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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I need assistance. A birthright supporter pack buff I had active is no longer up for some reason. Please assist as this was a paid service I made and I am not receiving any benefit from it currently. Thank you.
  2. Can't log into the game, just got my beta key tonight and my account is already verified. Just keeps giving me the unauthorized error.
  3. ive tried 3 different times to get in contact with support but ive never gotten any reply. i lost vault space that i paid for and im sad. i can understand if you cant help me with this issue because of all the other issues regarding the bugged vault and especially the server hosting problems, but thats no excuse for no being responded to for days of trying to get help. i opened a support today and let it idle all day but nothing. at least let me know your unable to help left the tap open for over 8 hours(just took this screen capture)i am a sad suicide
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