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  1. With server stability being an issue right now, it's just not a good combination when you introduce the new relic system. And don't get me wrong I think the new relic system is great, it gives that 'end-game' feel along with min-maxing opportunities for your character. But the problem is, there's no way to safe-guard that from things we can't control as players. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a risk of losing relics when dying. The sense of danger and risk is awesome when we're holding gears and relics that we don't want to lose. It's just really frustrating and depressing when you do die and lose the relics when you know you could've survived but due to the servers having issues you still die. I feel like most players won't mind losing their gear because they probably have some saved up either in their vault or in another character(mule) because they understand that there is a chance that they will die. But with relics you can't really do that, you can't have a safety net and still progress. By that I mean we can't just save our relics and not consume it and just save it in the vault because it will halt our progression. Personally, I haven't been a victim of this fortunately but I've had a number of in-game friends who fell victim to this and some even completely stopped playing the game because they think it's just not worth the effort anymore after dying a couple times. Now I'm suggesting this as a temporary band-aid fix but of course it'll be up to the devs if they want to integrate this into the game permanently. My suggestion would be instead of losing all relics upon death anywhere else other than the well that our relic levels should just be decreased by a certain amount instead of losing all of it. That way there's still the risk of actually losing relics but not all of it. Although with this being implemented I don't think the consumed relics should be account-bound but still character bound and be marked for kin on death. Maybe have the collection of relics to be shown as a 'Tome of Knowledge' or something to that effect that we will then receive in the mailbox like how we receive marked for kin gear. The 'Tome of Knowledge' will be account-bound(can be vaulted) and non-tradable. I'd need help and ideas from the devs and also players to determine what's a reasonable number of (relics/levels on relics) that we'll lose if ever we do die on a character that has relics on them. I was also thinking about this system only activating when you go past a certain meaningful relic level and if you die below that level you still lose all relics. That way we also have a sense of progression or goal in mind and not just blindly level a type of relic for no reason. So for example (I'm going to make this simple and just have 1-2 relic type active on a character but the idea will apply to all relic types): a.) Lets say I had on my character a level 35 Relic of the Mirage Hunter and I died. I would then receive a 'Tome of Knowledge' that will give me maybe a level 30 or a level 25 Relic of the Mirage Hunter upon consuming it. b.) Lets say I had on my character a level 23 Relic of the Mirage Hunter AND a level 6 Relic of the Kraken and I died. I would then receive a 'Tome of Knowledge' that will give me a level 20 Relic of the Mirage Hunter and since my Relic of the Kraken was too low level, that would just be lost. I strongly believe this is what we need with the new relic system to balance it all out. The current system in place is just too devastating to a point of leaving the game when you've poured countless hours of grinding then just lose everything due to server stability issue. At least by having this kind of system there's still a loss for the player when dying and will make more of an impact when reaching the higher levels of the relics because if you were to die with a level 65 relic on your character and go down 5 relic levels, that's still 200+ relics lost. Which will be unfortunate but won't be as disheartening as losing 1000+ relics. So that's my suggestion. Please do chime in and share your opinion. 😉 Zilch | Peep
  2. It would be great if we had chat command to check our ignored players list or one that would fully wipe ignore list. Of course UI based solution would be better but for a start a simple command would suffice.
