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Found 15 results

  1. So basically, as the title says: Gravestone Quotes! I'd love it if we could edit what our gravestones say when someone is near it, and like it would cost electrum to change it. This would be pretty fun to use. "Whelp, guess I just expired" would be mine.
  2. It`s pretty annoying to build every single item manually. If I need 25 metal, I need to put 25 times by hand each craft and wait 20seconds for each one. It would be awesome to have an item queue to build then all at once in 25*20 seconds, as long as the necessary material can be found inside the vault. In this meanwhile, the player could spend his time in other tasks rather than in front of crafting. It can be worth since me and other players could spend some money to get that feature. It's profitable to the game developers if they decide to monetize it.
  3. Let's bring the death to the battlefield! I never played the game. So I'm not sure what kind of ability's you have or if it actually has something like this in game... But yeah... Necromancer. being able to summon the death. class: Necromancer weapon: staff/none (he could fire something out of his hands) spell/ability1: summon 2 skeletons who will fight for you in battle. passive: slowly damage enemies close to you. First concept: second concept:
  4. So this might be a big request/suggestion, but it would so help in the long run for players who like to keep track on farming items and such: A glossary that can be accessed in town at The Tower by an NPC Has the name, image, classification, and chance drop items of mobs Special section for bosses, even the ones on quests Location can also be shown where the monster can be found Think Pokedex, but with the items that can be dropped as well I know it sounds pretty tedious, but if this could be made it'll be friggin sweet. I'm tempted to make a Wiki or at least help make a wiki to keep a tab on all these monsters because it's important to know where to go and find the items/materials you need ToT I also think this glossary would be great to have in town, plus the monster can only be added by killing it, only the name and image can appear if you've seen it but the rest of the details appear upon killing the monster. This can help with planning where to farm materials with friends or solo (I'm a solo type of guy, aside from having my bestie with me occasionally) I'm kinda getting all nerdy trying to keep track of anything in game, such as the dungeons, monsters, and prefixes and suffixes on items. It would be cool if there was also a book at the blacksmith that keeps track of all the prefixes and suffixes you've obtained so far, so you can look back at the description while you wait your reroll.
  5. hello there i need to suggest one thing please stabilizate mobs or particles coming from it , its not my computer the other games builded on the same graphics is running clearly , so yeah, do something with it i guess? its losing frames when i play game like 15-30 mins and when im oneshoting mobs.
  6. After my first 20 hours and completing T6 dungeon I know one thing. This game have some flaws, but the worst of them are boss battles. No offence dear dev team, but boss battles in this game are really bad. I defeated only 6 of them at my own, but I know how the rest of them from other alpha testers. T1 is basically like regular enemy, but with more health, same with T2, T3 could be T1 because dodging there is so easy, T4's first phase is easy when you know how to kill tornadoes, but second phase is broken - invincible tornadoes can easly catch and chainslow you with no chance to escape, T5 looks challenging until you realize that approaching it from sides is far easier than from down, T6 is joke - even T2 have harder bullet pattern. Not even mentioning speed and range of those bullets. So there are my little ideas of boss battle rework, later I might add some pictures too. At first big problem of boss battles is that players can leave boss room and regen, to prevent it every boss room should have one-way doors: you can enter, but you cannot leave. T1, Stone Daddy Crystals are invincible and shoots long range streams of bullets, boss itsels shoots far more often. Crystals can now be his shields, and players have to actually dodge anything. T2, Weirdest hydra ever Shots that omidirectional attack every few seconds (even if hides in resin), spiral attack can be like it is, also some minions spawning in corners would be nice. Waaaay more dodging. T3, Mummy ?oi His shotgun is far wider and have a lot more range, he can also summon clones in any place and does it more often. Shotgun may be easier to dodge, but when they shot at you from every direction... T4, Winnie Pooh Tornadoes circles around boss room and don't chase players, also shots omnidirectional spreads of slowing bullets just like cactuses, boss shots narrower burst of fireballs with longer range as additional attack. Players have to be balance between slowing tornadoes and deadly fireballs. T5, Mega Satan jr. Remove pillars, his shotgun have longer range and gaps between bullets are far wider even in short distance so player can dodge, his claws periodically shoots slow barrage of bullets with space to dodge between them. No minions, just dodging this shit ton of bullets. Just like touhou. T6, Tentacle hentai Tentacles spawning outside the ring by default and shots 3 bullets long range slowing shotguns and sometimes single slow bullet which snares player. Kraken itself shots wide high speed shotguns in random directions. Players have to keep moving to avoid shotguns, and watch out for snaring shots. This topic will be updated with rework ideas for rest of the bosses and some pictures showing how new bullet patters are supposed to look.
  7. Maybe not all skins should be payed, maybe there should be skins we could earn by completing achievements just like we unlock classes by that way. What do u guys think?
