One issue I'm having is the constant running back to town to drop off and pickup another quest. Is there anyway ya'll can implement a way to grab more than 1 quest at a time? Atm, it costs way too much time and silver to have keep running back and forth for a newer player. especially if your Hearth is on CD.
  4. Had a friend record using obs , which was recording my screenshare through discord. Sorry for bad quality but obs just doesn't want to work for me :/. Thanks @Lyght1337 . Not sure exactly how this works but im sure the developers can figure it out :)! 2018-05-1200-36-17.mp4
  5. Hey there! After an endless grind of the Burning Sand dungeon to gather materials for obsidian I wanted to suggest a little quality of life improvement. It isn't really fun to be overleveled and do low level dungeons only because it is faster to get certain materials in some of them than on the outside world. Crafting is a big part of this game sso I had some thoughts on it. It would be a good idea to -Either increase the materials found on the world map in general -Or implement a new mechanic which allows players to dismantle old items (not crafted but dropped from dungeon bosses for example) back into a few of the crafting components needed to craft this item. It could also cost a small amount of silver or a higher amount depending on the gear piece which is getting destroyed. I think it would be neat if you have some more sources you can get materials from! Just a suggestion tho! Cheers
  6. This seems unusual for them to have a skull. They deal 10 damage to me each and give only 1xp. I am also level 10.
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