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Found 1 result

  1. If you are experiencing a bug and know how to fix it , head over to this thread and comment the bug and the fix : Known Bugs that you can solve (thanks @AHrEJl for making it!) Before posting check if anyone has posted about the same bug recently, if they have head over to their post and express the fact that you are experiencing it too. If no one has reported it, or there is a report but its from few days ago, report it once again. After checking out the bug reporting part of the forum i noticed that its quite disorganized so i decided to make a list and few basic rules to follow so you can make something understandable. So here's the basic list : In the title of the topic in brackets [] write what type of bug it is : ex. UI, Mob, NPC, Premium Currency, Dungeon, World, Class, Crafting, etc. For faster input copy and fill up this short list : I hope this helps you with bug reporting, if you think anything should be added comment down below! Have a nice day! Example picture below : (note to dev, not an actual bug)