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Found 6 results

  1. Darkolas

    Unequiped gear on login

    Just making this post to make it more known, but when I logged into my account, my gear was unequipped.
  2. Apperently it is possible for thorns gear to drop from bosses. I don't like this idea, especially since I bought four thorns pieces for leveling characters. It is supposed to be a good electrum sink, why have it as a drop from bosses? It will be particularly annoying if I ever drop a thorns piece myself, knowing I spent 750 electrum on it before. Even if the drop rate is extremely low, I can't support this decision, and you should put other items in the loot table, if you want people to have a super rare chance of getting something cool from a boss.
  3. Should add a way to enchant gear that has no prefix nor sufix, just crafted a t10 and it ended up with 0 echants (altho it said it had enchantments at the preview), and that's very trollish imo.
  4. I noticed that druid had a different attribute order on there weapons which is kinda of a an annoyance and sometimes confusing, it would be nice if it could be like the
  5. It would be really nice if when putting an imprint into a crafting recipe (like in the image below) it would tell how the imprint would effect the attributes.
  6. So I noticed that all t4 weapon gear that have frozen in the name have a number underneath them. I initially thought that meant the number of shots that came out from a left mouse button click, but once I raised the bloodstone to buy it I was not right. I did notice that when I am fighting enemies that the number changes from 2 to 3. But its stats don't seem to go up because of this. Does anyone have any ideas?