  3. Hello, basically everything is in the title ;). As you have probably noticed, once you've reached lvl 25, you're used to fight with a lot of players ( 6-7) in a dungeon full of monsters. The amount of XP points display is really huge, wich can be annoying for some of us ! Since we get no more XP at lvl 25, it seems meaningless to keep that XP display after 24 levels. I think it might be really helpful for players with lower config PC or ones that want to focus even harder on the game and predict monster's abilities... Thanks for taking into consideration my topic and have fun :)
  4. EN-US Xmax Event Introduction The event: Firstly speaking about the event will be something very simple in this Early Access, but not easy ... The event The event happens the following way, you will shoot special elite monsters of quests on maps, each elite monster will have a Christmas-like appearance, wearing a Christmas hat on beast-like monsters and in the case of trees, the which would be cooler than the trees of the game itself with Christmas decorating ball? Hahahaha. The event stands out on how it will be done, killing ordinary monsters will occasionally drop items like those Christmas canes, with a certain amount of them you will unlock a quest to find and shoot down the elite themed boss. Event Rewards Distribution • The first possibility is that there is a percentage of a cosmetic item falling off this elite boss. • The other possibility is for the elite boss to drop something that can be traded in the NPC of the event for the reward. The top question of how it will be distributed is at the discretion of Human Head Studio. The Rewards This is the part that appeals to everyone, as it is an event within the Early Access, I sincerely wanted all thematic items to be totally free, but I would also understand if some were paid to contribute to the development of the game. • Tombstone / tomb This is the most cliché of all is a snowman as a tombstone. • Tombstone / Tomb This is a bit less common but at the same time an Easter Egg, the Rudolph made of ice as a tombstone. • Christmas color pigments (Red and White) • Balloons with faces of Christmas things like Santa, rudolph and etc ... • Perhaps the hardest reward to get, a wing made of ice or snow, but for this you will have to be very lucky or get enough to exchange with the event NPC  Feel free to comment and add things to the idea. Thanks to everyone and have a good game. PT-BR Xmax Event Introdução O evento: Primeiramente falando sobre o evento será algo bem simples nesse Early Acess,mas nada fácil... O evento O evento acontece da seguinte forma,você ira abater monstros de elite especiais de quests em mapas, cada monstro de elite terá uma aparência que lembre o natal,usando um gorro de natal em monstros do tipo besta e animal e no caso de árvores,o que seria mais legal q as árvores do próprio jogo com bolinha de natal de enfeite? Hahahaha. O evento se destaca em como será feito,matando monstros comuns ocasionalmente deixarão cair itens como aquelas bengalas de natal,com uma certa quantidade delas você irá desbloquear uma missão de encontrar e abater o boss de elite temático. Distribuição Das Recompensas Do Evento • A primeira possibilidade é de existir uma porcentagem de cair um item cosmético temático desse boss elite. • A outra possibilidade é de o boss elite deixar cair alguma coisa que possa ser trocada no NPC do evento pela recompensa. A questão a cima de como será distribuida fica a critério da Human Head Studio. As Recompensas Essa é a parte que agrada todo mundo,como se trata de um evento dentro do Early Acess,eu sinceramente queria que todos itens temáticos fossem totalmente gratuitos,mas também entenderia se alguns fossem pagos para contribuir no desenvolvimento do jogo. • Lápide/túmulo esse é o mais clichê de todos é um boneco de neve como lápide. • Lápide/túmulo esse é um pouco menos comum porém ao mesmo tempo um Easter Egg,o Rudolph feito de gelo como lápide. • Pigmentos nas cores de natal (Vermelho e Branco) • Balões com rostos de coisas de natal tipo papai noel,o próprio rudolph e etc... • Talvez a recompensa mais difícil de conseguir,uma asa feita de gelo ou neve,mas para isso você terá que ter muita sorte ou pegar bastante coisa para trocar com o NPC do evento  Fiquem a vontade para comentar e adicionar coisas a idéia. Obrigado a todo e tenham um bom jogo.
  5. A trading system! So we dont have to flip a coin and see if my friend will get what i threw on the ground for him. and it would be easier and safer to make exchanges between all of us
  6. It`s pretty annoying to build every single item manually. If I need 25 metal, I need to put 25 times by hand each craft and wait 20seconds for each one. It would be awesome to have an item queue to build then all at once in 25*20 seconds, as long as the necessary material can be found inside the vault. In this meanwhile, the player could spend his time in other tasks rather than in front of crafting. It can be worth since me and other players could spend some money to get that feature. It's profitable to the game developers if they decide to monetize it.
  7. So, im going to introduce the one thing that keeps on killing me even if i have t7,t6,t5 gear, which just happened, i call it pumpkin, the T5 pumpkin, but not any normal pumpkin, but yes the chest pumpkin, now, this mob leaves a trail behind making so that it deals damage if you touch him or touch the trail he leaves behind, enabling him to do burst damage if hes on top of you, no problem right? just stay away, the problem is, if you spawn this mob by activating a chest it donst just become more powerful, like the others do, the bloody peace of trash can teleport right on top of you if you get far enough away from it, best part there is usually more then one, for the past week only once did i die some where else other then against this cursed mob, please for the love of god i have lost gear i payed for on the new market system i have lost about 30 hours of my time going back and forth to t5.
