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Closed Beta Week 11

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Hey there, Ancestors!

We have a lot of exciting updates and events coming later this month, so in preparation, this week will be a bit lighter.

Speaking of this month... are you ready to get spooky? ? Get in the holiday spirit with one of our 5 new Deep Night Skins...

  • Alchemist
    • Potionmaster Skin
      • Boil and bubble, toil and trouble, witch skin will you choose?
  • Druid
    • Bonehead Skin
      • Do you have the guts to take down chimera? Not with this skin, you won't!
  • Geomancer
    • Pharaohmancer Skin
      • You don't need to be cursed to get wrapped up in this skin!
  • Harbinger
    • Strawman Skin
      • Scare your foes all the way down the yellow brick road.
  • Infiltrator
    • Deep-Vein Infiltrator Skin
      • Raise the stakes with this blood-curdling look!
  • Sentinel
    • Scallywag Skin
      • Avast ye! Take the helm! And put ye hat on top.

We can't wait to reveal what else the Deep Night will bring!

See you in the Heartlands,

-The Survived By Team

EDIT: Hello, everyone! There was a mistake when we first posted this update, indicating that skins were only purchasable with Bloodstone. This is incorrect - they are a standard Electrum purchase. I apologize for any confusion! The fall season has us feeling a little... batty ???

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