  8. A fundamental feature of this game is death, i feel it should be more prevalent. That a person simply does not farm for bloodstones , but earns them through death. The current way of completing quests and getting bloodstones does become tedious over time, doing kill 100 beasts is most efficiently done in the t1/t2 area's by killing spiders, 100 spirits done in tier 3 burning sands, 100 fury's in tier 5, 100 chimera's in tier 4. My point is that it does become repetitive to an extent. I suggest that a character earns a bloodmark when they are present to the death of an ally at level 15+, this bloodmark is converted into a bloodstone when the character dies. Ofcourse to prevent any kinda of exploit it would scale ie. 1 bloodmark at level 15 ally death, then another at 20, and then only at 25 for any more. If you witness the death of an ally at level 25, you gain 3 bloodmarks at once, every consecutive witness only provides 1 bloodmark. Kind of like an achievement. Bloodmarks will also drop randomly from bosses and normal beasts at an approriate drop rate for the challenege. But the best way to aquire bloodmarks is by killing the big wraiths in the well. I believe up to 60 of them spawn and each one will award one bloodmark. Killing all of them would yield 60. Bloodmarks are not something that are dropped in a bag, but rather like valr where they are just gained and it would show on the achievements screen. This would make bloodstones hard to get and the quest's should be reworked to give assorted goodies. This also sustains the value of bloodstones a bit more, but they must be used in something for them to retain that value. Something like 10 bloodstones can be forged into a B, 10 B's can be forged into C , a tier 9 weapon can then be infused with C to provide X stat boost This isn't well thought out, and i think a thorough discussion with several members would be needed to tweak out the final bits so that it would be a enjoyable system. Like this feature could be a core mechanic along with valr.
  9. I've been manually sending a small contribution to new players (2k silver) and while an automated mail isn't really needed, it would surely look good for publisher/developer reputation, in the sense that they care about players. That being said, a short mail with a warm welcome message containing some attached gift (Item Recovery Voucher, for instance) for first character created in someone's account isn't a bad idea, for me. The message could also remind everything player is carrying will be lost upon death. This may look silly but most people love receiving free stuff.
  10. I enjoy earthquakes when players die, this is such a neat and revolutionary feature...I mean it! That's why I would like to put some more love into it, with some random ideas like adding more meaningful variances to its effect, according to player Valr and this requirement shouldn't be too far apart from each other, I tested dying with 1/2/3 million Valr and players could barely notice any differences at all, get what I mean? Earthquake should have different impacts with lower Valr milestones and be increased accordingly. Another crazy idea is having some kind of Event when two or more players die at same time, this could also change according to sum of said dead players' Valr. What events, you ask? No idea, a meteorite could fall on the ground containing some prize, maybe double rainbows appear in the sky with odd buffs or it could even rain pink ponies and they would give special rewards. Using idea from previous paragraph, when players die simultaneously, there could be a chain reaction earthquake effect, like opening a rift in random place of overworld map and this would be visible to all players. What would come out of this rift? How would I know...? Perhaps some cute lava lizard babies... That's all for now, I hope more players can contribute with event ideas, if they approve this suggestion.
  11. Implementation of toggleable Settings for UI elements, like Party/Guild/Title/Level/Enemy information when holding Alt key, need to discuss if this is too much pollution (partially solved with toggle option) for user screen or what position and colors are most desired for said elements, images below are just a crude concept of what I am talking about:
  12. As title says: Allow players to remove inventory contents via DELETE button, presentation in picture below. Thoughts?
  13. Don't know if this is possible but what if you give us players ability to manage legacies just like as if someone was creating a fresh new character but from main screen instead, even before entering server, where one can acquire/sell/upgrade cards. This would be even more awesome IF developers could implement a Valr pool to be used with this idea and this obviously mean dead toons would fill said pool, hope you know what I mean. I know there is a Bard NPC but it doesn't do what I am proposing here. Probably a stupid concept. What do you guys think?
  14. Hey survivors/successors, While playing with my buddy, we'd often separate and could not find each-other on the map: please implement a fast-teleport to your party/buddy option and/or a mechanic which will show where your party/buddy is on the map (preferably both). This is a number one mechanic that will inspire early adopters to share this game with their friends. Before any paying shenanigans are implemented on a larger scale, balance the game in favour of fun-first based on a solid cooperative foundation -- the lifeblood of micro-pixel games such as this one. If there is an insta-telly item/option in the game already, lemme know where it can be found cause I want to invite some peeps along for a fight! Cheers.
  15. An idea for Shop where you can buy or sell things. I made some images how this should look,i'm not a good artist and i din't played the game so i don't know if this exist or how the game UI should look. Ok so first there should be a NPC somewhere in the Spawn Region and when you go to him will look something like this: Now you choose what you want to do Buy things or Sell things.Here is how the Buy index should look: So after you pressed Buy button the menu will look like this: This Is the Search bar where your search for things i typed Sword of Lights in the bar for a example of an item. This Is where you buy items,the first item(a dagger)i drawed is the the item he sell and the 2nd item(the same dagger but upgraded)is the item that the player want for his item.If you press the Buy button and if you have the item that the player want,the player that made the offer will get a tab that will say 'Do you want to sell the item that you put on Shop ? Accept or Decline' and if he press Accept he will get the item he wanted and the other player will get the item he offer,if he press Decline then the trade will end. This is.... Ok so it left me some space and i decied to make something where it was so much left space,where you see that big fat man it should be the character and in that tab,idk what it should be there,i rlly don't know. So this is the Buy menu.Now let's see how the Sell menu is : So the Sell menu is like the Buy menu but it have some different things. Is like the same Buy menu all things are the same,the first item is the item you sell and the 2nd item is the item you buy. So this is my idea maybe i made some grammar mistakes idk.Remember i don't played the game so i don't know how all is,maybe something like this is already added in game maybe not and im not good at art.So this is my idea.
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