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Found 1 result

  1. Okay I can say so far from my time played in the game I really really enjoy it. However once you start the process of upgrading your gear, it goes completely downhill. To craft equipment you need a few things and one of the items is always something that is obtained by purchasing from a vendor with a currency you only get from doing quests off the board in town. Not to mention the time to craft your equipment is ridiculous! Why? I really enjoy the characters and exploration, but when it comes to the overall progression in terms of equipment creating. It absolutely needs to be revamped, I can promise you, NOBODY wants to wait around for a piece of gear they need to play the game. I should be spending more time gathering mats in the world for my next upgrade, instead of taking up my whole night crafting. I cant express how upset this makes me as I actually enjoy this game and I want to progress more, but you wont let me unless I pay real $ or wait all f***ing night. Back to Rotmg.