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Found 25 results

  1. LoriLaeger


    Problem with NPC upload.When you log on to the server!only NPC in the zone of visibility of the screen if you run out of them they would disappear.I do not know how to fix this bug.It began to happen from the moment I flew out of the game, during the passage of the dungeon.
  2. If I have imprints in my inventory, how do I put them on the gear that they should go on? What is a Wayfare's(?) Stone for? i just upgraded to T4 and it says it gave me something(showed a picture of it), "it is either in your inventory or vault",but I can't find it anywhere in either one when you complete a challenge you get 2-? things, I put the ? because I don't know if it goes higher than 4. I know that the multi-color T is for upgrading after you die, but I don't know what the shield things is, I do see the symbol and a number next to it when reviving, I know what the artifact recovery is, what is the green egg/rock/gem looking thing? Great game, by the way. I'm into he retro thing, since I grew up in it, and this game has a really good feel to it. It's a little confusing, see questions above, but it might also be me and my comprehension skills, it's probably something simple that I am just overlooking. Game on Brothers and Sisters Valyant out...
  3. It seems to me that added mounts that would give us bonuses to speed or could somehow help in the fight, what do you think about it?
  4. i don't know if it is my crap pc, but when i try to play the game, the floor and map are completely black , and only the characters and some things are showing up, the strange thing here is that the tutorial area is OK.. any idea what is happening? in-game : Tutorial area : my pc specs: Os : windows 10 pro 32 bits Processor : intel celeron dual core 1.50Ghz graphics card : integrated intel HD family (yeah its a notebook) RAM: 2GB it is a really old pc but it can easily run the game and other games that requires more power,so what is my problem?
  5. Hello everyone and happy holidays, call me minutoz and "I am" creator of sprite's. I would like them to leave a .rar or a list of sprites that are in the game or at least of the characters, so that we can facilitate the theme of creating them with movements and everything, with a program called aseprite, is very easy, having a gif, the program opens it as if they were different images and allows you to edit them freely, it seems to me that this would be a good idea that for those who know about the subject or those who are very good artists of pixel art, and they are given the subject of the movement of things. I do not know, it would seem a good idea to me, or create sprite's that have a basic figure, that show the walking and the attack, in order to have a base from which to start and that does not find so many mistakes in the creation. Thank you very much for reading and good luck on the battlefield.
  6. Si tenes alguna duda, o simplemente queres hablar con otras personas de tu mismo idioma o lo que sea, este es tu topic
  7. Alright so the game looked fun, picked it up and so far I am regretting my time wasted on this game. I have experienced server drop 4 times now, and with each of those times I go to play and my character level has been wiped. granted I have only hit level 5, 4 times now. The server dropped on me for the 5th time and I just don’t understand what in the hay is going on here. do I need to talk to an npc and save my game or what? It’s getting me pretty bummed out....
  8. hola juego desde la versión beta y ahora que el juego ya es público, creé mi cuenta con mi correo con el que ya estaba registrado en la versión beta, mi nombre anterior era cubito y ahora mi nombre es Box Cha0s, pero el problema es que nadie Puedes leer lo que escribo y es muy extraño porque si puedes ver mi personaje hello I play from the beta version and now that the game is already public, I created my account with my mail with which I was already registered in the beta, my previous name was cubito and now my name is Box Cha0s, but the problem is that nobody . You can read what I write and it's very strange because if you can see my character I need your help because I can not play with comfort. Im from mexico and i use translate google sorry :(
  9. So yeaaaah, I was playing spawning nest in hard mode when I just get oneshotted while at full hp. The bullet dealt around 200HP but I had 680 Max HP.. "so maybe," I thought to myself, "if I rejoin the game I might still be alive?".. so I do so, and to my expectations I was dead. "Death by Glitch" I suppose. I was mashing buttons on my keyboard and I hit "r" and tried to recall. And to my surprise, I was alive? Maybe you guys can take a look and refund my inv?
  10. I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end or the game it self but every time I log in I end up getting the message. "I'm having issues logging in to any server. I'm getting "survived by failed to connect to us.backend.surviedby.com port 443 timed out" Can anyone help me with this and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong? - Caed
  11. please someone give me a key, I could not get
  12. Hello, what is The Well in the middle tree? I was there once but i died there and don't know too much. What i have to do there, how much fight, what i can get there?
