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Closed Beta Week 17 + 18

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The Heartlands just got a little more colorful!

This week, we're introducing Skin Dyes! Select any one of your favorite skins and customize it as you please with temporary or infinite-use dyes. There are 16 colors to choose from - we can't wait to see what you create!

You can also now level up suffixes to make them even more powerful - those Chimera will be shakin' in their boots. (Do they wear boots? Hm...)

Hard Mode dungeons have been moved to the Terrace, located inside the Tower - don't forget to pick up some of our new Aura stones from the Treasure Hunter before you embark on your journey!

Today's developer stream will be moved to tomorrow from 3:30-5PM CT - we'll review this week's update from 3:30-4PM, then hop in for our Server Stress Test from 4-5PM! We also have a few informational posts on Ancestral Legacies and Affix crafting going out later today - be sure to keep an eye out.

See you in the Heartlands!

-The Survived By Team

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