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Found 4 results

  1. With server stability being an issue right now, it's just not a good combination when you introduce the new relic system. And don't get me wrong I think the new relic system is great, it gives that 'end-game' feel along with min-maxing opportunities for your character. But the problem is, there's no way to safe-guard that from things we can't control as players. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a risk of losing relics when dying. The sense of danger and risk is awesome when we're holding gears and relics that we don't want to lose. It's just really frustrating and depressing when you do die and lose the relics when you know you could've survived but due to the servers having issues you still die. I feel like most players won't mind losing their gear because they probably have some saved up either in their vault or in another character(mule) because they understand that there is a chance that they will die. But with relics you can't really do that, you can't have a safety net and still progress. By that I mean we can't just save our relics and not consume it and just save it in the vault because it will halt our progression. Personally, I haven't been a victim of this fortunately but I've had a number of in-game friends who fell victim to this and some even completely stopped playing the game because they think it's just not worth the effort anymore after dying a couple times. Now I'm suggesting this as a temporary band-aid fix but of course it'll be up to the devs if they want to integrate this into the game permanently. My suggestion would be instead of losing all relics upon death anywhere else other than the well that our relic levels should just be decreased by a certain amount instead of losing all of it. That way there's still the risk of actually losing relics but not all of it. Although with this being implemented I don't think the consumed relics should be account-bound but still character bound and be marked for kin on death. Maybe have the collection of relics to be shown as a 'Tome of Knowledge' or something to that effect that we will then receive in the mailbox like how we receive marked for kin gear. The 'Tome of Knowledge' will be account-bound(can be vaulted) and non-tradable. I'd need help and ideas from the devs and also players to determine what's a reasonable number of (relics/levels on relics) that we'll lose if ever we do die on a character that has relics on them. I was also thinking about this system only activating when you go past a certain meaningful relic level and if you die below that level you still lose all relics. That way we also have a sense of progression or goal in mind and not just blindly level a type of relic for no reason. So for example (I'm going to make this simple and just have 1-2 relic type active on a character but the idea will apply to all relic types): a.) Lets say I had on my character a level 35 Relic of the Mirage Hunter and I died. I would then receive a 'Tome of Knowledge' that will give me maybe a level 30 or a level 25 Relic of the Mirage Hunter upon consuming it. b.) Lets say I had on my character a level 23 Relic of the Mirage Hunter AND a level 6 Relic of the Kraken and I died. I would then receive a 'Tome of Knowledge' that will give me a level 20 Relic of the Mirage Hunter and since my Relic of the Kraken was too low level, that would just be lost. I strongly believe this is what we need with the new relic system to balance it all out. The current system in place is just too devastating to a point of leaving the game when you've poured countless hours of grinding then just lose everything due to server stability issue. At least by having this kind of system there's still a loss for the player when dying and will make more of an impact when reaching the higher levels of the relics because if you were to die with a level 65 relic on your character and go down 5 relic levels, that's still 200+ relics lost. Which will be unfortunate but won't be as disheartening as losing 1000+ relics. So that's my suggestion. Please do chime in and share your opinion. 😉 Zilch | Peep
  2. Darkolas

