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Found 8 results

  1. I recently decided to login into the game for the first time but even having already activated my email back at the closed beta, I get this error about the account activation and when I look at the account activation email as suggested, if I click on the activation link it just redirects me to the home page and if I try logging in again it shows the same error message, even after restarting the game.
  2. HILlfeNlko

    How Do I Start Playing

    i just made my account and everything and confirmed my email how come i still cannot login? when i try logging in it just says error: 503 service unavailable.
  3. IcyZ1ne

    Login Glitch

    This error always pops up whenever I login , even though I updated the game, I reinstalled it, still wouldnt work.(Steam is also up to date)
  4. Sygnia

    Error 401 with beta key

    Can't log into the game, just got my beta key tonight and my account is already verified. Just keeps giving me the unauthorized error.
  5. fadedwires

    Logging in issue

    Anyone else having any issues logging in? I just got my key maybe a week ago and have been unable to log into the game. When i try my email and password that i used when i signed up it says "user not found" so when I go to "sign up" in game as soon as i fill out the information and click the "sign up" button, nothing happens. It just "clicks" and stays in the same screen, literally nothing happens. I just want to playyyy! I tried restarting steam and my computer and still nothing. Help??????
  6. aquilesBR

    i can not login

    when i try to login the loading screen is loading eternally as displayed in the image. i am from south america, let me know if this is a server issue. i don't put this topic in the bug reports because i am trying to play on Linux with the steam-play, but for the devs seeing this if i manage to play well i will make a good review on https://spcr.netlify.com/app/606140
  7. Hello, I've been playing the game for 8 hours and I had no problems until now. I stumbled upon this bug at the login screen. Information: Platform: Steam When it happened: The server went down around 5PM PST today while I was playing. Hasn't been able to log in again since. I was in a fight and might have been killed after the crash (i don't know if i died, probably not but i can't know for sure). Aftermath: Can't log in. Everytime shows "Error: Unknown error occurred while processing the request" when entering the game. If I click dismiss the game asks for a house name (I already had one). Restarting the game doesn't affect this and I'm brought to this screen everytime. Eventually I proceeded and tried to create a house with the same name I had (Bawss) and it accepts "success". But after dismissing the success screen I'm brought back to name a house. and begins an infinite loop. I can't login no matter what. What I already did: Reinstalled the game, reseted modem , verified game integrity, tried mutiple times to log, waited some time and tried to log again, logged out then in from steam. To no avail.
  8. Eu Servers are having problems. Solution thanks to user Relentless Go to steam right click game and click launch options then paste : -hosturl https://alphaus.backend.survivedby.com/ Solution found here: Hope this helps. ?