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Economy Overhaul

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11 minutes ago, Skilah said:

What about electum earned by changing bloodstones from quests in Tower? This electum gonna survive this wipe or only players who brought electum for real money will get their electum?

I'm pretty sure it's only about Electrum bought with real money.

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The fact that now all the equipment (and not just cosmetics or stuff like additional bag space) will be easily bought for real money really bothers me, tbh

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23 hours ago, MorbidDeath said:

Am I correct in thinking that T1-9 gear will be available from vendors and no longer dropped in dungeons?

I don't think it said anything about them being undropable...

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On 8/8/2018 at 4:18 AM, hh_katherine said:

Hey there!

 We're very careful to make sure that the game isn't "pay to win." The fact that Survived By is an entirely PvE game definitely helps - if one player decides to spend Electrum to level up their gear, it will only help everyone around them as XP/loot are shared. That being said, we are working closely with DE to balance power distribution carefully. Electrum gives you the option to "pay for time" (buying a skin outright instead of earning it through questing) rather than "paying for power."

Auction prices are determined by other players, and we allow players to self-regulate Auctionhouse economies. In accordance with the changes being made , the bloodstone awarded by quests and challenges will be balanced accordingly. The goal of trading Bloodstone for Electrum is that people who don't want to spend money on the game can trade their time playing for Electrum and get everything for free (similar to Warframe.)

All of this said, we always want to make sure the economy as fair as possible. Keep the feedback coming, we will definitely make adjustments in the future if needed.


I think you and or your team needs to review your understanding of "pay to win"


Definition of Pay to Win: Games that let you buy gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. 

Reference: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win


No where can I find that pay to win is only in PvP games.


While some P2W players might allow tag alongs I had a few experiences where people or teams shunned or abused, me even though I was helping, simply for being in "their dungeon".



The people I noticed complaining most about T9 being available in the Auction house originally were end game players who don't even use T9 equips anymore.

While assumptions are bad I am going to assume the only way to have gotten to end game so fast is by spending more than a little bit.

While the auction house was buggy, limited and could be better it served it's purpose.

Like other noobs struggling through the ranks I enjoyed fighting for listings, enjoyed winning bargains and rued the lost or fumbled opportunities.

I did not find it broken or OP I am not end game but hey I was having fun at casual none paid and accelerated rate.


I believe "paying for power" being able to buy the gear for money in the new version will not help the economy but break it further.


Again I am not a F2P

I donate 

I just have many friends that are F2P

And I feel for those that cannot afford to donate.


Thanks for reading my 2 cents.


P.S. Portals shouldn't have to be paid for by silver time or energy. It's just a pain to get prepped to go somewhere only to realize you forgot to take silver, back to town you go.



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First point:
People will buys Micro transactions and not Macro transactions; the prices seem to be better but you need a whole step cheaper if you want people to actually use it often and not just when they really want something.

Accessibility and quantity is the primary factor for micro transactions, i will personally buy electrum for cool little things i want but with prices like this it's way more likley I'll be patient and grind for electrum while i play with friends and have fun....

As you stated people would just use the exchange auction house to buy electrum because prices are to high....we will play but we won't spend that much on fake currencies...since playing will give the same benefits even if it takes a long grind...we will wait and we will grind it. That is a fact you just proved !


Second point:

I am most certain the currencie exchange rates are not right. 

Why do i get the same amount of gold for 10 USD or 10 EURO ??

This is unfair to the world wide community !

I will defenetly NEVER buy from the electrum shop if the exchange rates are made up by you.


by adressing this issue by territory you will have a better idea of how much 10 USD are worth for different people around the globe that wish to spend on your "market"

This leads back to accessibilty and quantity that is not fair to the community as a whole. 

I mean if you account that in italy avrage income is 1000 Euro when you ask 10 euro you're asking for a 3 course dinner with drinks included...

you could make more money by adjusting prices to territory...( I bet amazon does it or they wouldn't sell nothing abroad)

Seem's common sense to me if you want to sell digital upgrades that are nothing but a copy paste of code onto your account...people know this and know that when 1000 people buy your skin the expenes of making it are WELL covered. 

So don't treat your players like dumb people.

Instaed show us you got what it takes to raise the freaking bar for the sake of everyone.





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