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Closed Beta Week 12

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Hello, Ancestors! 

As we draw ever closer to the Deep Night... we're introducing even more ways to celebrate. This week introduces the Trick or Treat and the Deep Night attachment set! They include the following spooky accessories:

  • Trick or Treat
    • Trick or Treat pumpkin: your favorite plastic pumpkin for collecting goodies galore. This one is overflowing with candy!
    • Candy over-the-head attachment: Are you thinking about candy? We sure are! Where in the Heartlands do you think we can find full-sized candy bars?
    • Candy ground attachment: Remember that overflowing pumpkin? Well, now you know where all that candy is going! Accessorizes perfectly with the pumpkin for the seamless illusion of a neverending trail of sweets behind your feet.
  • Deep Night
    • Over-the-head spiderweb: EEK! There's a spider looming above your head in the biggest web we've ever seen!
    • Spider legs back attachment: DOUbLE EEK! You're the spider now... eight gangly legs will make both friends and foes run screaming.
    • Spiderlings ground attachment: TRiPLE EEEEK! There are TINY LITTLE SPIDERS being birthed at your feet and just SCUTTLING everywhere, HELP

This week's update will also include a SPOOKY stability fix. (Okay, it's not actually spooky, but 'tis the season.) There are even more Deep Night tricks and treats on the horizon, so stay tuned...

See you in the Heartlands,

-The Survived By Team

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