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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I've been playing sentinel and found him really fun and he kinda reminded me of solaire from the dark soul series and was wondering if they can add a solaire skin for sentinel i think it would be funny if they did but amazing.
  2. Basically we were running around doing quests one of my friends being a Sentinel, when we ran into a boss one of us took damage and were given the Poison debuff. The Sentinel player immediately dropped his heal and while the one poisoned stood in it he took no damage but nor did he heal, and after the buff wore off the heal did too but he still took damage as if the poison was applied. Bug? (Dont have any proof because it all happened fast and I didnt realize he was still taking damage till he was dead)
  3. Does anyone have a picture of a sentinel weapon with greater swiftness? I've re-rolled this t2 sentinel weapon almost 300 times (not exaggerating) and I haven't gotten it once. If you have a picture posting it here would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So I created this thread yesterday: and as I've been playing the sentinel more I've also noticed that when the Sentinel skill last hits an enemy, I don't get the experience reward, or if the skill last hits a quest enemy I won't complete the quest and instead the "Another Player Has Killed Your Quest Monster" message will appear. So the bug results from the sentinel's skill finishing off monsters.
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