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Survived By - Closed Beta Week 2

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Hello, Ancestors!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Druid quests todaaaay!

Not only has the special ability been updated to make it a little more interesting (the bear charges now), but we have a new skin, updated transformation consumable and a whole new quest line set in the Demesne of the Unseen where the player will search for survivors from the lost city of Sagila that were believed to have fled into that dark jungle when the Chimera attacked. (Oh, and the Demesne is actually a jungle now...)

We also have our Developer Stream today from 4-5PM - join us at www.twitch.tv/playsurvivedby for an hour of fun and frolicking through the foliage.

See you in the Heartlands!

-The Survived By Team

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We're having a lot of connectivity issues as of about 4 hours ago. At least part of the problem appears to be one or more individuals using third party software to try to obtain in game benefits. We're trying to sort this all out, but for the time being players will have trouble logging in and for those that do get in there is a chance progress won't be saved.

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