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Survived By Closed Beta Week 3

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Hello, Ancestors!

Thorn gear, armor prefixes, and a new in-game HUD - this update has it all!

We've added a new batch of items that increase in power as your character level. Referred to as Thorn gear, these items not only give you a boost through the early game until reaching the character level cap, but they are also permanently Marked for Kin, so they won't be lost on death. But since their power is tied to character level, Tier 6 and higher gear will still be better. This gear is a very rare drop from all bosses or can be purchased from a vendor in the Tower settlement for Electrum.

We will also be debuting the new Heartland Horror on today's Developer Stream... prepare for its icy terror from 4-5PM CT. (twitch.tv/playsurvivedby)

For a complete list of changes made to the game, visit our Patch Notes!

See you in the Heartlands!

-The Survived By Team

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