  13. I wanted to the the tier 2 dungeon in hard mode how do i manage to do it?
  14. So I've signed up back in January, I have been looking at all available disclosed facts & features about the game (game trailers and such), and I am very interested in it and hope to get my key soon, but I wanted to know a couple things. When would it be available to the public, along with Steam? How often are keys being handed out? Are there any opportunities that increase the chance you can receive a key faster? If you become a BETA Tester are you required to report issues and/or bugs about the game, or can you just play at your leisure? Any details about micro-transactions in the game? I understand that some of these questions may be confidential, if so refrain from answering. kthnx Thank you for giving your time to read my post, appreciate your help. :))))
  15. My mailbox doesn't work anymore. I get the message of "you received mail" but the inbox remains empty. I can't get anything I buy on the action house nor the money for the stuff I sell there.... [Edit] I think the messages are there, but I just can't see them. I say this because after receiving another message, the inbox now display "1/2", which would mean I have at least 1 full "page" of unread mail....
  16. This is completely stupid i have been waiting ever since i signed up in December and still i have nothing! i demand a explanation as i see this game and want to play it even more every day. If you say you "Prioritize" the players who have been waiting for a key for a long time why not have me as one for someone waiting for 5 months! im getting tired of waiting. Im patient with alot of things i can wait 2-3 months but i dont like it when something takes so long its 5 whole months just waiting for a key. There needs to be change to this and i want it starting with me and the others from December who have been waiting for so long and dont have anything
  17. I'm not really sure if this a problem or you just haven't sent me a key, but this is very annoying. I asked for the key in March 17th and still none. Please help or explain why, and can i ask how many keys are you sending every Wednesday and what is the estimated time for getting one? Thanks for attention. ~Iced
  18. I registered one account (this one) but I have problems with access to the mail, and I did not find how to change it, I had to register a new one, but I'm afraid that I do not receive the key to alpha testing from this, I'm waiting already 3 months, can I somehow delete this account ?. My second account to which I have normal access is "ProStoPro."
  19. Hello why i dont have background on play . It's on purpose
  20. Hello! I've just received an email from the survived by team. At First I thought it would be a Key (FeelsBadMan xD). However, they did send stuff like what's new to the game (obviously Im not gonna talk about it). However, the link in the announcement send me to a forum post I can't see maybe because it's on the alpha section for the Forum? I've never gotten any E-mail so far so this kinda suprised me a bit? Does someone know if perhaps something went wrong? Or was it really just advertisment and I should keep waiting? Just wanted to know ^^
  21. Hi guys I have registered for playing the game on 11/11/2017 and i have been w8ing for the game key ever since I have gone through my gmail : All mail , spam , trash , inbox . did not seem to find any key please send me a key Thank you,
  22. The starter pack in the main menu, I click it, makes click noise and nothing happen. is it broken?
  23. I know I'm in the closed Alpha, because I still have "Tell us about playtest 3" emails and when I log in to this site, I see the alpha tester tag. The problem is when I was deleting emails in batches in my inbox, I may have deleted the email with the key and information about how to actually get into the game? Can an admin or mod verify my status as an alpha tester and send me the key and details to how to get in the game?
