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Found 18 results

  1. In the "buy legacies" window it shows the cost for "Elite Ancestral Legacy" to be 1400 valr, but it is actually 14000. What type of bug is it? : UI (probably wrong max-length for text field) What should happen? : Text should show 14000 What actually happens? : Text shows 1400 Screenshots :
  2. Shinku

    Socketing Timer bug

    So this happened. I went to socket an item and got this all three times... 300m for a 30s socket. Rut-roh! (Took the screenshot AFTER the first socketing was done but I assure you, it was before i put it in too and on two other pieces of gear!)
  3. Hi, Ancestors! I know I'm still fairly new here, but i wanted to add my two cents for a suggestion. I personally love the fact we can use the ALT Button to see monster and npc names, but... What if we had an option that kept names up without the use of a button? So it stays up always instead of having to use ALT to see them? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but, I personally would love to see this, and it may help players who are visionally challenged, like my boyfriend! (Not speaking of colorblindness, but actual issues that cause poor eyesight.) Though on that note-- Can I suggest secondarily, options for new color schemes that would benefit the Colorblind? My boyfriend happens to be Yellow/Blue colorblind, too; But there's also Red/green.. And a couple other combinations of colorblindness, yeah? For examine, Tritanopia, Blue-Yellow: (Missing S/Blue cone) Deuteranopia, Red Green: (Missing M/Green cone) Protanopia, Red-Green: (Missing L/Red Cone)
  4. After you insert the first gem the geming UI either wont show gems from your vault or simply wont work with those gems. This also causes problems with gem fusing and other gem stuff.
  5. Reborn_Inferno

    More UI buttons

    This should go without saying but I feel like this should have been added straight away. The idea is that there should be a button that would open up a new windows for the whole map, not only the little piece that you have in the corner(yes i know you can zoom out) sometimes i would really like to just open it in a big screen and look at all the feature, maybe find the best path e.t.c The second thing is the inventory button, in fact, they should be separate altogether, except for equipping your gear, it should have different tabs to sort out the items and maybe even a search option, which brings me to the next point. The auction REALLY needs a search bar, it is so annoying to look for that thing that you need and listing through potential 100'ds of pages before you find it.
  6. Hello Devs, since it is my first post, I would like to say that I Really do like this game. (very good job Devs ) So for my first post, I tried to rework the Ancestral legacies UI in the menu, because it feels kinda awkward with the scrolling to sides. The first change is the Card selection: The Cards are now divided into categories (All cards,..., Class specific ), moved card bonus effect type into a dropdown. "Rarity" dropdown moved into the "Sort by" drop-down. And finally moved the close button inside this bar. (Input will be cleared manually) Last change is the cards are moved into vertical scroll area, for better navigation. Also, I thought it would be cool if there were some kind of card Decks that user can save and quickly select upon a character creation. Thank you for reading
  7. I am aware that there is a larger UI glitch thread that was started recently. However, this post is really large (many screenshots) so I didn't want to clutter that large thread with this post. On to the bug. I'm encountering a bug with the Craftsman menu UI. When I try to dismantle something, the menu initially looks like this (Open Craftsman UI -> Select Dismantle): Upon selecting an item for the first time on login, I get this: However, after the first time, I get this: Case 1: Hitting Escape once or closing the windows manually will get you back to the main Craftsman menu using Escape or no menus manually, but you will still have the black overlay that accompanies most menus in the game, with either the main Craftsman menu or no menus. This case can be removed by walking away from the Craftsman. Case 2: This case comes with two variants, called 2a. and 2b. from now on. Both cases are triggered by opening the Dismantle menu, selecting an item, then hitting Escape to close windows at least twice. The black overlay will then be "permanently" stuck. This form cannot be removed by walking away from the Craftsman, nor is it removed by using a Waystone. It is not removed by opening or entering a dungeon. I can interact with the chat box using the hotkey to open/close it then click on it to type, as well as other menus with hotkeys, like the Character menu. Opening any menu, excepting the Escape key menu, does work for removing it. I cannot shoot or use my special ability, but I can use potions. Specifics for each variant below: Case 2a.: I get stuck with only the confirmation of Dismantle menu up. This only occurs on the first attempt to Dismantle after a login. Following the usual Dismantle steps, I end up at what I think it supposed to be the normal Dismantle screen post update. After arriving at this menu, the same rules about hitting Escape twice apply (see above), and I end up stuck with the Dismantle confirmation up. I can then confirm the craft from anywhere I'd like to as long as the Dismantle confirmation is still up and I have the resources. It will deduct silver and necessary items and being the craft. See before and after screenshots of me confirming at the Abandoned Storage Cave. Upon return, the Craftsman was working on the Dismantle. Case 2b.: I believe this to be a variant of Case 2a. where the Dismantle confirmation is simply missing visually. By clicking around the area where the confirmation button should be, I can confirm a Dismantle and start it from anywhere I wish to do so. Silver is deducted and the craft begins. This occurs after Case 2a. has occured once, then occurs every time you try to Dismantle something until you log out. This doesn't occur on other menus, including any Vendor menu, the Vault, Auction Houses, the Daily Challenge Board, or the Bloodstone Exchange. Interestingly, it only seems to occur on one of my characters, being my Geomancer. It occurs even if I restart the game completely then log in, log in with a different character first and interact with the Craftsman, go back to the main menu and relog, or anything like that.
  8. Implementation of toggleable Settings for UI elements, like Party/Guild/Title/Level/Enemy information when holding Alt key, need to discuss if this is too much pollution (partially solved with toggle option) for user screen or what position and colors are most desired for said elements, images below are just a crude concept of what I am talking about:
  9. eXeBR

