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  1. Please read the full post and don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and turn the bell on. Leader boards: Leader boards are common in many PvE games and tend to suppress the end game players (like myself) that beg for new content. Simply put in a leader board system into the hard-mode dungeons, raids, or even better... THE WELL. A fairly simple concept would be to have an "All-Time" leader boards, and "Weekly" leader boards. Every weak, strong players will put their "Well" skills to the test and compete for a CLASS SPECIFIC Well rating. The top 5 or top 10 in each class will be rewarded with that weeks reward depending on their placement. Would create a lot more for end-game players to put there time into and will push players to expand into other classes! Please comment below your opinions and like the post if you agree to get it seen! ❤️
  2. So i was doing the dungeon where u fight lotus and i was having a good time lvl 21/22 alchemist when of the sudden i get popped and die, pretty sad but right after started a geomancer to work on it and i had an idea, what fustrated me the most was not knowing what killed so i could be carefull next time so why don't u add a note of the enemy that killed u . Do u think this could be helpfull?
  3. As some of you might have noticed, this board is a nice entry into Real Money Trading (RMT), thus requiring careful steps in what is changed because this tiny thing can break Survived By market and Wall Street's stock prices. Ok, exaggerated a bit in there but you get the idea. The purpose of this topic is to make sure developers are aware of how easy/hard is to obtain Bloodstones via said board. I'm not listing all quests offered by it, too lazy to do so, that being said I am just giving a succint feedback that may be improved by other player's opinions. From what I have seen, those bloody stones are very easy to come by and they quickly pile up in a daily basis, surely this is relative, therefore we need more feedback. Without any further ado, here it goes: "Kill 100 Spirits": What if there are no spirits available at player level 10? He would be forced to take on less rewarding bounty, most of times. And for high players, that's a walk in the park since they will most likely one shot monsters, increasing required number of killed targets is the obvious solution here but that can be tedious and start feeling like a job, what's the sweet spot for this? "Kill 1000 Spirits"...ok you damned board. Don't think I need to say it but this is not tied to Spirits only, these quests would need to be designed with all monsters location accounted for. "Do 5000 damage", That's a single critical hit for high levels, mission done in matter of seconds and this number should still be easy for lvl 10s. Need more diversity in damage and higher numbers, like "Do over 9000 damage", "Deal 666 damage in one hit" and so on. "Craft 20 items": Teleport stones take 5s to be crafted and requires 5 quartz only (at least, since last time I checked), not really a problem. I would make it "Craft 20 Tn items" instead (n=tier), based on unlocked craft levels. Maybe even a mix, like "Craft 10 T5 Weapons and 10 T6 Amulets". "Complete X Quests": This is a tough one to comment, medium board difficulty requires 4 of them to be completed and I can't remember about hard difficulty number (10 in hard) but in any case, current quests (Elite hunting) are really easy to finish, one could go to a much underleveled region in order to rush through them, not that's even needed for now due to bug/exploit when cancelled quest scrolls count toward daily challenge progress. So, board should demand more hard work for the delicious free red stones. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some random quest ideas: "Slay Burning Sand Boss (Hard)" "Hunt 100 Elite monster's henchman/followers" "Give your daily Vote" "Like Facebook page"? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another suggestion: Players could be unhappy with daily selection of board quests, button(s) to switch quest(s) would need to be implemented. First time would always be free and following tries would charge player's Electrum/Bloodstone. Concept below: Before After1 After2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few important remarks:
  4. Hi, it's nice to know that the devs from the game actually pay attention to the players input, and all of us who play Warframe (I guess we are the majority here) really value it, hope your read it Katherine , don't be afraid of the length! First I want to say I'm a bit impressed by the actual state of the game, it's more, and better, than what I expected from the closed alpha version. I played after the ice biome, and got to craft tier 5 weapons, until I randomly died in the spawn today at level 18 due to the bug you are already aware of, no grudges, it's a closed alpha, we're here to help. I think nobody can complain about the music, a more variety would be nice, but if you follow the same development path of Warframe, which you should totally do to ensure this game stays alive, that's something that will eventually happen. The art is on point and wipes out The Realm of the Mad God from the get go (that is also your perfect demographics), pixel art is a very powerful aesthetic, just look at Minecraft, Terraria and the old videogames. There are details that I think you'll eventually change, such as: it's very annoying that when you receive 1, or even 0, damage the screen goes red, making the venom enemies painful to fight against because in the long term they tend to induce seizures. And also little things about the menu that I don't think it is completely streamlined, but that's just trivial. And here comes the most important part for every gamer: The feeling of the game, I am a big fan of Terraria and Warframe as you may have noticed (and also Diablo and PoE), and I firmly believe that as a team you should