  8. i have a ton of people that would rather not spend hours buying cards and consuming them, i suggest that you add a way to buy more legacies at once or add something higher then elite, also people want a easier way to consume when you are later in the game most of the common or uncommon legacies you get you consume so sitting there consuming 100+ legacies gets really boring, also a good feature would be a menu where you can buy back the last ten legacies that you have consumed just in case you consumed something by accident, well that is all i got
  9. This is a small suggestion, and it's about adding 2 types of ping: Boss ping and Chest ping (3 types with the normal ping). When we are in the dungeons with other players, it is normal to happen to whoever finds the boss or a chest, ping that place. So I've been thinking that it would be nice to be able to choose a ping type, so do not waste time (or risking your life) by specifying in the chat what that ping would be. The ping's options can be like this: (League of Legend ) Of course it would be something smaller and simpler to not waste time when you need to ping.
  10. Hi, Ancestors! I know I'm still fairly new here, but i wanted to add my two cents for a suggestion. I personally love the fact we can use the ALT Button to see monster and npc names, but... What if we had an option that kept names up without the use of a button? So it stays up always instead of having to use ALT to see them? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but, I personally would love to see this, and it may help players who are visionally challenged, like my boyfriend! (Not speaking of colorblindness, but actual issues that cause poor eyesight.) Though on that note-- Can I suggest secondarily, options for new color schemes that would benefit the Colorblind? My boyfriend happens to be Yellow/Blue colorblind, too; But there's also Red/green.. And a couple other combinations of colorblindness, yeah? For examine, Tritanopia, Blue-Yellow: (Missing S/Blue cone) Deuteranopia, Red Green: (Missing M/Green cone) Protanopia, Red-Green: (Missing L/Red Cone)
  11. For as long as I've played Alchemist has easily been considered the worst class, or at least the second worst by the people who love to play him. Keep in mind that Alchemist is clearly a class meant to be played with a party to get the best out of his abilities and works best on much tougher enemies then currently exist in the game. Here is an example of a build I made for Alchemist that I think gets the most out of the class in terms of using it's ability: The nice thing about Alchemist is you never really have to worry about energy because he doesn't consume a lot. However, all of his debuffs only last up to 3 seconds when fully upgraded. That being said you have to reapply them over and over. In my opinion this could use a slight buff in duration, such as increasing it from 3 to 5 seconds. Also while pairing with infection seems like a perfect match up for this class its performance is a little disappointing and could be considered a waste of card space considering that near by enemies means within coughing range of the enemy and it really isn't that effective. Perhaps buff either the range on this or make a separate Alchemist only card that is quite similar and has much more range. What do you guys think, and give some feed back on the poll if you want.
  12. I think it would be pretty cool to have a speed buff counterpart to the other temporary buffs, like the damage or health regen buff that is sometimes dropped by mobs in a pretty spiral animation. Since speed is the second to none aspect needed to survive in the game, it would be beneficial to the player(s) to be able to also run away after dealing a lot of damage but their health is low or so. The quick spritz of speed could help reposition or get away from mobs. Any other cool buff ideas?
  13. hello there i need to suggest one thing please stabilizate mobs or particles coming from it , its not my computer the other games builded on the same graphics is running clearly , so yeah, do something with it i guess? its losing frames when i play game like 15-30 mins and when im oneshoting mobs.
  14. Please add an option to disable screen shake. It makes certain actions more difficult, and needlessly makes it harder to dodge some projectiles. Additionally, getting it in town shouldn't really happen in any circumstance.
  15. Bug => Character Lv25, anything from T3 and below won't drop stuff except for this: <- Regular Burning Sands dungeon boss, Mirage Hunter. Suggestion => Reduce level gap to something extreme, example: Character level 25 will not get loot/xp anymore from monsters 5 levels lower. This would impact in economy and prevent power leveling in earlier stages of game. High level players don't have much use to low level tier crafting materials and if they ever do (when buying 99 stacks to upgrade them), they could go browse Auction House (this needs Buy Now button too).