  24. Alright! Week 2 for testing is coming to a close so I thought I'd help out and report some things. As well as give my opinion. Poor grammar alert. Please forgive me! Table of Contents Gameplay Suggestions Bugs Conclusion ---=== Gameplay ===--- So first off the gameplay seemed very good, I loved how smooth it was and how responsive it is. Feels good to play. The one thing that made it difficult to play was the constant FPS drops. After about 2 hours of playing me and everyone in the Alpha Squad discord started getting constant FPS drops. We restarted our game and it worked for a bit. Then they started coming back. We noticed that it happened when we did dungeons that dropped a ton of loot, Burning Desert for example. We also noticed that loot would stack on top of each other. Not much of a game-breaking problem but may lag some users. ---=== Overworld ===--- The overworld aesthetic wise looks amazing! So do all of the enemies. Now how they act and how much damage some deal is over the top ridiculous. Spawning Nest area The first place you start off, Fairly decent at the very start until you start going deeper and deeper. The damage on some of the enemies is really bad. One of them does 150 and has a decent fire rate. That needs a nerf. Maybe dropping the damage by 45%. This is a lowland enemy, not a boss. The spiders that come out at night and in the Spawning Nest dungeon needs their hitboxes resized. It's extremely hard to hit them while playing with a class that doesn't have an AoE OR Autoaim. The butterflies ( the green things that have a flamethrower ) These I'd suggest doing a small nerf as well. Lower the damage a bit to make up for the rapid-fire flamethrowers they somehow carry. This applies to all enemies. It's super hard to level up by yourself or in a duo group. I suggest raising EXP for some enemies, not all. Raise the EXP for the Golems. Or raise the EXP on buffed goats etc. Small things that spawn all the time and hoard up shouldn't really get a buff in EXP. Things like Bats, Tiny spiders in the Spawning nest etc. This will make it easier for new and returning players to get back into the game next week. I feel right now it might be a bit hard for new players to level up past 5 because of the terrible EXP rates and constant high damage. Spawning Nest Dungeon As for the spawning nest dungeon. There are a few things I'd like to suggest for it Make the dungeon smaller Small boost to boss HP Make the map a little easier to see Make the dungeon smaller The dungeon is a bit too big. It took a 6 man group, each person about level 4 - 9, around 35 minutes ( If someone who was there can confirm please do. I can't remember the exact time ) to clear and find the boss. Small boost to the bosses HP I'd like to suggest a small boost to the bosses Health, and along with that something to spice up the fight and make it worth it. I don't know what the bosses health and defense is. For now, we will go like this... Health+ 40% Def+ 10% Once he reaches half health, he will go invulnerable and heal by 20% of his max health. He will then spawn 3 sand worms and 3 golems. Kill all of the enemies and he will become vulnerable again. He will then continue normally until dead. I suggest as well adding something to his loot tables to make it worth fighting. Loot Table Example ( Just a basic example. I don't expect it to be added ) T2 Weapon - 15% T2 Armor - 15% T2 Boots - 15% T2 Ring / Amulet - 10% T2 Crafting Book - 20% 250 Silver - 20% Bloodstone x5 - 5% Or maybe even add a special item that's decent and can only be obtained from the spawning nest. Make the map easier to see Some of the people in the A-S discord complained about not being able to see the map clearly. I suggest changing the main floor color so it's easier to see. That's about it for the Spawning Nest. I hope what I said above will help you, the devs. Make it better for everyone! Burning Sands area ---=== Overworld ===--- Same as the Spawning nest. I love how the place looks. I don't feel like anything is super OP to the point of where it needs a massive nerf. But I have a few things to talk about. Mainly the boss of the dungeon. Burning Sands Area Okay so, again I'd like to see you guys buff some of the EXP there. Currently, the amount of EXP isn't worth the risk. You would be better off just farming Spawning Nest quests and dungeons just to get higher level. The only thing worth doing right now in the Burning Sands area is the quests for the crafting book and higher tier items. For the damage in the burning sands area, I feel it's fine. As long as you don't be stupid and run in at level 2 with the basic gear you should be fine. Burning Sands Dungeon As for the dungeon, It's well worth it if you go in for crafting materials and EXP. The boss, however... Not so much... The boss I'm not a fan of. It has a 0.6-second vulnerability timer and can almost one shot ANY character over level 10 with semi-good gear. Dealing a whopping 280 damage per bullet. It also chases the player and blasts a tri-shot pattern of bullets toward the closest player. This thing is easily the most deadly enemy I've had to deal with. It scares the hell out of me! Okay so, first off I feel his damage should be lowered. 