consider Terraria as a main inspiration. Why? First, because it has many years of support and streamlining from a small dev team (which is probably your aim as a team), as well as different iterations (versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3), it has a similar pixel art, and the characters are basically the same, allowing for easy mechanics inspiration (it's harder to think of a FPS as an inspiration for ingame movement). Terraria does something almost unique with the adventure/exploration premise, it gives you thousands of meaningful ways to interact with the world and to change the gameplay, it also gives you the opportunity to shape the world as you want but it doesn't help Survived By that aspect. In Terraria you start from scratch in an unknown and dangerous world full of monsters which you have to explore and you have to craft weapons to kill them (sound familiar?), it's an enticing but overused premise, however, it has strengths that stand out, like: 1) The Alternatives and 2) The progression. 1) The alternatives: When you begin you can jump 5 or 6 blocks and you can't mine some materials, then, after exploring for a while, you get the item "Cloud in a Bottle" that lets you double jump, and it's awesome, then after progressing more, you get a jet pack on top of it. And you even get something CRUCIAL, the grappling hooks that allow you to avoid falling to the death, move faster and accurately, grapple to the walls and explore better, all meanwhile you fight new enemies that also change their behavior and mechanics. Later on, you have boots that make you run really fast, wings to fly, unicorns that run really fast (as well as many other mounts), better grappling hooks, and you even have items that you equip and let you do a short dash when double tapping. The thing is, moving in a straight way in that game without doing anything in special, would be baffling. And the same happened with Warframe with movement 2.0, everyone loved it!, because it introduced many new meaningful ways of movement that allow for a thousand special gimmicks of the game, and that not many games pull out, it lets you avoid better. move faster, use the environment actively and just don't walk/run mindlessly. Coming back to Survived By, in the least, I would LOVE to have a way to do short dashes (may be an item, an ability, whatever, diversity is crucial), to move a little bit faster and avoid just moving straightforward, and escape from dangerous situations (again, look at Enter the Gungeon, a similar game, you have a default dash that makes you invincible while the animation is on), I would love to have something to rapidly reposition myself (Grappling hook in Terraria, Teleport to enemies in Path of Exile, Bullet Jump in Warframe). Parries from time to time can be an alternative (sentient class), drawing enemy fire. You can even think in different pillars, like: ok, movement for this class, endurance for this other (parry and resistance), etc. 2) The progression: Terraria is just like a "Soft" RPG (It may not be an RPG, but for me it's basically the same), it doesn't rely on the stats increment for progression, but only on items looted. It's focused more on the actual gameplay than on the stats you can achieve, but this stats you achieve are crucial anyway, and allow for the ones who aren't very good at the game to "overprepare" themselves before the boss by farming the best available equipment. In my opinion, this is better, since a "hard" RPG is really painful to balance and it takes much of the team effort away, just remember that the use of exponential algorithms always fuck things up (that's why the Grineer and Corrupted armor is so outrageously high and "unfun", making a must for everyone to counteract it), better keep things as simple and controlled as possible. Don't go down the path of items of Critical damage multiplier of 3.0 that multiples for 6.0 with items or items that give you 10000% damage, focus on gameplay variety that FEELS good (not like Warframe´s occasional augment mods that changes almost nothing and therefore nobody uses it), because in the end, it boils down to it, the player feeling, the difficulty feeling, the learning curve and ceiling, the movement system and the reward system. Also, this game has a unique great gimmick that can be exploited in a million ways, dying to create something new, and I think that it can be better exploited, the same old classic MMORPG only by itself won't be enough for the game to stand out and thrive in a long run. I really hope you read it, I sincerely tried to be as concise as possible, but it's hard for me to do it, and I could go on for pages Hope you appreciate it, cheers,
  5. So here's my thoughts on the new patch release. Thought 1: Not happy that mushrooms still block move ability and projectiles...>:( Thought 2: Whats the point in gaining exp after hitting level 25 huh? More levels pls or let us spend exp on something at least Thought 3: Not happy as i spent a day on a mission to discover the whole map and now i got to do it again. However it's no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Thought 4: Can we get a sign and/ or warning about what the well actually is please? Thought 5: Not sure if the quest enemies in the swamps and jungle are fixed yet with their insta kill attacks and i dont want to find out for myself so it would be very reassuring if an admin could confirm this? Thought 6: Make bosses more difficult, as the boss in the Monastery is the easiest boss in the game alongside the kraken. They have very slow attack patterns can be done on a level 1 if i had the time. but not just these bosses, all bosses need a revamp however i don't want them to insta shot you....just more interesting/ harder Thought 7: The higher level lands on the map should drop materials in stacks of more than 1 to make farming a little easier as getting 1 material from every other enemy can be pretty slow. Thanks and that's all for now.
