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Survived By - Closed Beta Week 4

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Hello, Ancestors! 

There will be a delay in today's Economy update and account reset. We changed how the game's database talks to the backend, and some user data isn't being saved properly. We definitely don't want to wipe accounts until all of the necessary data is saving, so we have all hands on deck working on a solution.

In the meantime, we have some good news: once the latest build is live, everyone who has signed up before August 8th at 10:30AM CT will recieve a Beta Key!

Join us today from 4:00 CT to 4:30 CT for a Developer Stream Q&A about the upcoming Account Reset and Economy Overhaul.

Thank you for your patience, Ancestors -- we'll see you in the Heartlands!

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In ten minutes we are deploying our newest build. And with it, all accounts will be wiped.

If you purchased Electrum before now, it will be refunded to your account in full.

Think about the possibilities, Ancestors!

Your future is bright!

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