  16. The M button can bring up a almost fullscreen (or full screen) of the whole map that as almost transparent, enough to see what's going on in the background. Also Quest should have a area circle around it to better navigate and be more clear of where the quest is.
  17. Since we were here from the start. I think everyone who joined the Alpha/Beta test should get some kind of in-game reward. that you can't drop/trade/lose. Do you agree? If so. Post in the comments what you would like to get for being a tester.
  18. Hey there Te-- Ancestors! Tristram the MMMMCCCLXIV here! Here is how I feel about SurvivedBy: Visuals The game looks just as I hoped - dense pixel art, rich with details. The animation is slightly repetitive, in the sense that all animations are synced (at least that is the impression I get). Perhaps add more natural character animations, aside from 'hopping'. Damage numbers and other values should be far smaller and sharper so as to avoid clogging up the screen. The Alchemist's special attack bottles ought to be smaller as well. Visual effects in general are well-made, however, I feel as if they would look even better if made crispier, with more luminescence. I'm thinking something along the lines of effects in Terraria. The water could use some more fluidity as well, such as waves, ripples made by rain, a wave made while walking through water, sunlight reflection, etc. Interface / HUD I feel that a semi-transparent interface would fit the game well, both visually and functionally. An option to show status bars above the character would be greatly appreciated, as having to interchangeably shift my gaze between the status bars and torrent of projectiles is rather exhausting. Audio Good music and sound effects, no complaints in that regard. However, more variety is welcome. Mechanics Items are picked up rather slowly. During intense combat, this may prove fatal. Upon using altars/portals, the player should be granted a moment of invulnerability, in case there is an epic battle nearby. Gameplay While laying waste to the forces of evil is fun, it would be wonderful to take a break from time to time. I see two ways this could be done in. The first is a sanbox mode where a player can build a dwelling, either for personal use or for a clan. The second is the implementation of unique events, activities and game modes separate from the usual routine, for added variety. InspiredBy Last but not least, SurvivedBy sure does find inspiration in RotMG. Too much, perhaps. Not that finding inspiration in other titles is bad in itself, but I emplore you not to complacently tread a path already walked on.Think, dream, innovate and evolve. Don't think that just because RotMG has been survived by your game (*wink wink*), your journey is over. There is much to be had and the game can (and will) become so much more. I wish you the best of luck and much success in your development. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriage Tristram XVIII and his son: - What's on your mind, boy? You look pale. - Hey, dad...um... - Yeah? - Where's mom? - . . . (Where are all the women?!)
  19. I think it would be cool if the NPC had quests and the NPCs could then give there service to your name. Their quests could also be story related like one quest could be like my father died to the chimera "Raylen" can you go and kill him. Then the NPC could then go into a party with you. Also if there were guilds or houses where players all go by the same last name and they could share legacies and equipment.