  6. Ok, I no Idea any of the stats and balancing in this game (I keep dying at lvl5). But, I got a great Idea for a new class Right now I don't have the pictures for it because I'm working on them but basically I don't want the the necromancer class (if the SB team adds one) to end up like Rotmg's Necromancer. . . . . because its not a necromancer at all, Rotmg has a vampire .-. So I decided to make a Necromancer class for this game When the pictures come out I will need your guys help for shading (because I'm bad at it) and hopefully we can get another class in this game (The Minions will be out before the Necromancer because I thought of the minions first). Feel free to add some of you own art of necromancers
  7. Hey, I'm starting up this thread to pull together everyone's ideas that they would like to see for the game. Concepts and ideas can range from new characters to map ideas and ways to make the game more fun and social. Some of my current Ideas include: Personal Names - Names need to be special so for example, someone can't take my username “Twecker” and then use twecker or Twecker-. Player Level - Have it so you can see a player's level next to their name. Parties/Guilds - Obviously not a feature we will have for a while, but I’d love to see a party system or guilds. Along with the possibility for guilds to use resources to fix up broken homes and then turn them into guild halls. Cross Hairs - Please add some customization and a more visible color. Customizable Character Skins - Id love to see lots of variation in characters appearances. Also, like any posts in here that have an idea you'd like to see so devs can see what players might be interested in
  8. Just thought I'd start a thread for people to group together future ideas for Survived By! Please post in the format that follows Example Idea: Mob Specific loot Discussion - Have mobs such as Bosses have a % chance to drop rare loot or a quest that you complete to receive rarer equipment.
  9. 1. [Bosses are too easy] - Give the bosses more HP than they have now. The bosses HP and the dungeon in general should be balanced to how many players there are. Add mechanics such as changing their behavior and increasing the difficulty as their health decreases which would make the experience more memorable. Defeating intermediate bosses for a key to unlock chests would be cool also. Exclusive obtainables for dungeon bosses would create more incentive for playing them(e.g. chance of ancestral legacies, stat boost item for gear). 2. [Dungeons are too long] - Make them interconnected somehow for less backtracking or minus a couple rooms. I believe some time should be deducted from dungeon rooms towards the bosses. 3. [Dungeons aren't rewarding enough] - (aside from potions and exp) You can achieve catalysts and tome's of knowledge in the southwest part of the map by doing quests in a faster amount of time. Gathering miscellaneous items from them become obsolete as you realize you can acquire cloth>wool, amber>quartz, and hide>wood just by venturing out in heartland wilderness above the bridge. 4. [Dungeon difficulty variants] - Currently there are three dungeons per major biome. Each dungeon could have its own difficulty(normal, hard, extreme) for possible higher loot rarity and quantity. 5. [Harbinger exceeds the rest] - Harbinger is currently the only character that has penetration which makes him superior, so the other characters should be buffed to an extent. The Sentinel could have a radius damage (e.g. damage over time) along with being a team healer so he doesn't feel so useless when playing alone. If the Sentinel is primarily for support then make him more effective in that regard such as less mana drain.
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