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Closed Beta Week 9+10

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Hello, Ancestors!

We've turned the bullet count in our game up to 11... that's right, this week's pass aims to move the game away from "bullet heck" territory and one step closer to a true "bullet hell." Enemies have updated attack patterns and increased bullet counts, so get ready to dodge and slay like never before!

Speaking of slaying... slay on the runway with this week's added 3-attachment system. You can now equip three attachments at one time, one attachment per category. (Over the head, footsteps, behind the back, etc.) Now you'll really be able to take down Chimera in style.

Of course, that's not all - head over to our Patch Notes for a complete list of what's new.

Do you need to rest after a long day's battle? Tune into our Developer Stream today at 4PM CT. We'll be going over new features and unleashing the latest Heartland Horror... a terrifying cylindrical beast that is sure to fill you with fright!

See you in the Heartlands!~

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