    Relic levels reset

    So yesterday I equipped a bunch of relics and increased the level of them. Today, when I logged in, all my relic levels are back to 1.
  3. Hello,.... .. ... Well, just hello! First, I want to say I really like unlocking permanent items that never get old or just too weak. But also I like it when stuff (especially valuable stuff) I spend on permanent things doesn't go far, far away and my precious skill points can be taken back if for some impossible and irrational reason I didn't like that "mass dance" skill I got two minutes ago. Of course I still want to get the best mass dance (waltz forever!) and the best looking chimera killer costumes but I know that if I'll suddenly see that waltz isn't that great, I'll go and relocate all the points I have on it (nearly 87,5% of how many I have) to hip-hop. Now to the suggestion part. As you already saw the title, you know that I have a suggestion of making it so players can unequip permanent unlockables, yea? That's not entirely accurate. What I meant is that you could unequip relics into the inventory, but that's only for relics. Other than these, I thought it would be cool to sell cosmetics and Thorns items bought for electrum back for.. electrum?? (this seems suspicious, I keep an eye on it) So before you start to think critically and be like "he says 'why no', so we say 'why yes'", I'll emulate a "last come first serve" queue and start saying why yes, beginning with selling stuff for electrum. One,tw-- did it already begi-?-- ... *cough* This is the most seamless, smoothest version of "try before you buy". First it may be a little harsh on how the user doesn't really spend anything so it's a missed opportunity to place a *something* sink. But then, people are more motivated to buy things for electrum because they are like "if I won't like it, I'll go sell it so I'm safe" rather than "ooh, that's a hard decision, let me think for a month then I'll give you my answer". They aren't afraid to buy things for electrum because it's like skill points: you can redistribute how much you want and you won't get a negative skill. What I'm a bit sorry and very afraid to say is that for me, selling things back for 95% rather than 100% or having to give some other stuff for it isn't an alternative for what I suggest. I see it looks like a good compromise between how it's now and what I want, but it makes me feel I'm, like, not getting something back and it's just sad. You know, I don't think I'm suggesting something unprofitable myself but it's you who are more into business and player behavior (do you use logging tools for that or just for crashes?) and stuff and if you think it's more of a loss, you may be sure I still won't give up on it! If it really is plain bad (?) you may make it so what I suggest is an irrevocable, uncancellable and un-unequippable electrum purchase and I think lots of people (including me and maybe you!) will still be happy with it. Speaking about you, the good part for you is that there are more than zero players who want to feel (relative) safety not because they'd waste thousands of electrum if they aren't "safe" but just because it's kinda good so selling my suggested feature (selling it is my plan B and now I'm talking about it as if I wanted exactly that) may cost them more electrum than how much "profit" they get - remember, no electrum is given back, what's there is there, it's either stored ~not a good thing to do when buying stuff is 100% safe~, sold in the auction ~people will want to buy electrum more because it's "safe" even for a bigger price - attracts electrum sellers~ or put into electrum items ~so its practical use is clearly seen~. So the first part of my speech is over, but you still can't have your free cookies you all came here for. Instead I'll allow you to have a sip of water while drinking a can of soda myself :0 Oops, it turns out to be night and before the last of you (and then me) fall to sleep, I'll explain my idea quickly. I think it's good to make it so we could unequip relics because: They give bonuses like gear does, we can unequip gear, everyone still needs gear so I think it'll be the same for relics. Crafting relics and XP relics seem to be an exception but 1) most people already have a "crafting character" so they don't use him and just keep him in the town and 2) you can make crafting time bound to the current relics of the character who started crafting or, the worst 3) you can make crafting relics unequippable while crafting. For XP: if I don't die while leveling because of T9-T10 equipment, then I save this equipment for another character to level him up (for valr?), I'm a pro (or at least a veteran) so buying XP relics is just a waste of time for me so I don't do it anyways so there isn't a group of players=Bloodstone sinks lost. If I'm not a veteran and "exploit" one pack of level 1-5 XP relics, it's almost guaranteed some day I'll die while leveling up but instead of ragequitting the game of buying relics because it doesn't give me anything for my bloodstones I'd rather expect that this time I'll be more careful/skilled/etc and continue using the bloodstone sink. For the in-battle usage relics (teleport/valr/drop %), I won't be know when to unequip them until I'm dead so I can't exploit them too. Some compromise ideas I have here are: making more expensive, save for kin-able and unequippable relics (I really don't like it though); making a relic for selling cosmetics and making an electrum purchase to unequip relics; making only the 3-5 level relics unequippable; making a cooldown to unequip relics/equip relics back. P.S. I don't know how counting the appropiate cost works so maybe it's just fine but imho, IMHO, no, IMHO, many things electrum are overpriced. The "estimations" based on nothing are really rough but imho, cosmetics are overpriced up to (aka no more than) ~5 times (only the bug wings), Thorns gear is overpriced from 3 (amulet/ring) to 5-6 times (weapons) (imho/rough estimations not based on data again), saving items for kin is even worse (imho/rough estimations too but based on common sense a small bit) and I'm not even talking about buying electrum for dollars but just trading bloodstones in the Exchange for it (there's a big possiblity I'm wrong)
  4. Edge

    Cannot buy relics

    Since I started the game I've never been able to buy relics outside of the "Journeyman" relics, which are the ones which reduce Craft Time. All the others when I buy them they, nothing happens. This happens to me all the time, with all the characters and in Europe and USA servers, surely in Asia too but I didn't try Also, notice that they are all in red, I don't know if it is on purpose