280 -> 120. Make his vulnerability period last longer. Make it last for a good 4 seconds. To make the battle have some difficulty still when he stands still and he's vulnerable make him shoot out a ring of bullets, a total of 8. Each doing 45 damage. This makes it so you can't just sit on him and you actually have to move around while he stands still. ( Just an idea. ) Going along with this I believe he also needs some loot. So he's actually worth doing. For the dungeon, something that should be noted is that enemies can spawn in the purple goo. Making it so we can't kill them easily or at all due to how far they are. Please try and make them not spawn there. The size of the dungeon seems fine for its difficulty. It didn't take hours to complete. The aesthetic was nice and I enjoyed the EXP I got. That's really it for this one. Frozen Haven I haven't got far here. Sorry. ---=== Overworld ===--- Same as the other dungeons. I love the aesthetic of it. The sprites are awesome as always. Okay so for enemies... The Ice girl thing? I don't know the name sorry. This thing spawns four bullets and they fly back towards her. Each bullet doing around 175 damage. Please please please please remove that. It's so overpowered and has killed so many. For one the bullets should still shoot out of the enemy, but make them boomerang back to sender location. For the damage lower it to 135 so we can't get two shot. The ice tornados should also have their damage lowered. If I'm correct they do around 200? I feel it should be lowered by at least 20%. I haven't had the chance to grind EXP there so I can't give any word on that. I also haven't completed the dungeon so I can't give word on that either. Sorry ---=== Suggestions ===--- A quick recap on some suggestions I posted above. And some new suggestions here. Boost the amount of EXP you get while farming the overworld. Lower damage of some enemies in the Spawning Nest ( Overworld ) Lower damage of some enemies in the Frozen Haven ( Overworld ) Change how lightning works. Make it so it flashes at the corner of your screen and not the entire thing. Can cause seizures. Change the main floor color in Spawning Nest ( Dungeon ) Lower the price of gold for the actual release. 40$+ for a starter pack is terrible. Remove the buying items back when you die. P2W Make it so you can't buy super good items with gold. P2W Make it so we can whisper from the friends' menu Make it so we can show a quest type pointer that shows where a friend is. Make it so if you close your game in a dungeon you respawn at the tower or outside of the dungeon. Right now you can leech using this method. Make a tab that allows you to view EVERYTHING in your inventory on one page. Fix grammatical errors ( Funny coming from me lol ) Nerf Geomancer That's really it for suggestions right now. ---=== Bugs ===--- Bugs! 1. You can go invulnerable in Spawning Nest ( Dungeon ) replicated on an infiltrator. I have video proof and posted it here: 2. Shows I'm not wearing armor but I am 3. The game crashed when I sold an axe. Not 100% sure if this cause the crash but I'm putting it here to be safe 4. Boss room was blocked off in Spawning Nest ( No Image ) 5. when you upgrade you consume some cards it doesn't remove them from the page and if you accidentally consume it again and then upgrade other cards the other cards don't get upgraded. 6. A ton of cards do not work. This is one of them ( Thanks Twecker ) 7. Hydra Glitches: no exit door, no loot, boss not fighting 8. Eye of the Desert Glitches: No loot 9. Can't buy starter pack 10. Music from dungeons don't stop playing and overlaps on overworld music 11. Items overlap 12. There is a card that gives infinite range when it shouldn't. Don't know the name ---=== Conclusion ===--- Week 2 was a ton of fun. I really enjoyed everything that this game currently has. The sprites, great controls, dungeons, difficulty etc. Of course, it could be better! But I still love it. I'm excited to see what comes out next week. Again, awesome work guys. See you then. ~ Ogmur Thanks to everone from the Alpha Squad discord who reported bugs and gave suggestions.
  25. What platform can I play Survived By on? Survived By is a PC (Windows) title only. ᅠ Now that Survived By is in Early Access, will we see content updates? Yes! Content will continue to be released on the same bi-weekly schedule we followed during our Beta. ᅠ What happened to my game progress from Alpha/Beta? All progress will be wiped - including the minimap. We anticipate that this will be our final reset. ᅠ I played in the Alpha/Beta - does anything special happen now that we’re in EA? All Alpha and Beta testers will receive the Survived By Starter Pack for free. As an added bonus, all players who made an Electrum purchase during Alpha/Beta will receive the Next of Kin Supporter Pack for free! ᅠ Do I have to spend money on Survived By? Nope! Survived By is free to play, and no purchase is required. If you wish, you now have the option to purchase Electrum using Steam Wallet. Electrum can also be earned for free through play and utilization of the Bloodstone economy. ᅠ Is there anywhere outside of the forums that I can talk about Survived By? Yes! We have an official Discord Server and subreddit. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The developers seem pretty cool! Where can I talk to them and ask them questions? The developers thank you! They are, in fact, pretty cool. Feel free to reach out to them on the forums. While they can’t always ensure an immediate response, they’ll do their best to help out. ᅠ I’d really like to stream your game or be a partner to Survived By! You’re awesome! Reach out to HH_Katherine on the forums and she'll set you up with what you need! I scrolled all the way to the bottom and didn’t see my question answered here... Ask and you shall receive! If you don’t see the answer to your question posted here, don’t hesitate to start a thread on the forums. We’re here to help. - Thank you, and good luck out there! -
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