  20. I would like to begin by thanking the team as a whole for this project. To bet on an old-fashioned MMO of this kind in the current era is a very risky bet but many elements come to highlight a potential that could attract a public other than the one accustomed to old style or experiencing some nostalgia. Let's get into the heart of the matter. We will start with the positive elements and then continue on what seems to me to be lacking through the feeling of the player. First, the game has a graphic identity with its characters and mobs. They are visually pretty well done and the attack effects and animations are quite diverse and interesting. Second, the progression of the character is also noticeable. The fact that we feel obliged to be very attentive, vigilant and cautious by exploring for the first time an area and then we end up crossing it quietly without even paying attention once higher level or with more sophisticated equipment is enjoyable. But we are never safe from a surprise (Rip my first Harbinger lvl 24 T-T). The permadeath is very well integrated. The gameplay itself is pretty cool too. Lively, rhythmic and requiring some attention to avoid projectiles, to do not hit an obstacle and to spot aggressive plants. Unlike what I read on the topic, I find it interesting to keep the obstacles annoying in the areas because for me the idea is that if we aren't careful enough, we can make a stupid mistake at any time. It creates risk and possible errors and therefore makes the gameplay more complex. Having very open areas with few obstacles will ease the tension and the risks for the player. In summary, the game in its current state is nice but I think it lacks a series of important elements to ensure some success and interest of a neophyte audience. In the first place, immersion is sorely lacking. Whether it's at the level of a narrative background, the interaction with the NPCs that are far too static (they should move) and passive (not really alive, not really conversation), the sound and musical atmosphere. The fact that you have chosen to go on a model inspired by another era in terms of graphics and gameplay requires you to invest immensely in the atmosphere, history and content of the game to weigh a minimum on the current stage of the video game. For me, it is important that the player feels a certain magic by connecting, that he feels his importance in this world, the mystery, the surprise and the intrigue that intervene and that he must discover by browsing the areas of the Heartland and for me this is not at all the case in the current situation. It may even be what is most lacking at the moment and which I think is the basis of the fact that some testers fail to hang on to the game in the long run. Yet it is not at all impossible to combining the two, "light or old-fashioned graphics" and "magic in play" can very well match and complement each other. One of the best examples for me are Ankama games such as Dofus or Wakfu. We can discuss about the interest of the games (which I do not particularly like) but from a point of view magic and beauty of the universe with graphics and light animations, they did a very good job. Warning, I do not say at all that you must imitate their artistic direction; on the contrary, you have your artistic identity but you need something more to give life to your world; narratively and "magically". If you do not have epic graphics (in comparison with other recent games focusing on aesthetics, I mean), you may very well have an epic story, an epic atmosphere and epic soundtracks (video cinematics? A set of soundtracks made by the same composer?). Since the universe lends itself, you can even bet on originality by combining humor and epic universe (like humor in the Magicka lore for example). Then I would say the too pale, graying and pastel aspect of the game as a whole. I am a player who loves colors and perhaps even more the contrast between bright saturated colors and dark components. To give you an example, I really liked the appearance of the red lava in the game, also the dungeon with luminous and fluorescent mushrooms and stones and the luminous aspect of the attacks of few mobs during the night. For me, the saturation and the brightness of colors in contrast with the elements of the decor (in the dark night or in a dark dungeon) play a lot also on the "magic" aspect of the universe and the environment. You may find it a bit "kiddo” but I totally adhere to the ideas of flames with unusual colors (saturated blue, saturated red, saturated violet, etc), mobs or characters with a colorful aura or a smoke that surrounds them, etc. It may be stupid at first glance but for me it contributes to the idea that we are in the field of a magical world with magical characters with magical effects and powers. Moreover, at this level, I also find that the menu interface via gray buttons does not help either. It's too basic, too standard. The menu frame must match the game and the identity of the game and not be so neutral and banal. Regarding the craft, I think that it is not so useful and worthy of interest. Firstly, because we generally drop the complete equipment and arms with bonus by completing the zone and the dungeons of the zone and especially because the available items are very little diversified (we almost all have the same equipment at the same level). But I know that you have already recognized this element and are working on it. On the other hand, I emphasize the fact that for me the craft should give access to items much more interesting for the same tier than those available to drop in the zones. In fact, to be clear, for me, the rewards of dungeon should give access to "rare or legendary" type items with different and