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Closed Beta Week 6

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Hey there, Ancestors!

We've made a number of changes this week, including:

  • visual updates to bridges and Dangerous chests
  • new fortifications surrounding all waypoint shrines
  • the restoration of the Auction House (to be hotfixed¬†in later today or tomorrow)
  • continued optimization

You can learn about these changes and more in our patch notes - but that's not all. Starting this week, we are moving to an every-other-week release schedule and shifting our priorities to support performance, stability, and security. Visit Creative Director Ryan Jackson's State of the Game post to learn more about the future of Survived By.

Today marks another very special occasion - our 10th Developer Stream! We will be premiering the new Heartland Horror (Captain Anima!) and celebrating by giving away keys every 10 minutes on stream. Join us at 4PM CT at twitch.tv/playsurvivedby.

Thanks for fighting alongside us, Ancestors - we'll see you in the Heartlands.

-The Survived By Team

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