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Closed Beta Week 13

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They say 13 is an unlucky number, but today's update provides an additional perk to permadeath! This week introduces a set of 3 brand-new craftable Deep Night gravestones... and another 8 gravestones that can be purchased with Electrum. To craft a gravestone, gather raw materials and visit your craftsman to make special Deep Night effigies, candles, and more! You can change which headstone your character uses at the Keeper of Records.


There are also new Deep Night enemies that lurk in the night, and a bundle of festive decorations across the Heartland - arachnophobes beware! ?️ 

For a complete list of changes, visit this week's patch notes.

Waiting for your key? Rather than send out keys via email this week, you can claim one by visiting this link - get one while supplies last!

Don your finest Halloween skins and join us for today's Developer stream, 4-5PM on twitch.tv/playsurvivedby.

See you then, my spooky Ancestors!

-The Survived By Team

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