interesting bonuses while dropable items on mobs in the zone should only be "common and unusual" with minor bonuses. The craft should make all the items accessible but with more complex and rare components to obtain for the "rare and legendary" items. (Maybe even some very good items only available through craft) I also have a problem with zone quests and reward quests. They are too similar and identical. For reward quests, you have to craft items, to do damage or to kill a certain number of mobs and it's always the same thing. Beyond the absence of a narrative context, it is the repetitive aspect that poses a problem here. Yet it is not the possibilities that are missing, you could introduce the idea of making special dungeons, the idea of harvesting certain resources (wood, fire salts, ...), the idea of killing elite mobs from several areas, the idea of assigning tasks to players squad groups, etc. About zone missions, it would be interesting to have several elite mobs to kill rather than kill the same without variation. A little narrative story about each elite mob and each dungeon boss would also be welcome I think. A book-type item (maybe craftable) with the names of the different mobs encountered, their description, their story and their location could be nice too. Finally, the last point, the "Electrums", the paying money. I think that, as many testers have pointed out, they should not have too much impact on the progression at stake and on access to an end- game equipment. I think in all honesty that you have to limit this type of advantages via the shop. I believe that the best formula at this level is to have a shop focused primarily on the cosmetic aspect (character skins, weapon skins, customizable attack animations/shots, customizable auras around the characters, pet skins [if planned in the future], etc.). It could also give access but with a relatively high cost to items with a minor impact on the progression and the gameplay but that nevertheless help and are still obtainable free via craft if we are sufficiently patient. In fact, it would be like in Warframe where the economic system is similar to a Pay To Time rather than a Pay To Win. I think it must be that the shop, apart from the customization aspect, is only a remedy for players who do not have enough patience for crafting or farming useful objects and nevertheless accessible directly in game but without giving them too much advantage over totally f2p players. We can even imagine that certain classes / characters / pets are directly payable via the store while being available only from certain stages of progression in game for example. In short, do not turn your game into Pay To Win, it is certainly one of the big fears of our community around the integration of the cash shop and I am sure that you care closely. Here, I want to clarify that I made all of these remarks during the period before week 16 (last patchnote). Some of the elements mentioned may have already been improved. I also indicate that I am aware that we are still in a closed alpha and that it is possible that some shortcomings that I have highlighted may already be on the list of things to do before the release. Finally, some remarks may be quite crude and severe but be sure they are there to help and promote a good turn in the project. I would really like that you come up with a pleasant and enjoyable result for any type of player and I have to admit that despite the "hype" around the game I'm a little afraid that we end up on a "after-release flop". So, especially, the DevTeam, I'm counting on you, do not lose heart, keep going and move forward, I want to have fun on your game in several months and stay on it as long as possible. P.S.: Sorry for my bad English x)
  21. I haven't made it very far in the game yet, however I noticed a lot of things wich could be significantly improved with small, or not so small changes. Soooo let's start this of with a couple of changes wich should be easy to implement: Trivial Changes: -Pay respects is not bound to F Literally unplayable, please fix -It is hard to tell wich Keybinds to use. While some NPCs give advice on how you can push their buttons, adding (more) prompts would certainly help. Notice the glaring lack of a "Loot all (Space)" button? I do... -Incomprehensible quests I would recommend changing the descriptions (and the quest goals accordingly) to refer to the area they can be found in, rather than the type of enemy.... What is a Fury anyway? -The gear menu When the item details are opened the character tab moves out of the greyed out square wich looks a bit sloppy.... I would be for removing the grey square completely since the additional contrast isn't really necessary. That the lower tabs are greyed out is rather counterintuitive since clicking on them indeed closes the higher tabs. In my opinion it should also directly open what you click at, while clicking outside of the inventory should close it instantly. (Right now you need to hit escape 4 times or click on the character tab and hit esc once to leave the Item details page wich can get you easily killed) Further mentions: I think this overshoots "trivial" changes by quite a bit, but seeing the gear stats compared to the equipped item would be neat. -I really don't care for the newest cards Please allow me to select a favorite sorting order or save the last one I had open. The recent tab is annoying as all hell -Enemy balance Just a humble reminder that small enemies are indeed stronger than enemies with big hitboxes. Maybe it is a bit anticlimatic if bats and tiny spiders give more EXP than fat enemies. However with their current HP-pool, attack, and spawn frequency they should. It would also make the first dungeon less terrible (though it is bad due to the walking distance between caves alone) Also, the poison damage that enemies inflict is a bit ridiculous. -Odd decorations Fix this? Not so trivial Changes: -Reworking Obstacles Right now it is rather hard to tell where the hitbox of objects are (or indeed wether they even have one)... However they are larger than expected for almost all objects. It would be nice if the hitboxes of commonly used sprites could be revisited. A quick and rather painless fix would be to make people slide towards the shorter end of the object when running into it to prevent getting stuck. (Would greatly help keyboard users) Please also fix the rendering bug for objects that are 2 tiles tall. Also, if an object obscures a enemy/player it should become opaque in that area. -Instant Dungeons Considering that dungeon entrances are placed rather arbitrarily (i.e. the starting dungeon being 200+ m away from the nearest teleporter, while others are rather close to one) I would suggest changing dungeon keys to consumables that allow you to create a dungeon entrance wherever you want (the current functionality could be maintained). This would allow players that run into each other by coincidence/or want to group up to set down entrace near other players to do dungeons together. -To be continued -
  22. Disclaimer/ Personal Bias: I have only played 3 or so hours of this game. I have only made it to T3, but have looked on the forums for the map. I have only died once, and haven't really gotten to play with Legacy all that much. The XP grind is too much of an incentive to not purposely kill my character to deal with the legacy stuff (both a good and bad thing I guess). That being said, I have found the game to be VERY easy, although I am a level 8 and only in T3. I have had practically no interaction with other player, and play alone (#nofriends). Suggestion 1: A Bigger Map overlay I honestly am amazed that there is no dedicated map key, which brings up a full screen version of the map. It just seems like an obvious thing to add (no offence DE, although I'm not a game designer). Having to ONLY use the mini map for navigation is a bit annoying. Maybe there is a dedicated full screen map and I'm just missing it. If that is the case, make it more obvious to new players that it exists. Suggestion 2: A Scalable Minimap (and UI) What I mean by this is allow the player to scale the mini map window, not just zoom in or out. This could be done with all of the UI elements too. This seems like a thing that should be added in the Beta though, since it's not really part of the core game, just a minor convenience. Suggestion 3: Add some "guidance" to the map As a new player, I had no idea where to go. I understood once I got to T1, since I just had to continue lower down to reach T2 and T3. But past that, I had no idea where to go. I just recently found out where to go by browsing the forums and finding a map. I think a good idea would be to add sort of "regions" to the map. This wouldn't tell you EXACTLY where each area is, but a general idea of which parts of the map are for which Tiers. The image below is an example of what I mean. The red circle represents the tower. Obviously, the actual implementation would be more polished and intuitive. Instead of showing the tiers, you could also replace it with the location names, although that wouldn't really help out new players who don't look at the forums (or on release, the wiki). The "region" text would go away once you explored the area under the text (or not, I think either way it wouldn't matter much).
  23. I'm pretty sure some player's have already said this or maybe not to this full extent. But I was playing last night and my wife was watching me and she seen how my Geomancer's RMB Click Made the Obsidian Appear in a [x] [x] [x] [x] Format, I told her I thought it was okay althought she told me to post this and maybe add in my 2cent feedback... (So......) -Geomancer 1) Attack Range Should be increased or kept the same with Higher Damage 2) RMB Should just drop 1 [x] Down Instead of the 4 Pattern, Along with less Energy Consumed seeing that this is the key way of using a geomancer since it's stats are really weak... I'd say that the geomancer relys on the RMB and that his LMB should be a defensive type. 3) LMB - So I'm pretty sure this might be a little broken although maybe not? I was thinking of kinda like how the sentinal can block with his RMB, Maybe if the Geomancer could block shots with his LMB if they came into contact. 4.) I'm guessing the utility of a Geomancer here is bascially a Support... / Tank? maybe giving the Geomancer another RMB instead of attacking to rather provoking the enemy. 5) I love the concept you all are going on... Can't wait to see the endless creations by the Devs. -Zedd
  24. Hey survivors/successors, While playing with my buddy, we'd often separate and could not find each-other on the map: please implement a fast-teleport to your party/buddy option and/or a mechanic which will show where your party/buddy is on the map (preferably both). This is a number one mechanic that will inspire early adopters to share this game with their friends. Before any paying shenanigans are implemented on a larger scale, balance the game in favour of fun-first based on a solid cooperative foundation -- the lifeblood of micro-pixel games such as this one. If there is an insta-telly item/option in the game already, lemme know where it can be found cause I want to invite some peeps along for a fight! Cheers.
  25. Like the title says. This works kinda like warframe; 24 hours = 50 plats to rush 12 hours = 25 plats to rush a few minutes = 5 plats to rush a few seconds = 1 plat to rush
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