    AFK indicator

    For those who feel upset when they're ignored, fret not. Here's why they didn't answer: image1. Little bonus to the left of window title. Jokes apart, this unimportant and little feature could save lives. Ok, seriously now. Besides being displayed in Friends list (image1), AFK tag could appear in chat window (when one whisper to AFK player, automatic reply says they're away), in Nearby Players window and when holding Alt key (to show general information of things in vicinity, along with player names). A graphical idle indicator could also appear over character head (image2).
  10. What type of bug is it? : It is a UI bug within the friends list. A friend who has a space in their steam name will have a %20 where the space should be. Can you replicate it ? : I do not have another friend in the alpha so I was unable to replicated it with another friend. Screenshots :
  11. As title says: Allow players to remove inventory contents via DELETE button, presentation in picture below. Thoughts?
  12. tanino

    Few UI Bugs

    Hello, Spotted a few bugs with the UI displaying item stack counts and missing information; Stacked items do not display properly, furthermore you can only drop ONE item at a time even if it is stacked, which is really painful if you have a lot of the same item you want to drop, below is a picture showing the stack count being bugged; Highlighted areas are points of interest; Silver does not display its amount or any information regarding it whatsoever; Highlighted areas are points of interest;
  13. Died -> alt+f4 -> restarted -> got R.I.P. message and valr spending screen
  14. I recovered everything in my inv after I died and once I recovered all that was in the mailbox I had lost a majority of my gear. Including bloodstones. When I was going through it then page number at the bottom of the mail UI read 9/6 (or something along those lines from memory). The page I was on was reading higher than the number of pages. Now I have an empty mailbox and am missing a ton of items. Not sure how useful this report is. Didn't manage to get any screen caps was about 20 minutes ago.
  15. Collected my blood stones and tomes for upgrading to crafting T2 on the craft bench and the UI let me know I had all the materials but when I clicked on the upgrade button it failed to work. Once I removed the materials from my vault and had them in my inventory it upgraded fine. Not sure if this is reproduce able. Anyone else noticed this?
  16. GGeBlaze

    UI too big

    Help I accidentally changed the game UI to big and now I cant even get pass the TOS. I cant scroll all the way down to click yes on the TOS.
  17. I guess I have to do that every time I log in? And the UI scaling preference is stored server-side, I guess. So I can't get the buttons to appear. I've tried changing scales on Windows, which makes it worse -- I'm running at the maximum resolution as well, so there doesn't seem to be anything I can do. Tried uninstall, no dice. wat do?
  18. Title background disappears / reappears depending on which tier of character you select: